Will They Get Their Hollywood Ending?

By Cheryl Lavin

August 19, 2018 4 min read

Bill and Andrea reconnected at a grammar school reunion and maintained their long-distance relationship through the internet.

Bill says he came to rely on Andrea's daily emails to get him through the "many tiresome work days." He added: "I suspect my emails were equally anticipated. Seldom did we miss a day. We would call each other, too. Sometimes our phone conversations would last nearly three hours. I felt only emptiness when we said good night."

Bill's first visit to Andrea, who lived in Denver, was just three weeks after their reunion. He says: "That night we stayed up well into the morning talking, sitting close and playfully seducing one another. We finally headed upstairs to go to bed around two in the morning. Andrea offered me the guest bedroom. I detected a twinkle in her eye. I grinned back at her and declined. We made love and fell asleep together.

"We were both heartbroken saying goodbye at the airport two days later. We had tears in our eyes. We kissed. And kissed some more."

Bill returned six weeks later. "If two people were ever falling in love, it was us," he says.

Andrea visited him in New Orleans two months after that. They attended a wedding together. "We made a good looking couple," she says. "She met many of my co-workers at the reception. She said she liked them all. But let's be real. I don't even like them all. But that was Andrea. She accepted all with an open heart."

Bill's next visit was two months later to celebrate Andrea's birthday. He says: "During the visit, we went to Sears to purchase new tires for her SUV. This was something she kept putting off. However, it was important for me to know that she'd be safe during the upcoming Denver winter. I wasn't going to allow her to procrastinate any longer."

Andrea visited Bill in January and then again in March. Each visit was wonderful. And then came Bill's "final and goodbye forever visit" with Andrea in April. They attended Palm Sunday services together. He says: "As we sat side by side in the church pew, I turned my head several times to gaze at her. I'd like to marry her, I thought. She was just so great. And I was so happy sitting next to her. I felt a connection with her that I never felt before with any other woman."

It would be nice if the story ended there, but it doesn't.

Bill and Andrea decided that the 1,000 miles that separated them was too big an obstacle to overcome. "It was terribly sad for the both of us when we realized it," he says. "Although we told each other that we'd stay in touch, the emails have grown fewer and farther between. And I know they'll eventually stop. It's now four months later and I feel as if little pieces of my heart and soul have forever died."

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