The Unluckiest Family in the World?

By Cheryl Lavin

February 26, 2017 4 min read

Holly originally wrote in during March 2013. She and Justin had married in 2001 after a whirlwind courtship. She thought everything was great until she heard her daughters fighting one morning. She said: "It took a turn for the worse, and during the argument, Haley let it slip that their stepfather had molested her. I then asked Bailey whether this had also happened to her, and she me that she was molested also."

Holly went into therapy and did her best to keep her girls together. She worked overtime to pay for Haley's college. The girls only attended therapy sporadically. Justin admitted his guilt and was given a three-year sentence. He was released after 18 months. Holly filed permanent restraining orders against him for herself and her girls. She had to file bankruptcy and ended up losing their house in foreclosure.

She did her best to get through everything, but bad luck still haunts them. Here's a rundown of everything that has happened to them since.

Holly met "an amazing man" named of Tristan. She said: "Tristan was the most broken man I'd ever met, and I was the most broken woman he'd ever met. Together we were able to forge a solid bond, and it was the best relationship I've ever been in in my whole entire life. He loved, treasured and adored me." After 22 months together, he had a massive heart attack and died.

Haley is now 22 years old. (The abuse started when she was 15.) She graduated college in 3 1/2 years. She's a manager at Target. "She actually makes more money than me, and I've been doing my job for over 25 years," Holly says. Haley was home alone with Tristan when he had his heart attack. She tried to save him but couldn't.

Holly says: "She's a mess. She plays the whole thing over and over in her head and feels like she failed me. We've had a volatile relationship ever since the abuse — she blames me for bringing the monster into the house. She's thinking about going into therapy again because Tristan's heart attack and dying at home is really messing with her. She still has the same boyfriend from high school, and they just adopted a dog, so now I have a grand dog and a zoo at my house."

Bailey is now 19 years old. (The abuse started when she was 12.) She graduated high school and is in college, studying to be a nutritionist. She was raped by a boy that she thought was kind and considerate. There wasn't enough evidence to arrest him, but he was removed from the campus and can't attend the university anymore. She had her heart broken by a guy who was juggling three girls plus her at the same time. "She's very unsure of men and has a hard time trusting them," says Holly. "She's finally dating a nice guy who's in the Navy, but she still has moments of troubles and woes. She has a cat that she adopted named Gigi, who has turned out to be quite the little therapy kitty.

"I truly wish that things were better for all of us, Haley tells me that she believes that we have the worst luck of any family that she knows of. I have to agree with her."

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