Give Reading to Underprivileged Communities This Holiday Season

By Lee Littlewood

December 9, 2016 4 min read

The best gifts for kids, hands down, are books and other reading materials. This is especially true now — as reading levels are plummeting, kids need to get off their electronic devices and read absorbing tales. When choosing literary gifts to buy this season, consider giving a kids magazine subscription for Cricket Media, for this holiday season, it is donating subscriptions to youngsters in underserved communities.

Cricket is partnering with two fantastic literacy charities, Libraries Without Borders and Parent-Child Home Program, to deliver copies of BABYBUG, LADYBUG, SPIDER and CRICKET magazines directly to children in need. When customers buy one subscription, another is delivered to a child in need by one of the two charities, as chosen by the customer.

Libraries Without Borders supports community development in 20 countries around the world. Gift donations of any of the four main magazines with be mailed directly to children in Detroit, Michigan, and Native American reservations.

Parent-Child Home Program provides underresourced families with the necessary skills and tools their children need to grow in school and in life. PCHP brings school readiness to children through intensive home visits and weekly gifts of books and educational materials. With your donation, copies of the four books reach families in more than 400 communities throughout the United States.

The Cricket magazines are super cool. They have glossy covers, sturdy covers, hip artwork and high-quality stories and activities. The best thing about this gift is kids can anticipate one being delivered to their mailbox every month, so the joy keeps on going. The stories are shorter than in books, so reluctant readers won't become overwhelmed and can read on their own terms. Many parents and teachers have trouble getting kids to read longer books; magazines solve this problem while providing succinct stories that can be read in smaller chunks of time, around homework and extracurricular activities.

For those kids who can't get enough electronic reading, though, Cricket offers something for them as well. "DIG INTO HISTORY," "CLICK," "CICADA," "ASK" and "SPIDER" are other reading bundle packages that include printed magazines with digital companions that can be read on all devices. These also celebrate the creativity of young readers with regular challenges and contests featuring their work. Cricket's latest digital app, "Story Bug," allows children and their loved ones to "read together even when (they're) apart."

Cricket Media's holiday offering is a really cool gift idea that gives to all kinds of young readers and delivers the power of imagination right to their mailboxes!

Cricket Media, an education media company and global learning network, believes that challenging children's minds and connecting them to learn together does wonders for their confidence, creativity and curiosity. All 11 of its magazines have been honored with gold medals in the 2016 Parents' Choice awards.

Visit the Cricket Media website to order and find more information.

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