Ask Stacy -- Week of 3/18/17

By Stacy Jenel Smith

March 18, 2017 3 min read

DEAR STACY: Please answer me a couple of questions about Daniel Radcliffe. Is he engaged? How tall is he? (He looks very short next to his girlfriend in pictures.) What is up next for him? — LeaAM2

DEAR LeaAM2: The British actor, who rose to fame as the title wizard in the "Harry Potter" movies, is 5'5". Reports have been denied that he and his girlfriend of four years, American actress Erin Darke, got engaged. She is reportedly 5'8", by the way. He has two features in the pipeline: "Jungle," about a group of friends who set out on an expedition in the Amazon and then discover their guide is a fraud; and "Beast of Burden," a thriller in the world of federal agents fighting drug cartels.

DEAR STACY: I'd like to know just what it is that Omarosa is doing in the Trump White House, if indeed she is working there as I have read. — Josh58

DEAR JOSH58: The one-time "The Apprentice" villainess is working as communications director for the Office of Public Liaison, with a focus on reaching out to the African American community. She was a force, for example, in the executive order "to promote excellence and innovation" at Historically Black Colleges.

DEAR STACY: Whatever happened to Kene Holliday who used to play on "Matlock" in the '80s? — Grace S., Santa Ana, California

DEAR GRACE: Now 67, Kene is still acting, including occasional TV guest roles and the 2007 movie "Great World of Sound," which garnered him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for best supporting performance, male. He spent much of his time between 1996 and 2006 touring with his wife, well-known evangelist Linda Copling-Holliday. For years, Kene was 'round the clock caregiver for his mother, who had Alzheimer's Disease — and he subsequently become an activist to fight Alzheimer's.

DEAR STACY: I heard that Robert Hegyes, who played Epstein on "Welcome Back, Kotter," died a few years ago. What happened to him? — Jean, Chattanooga, Tennessee

DEAR JEAN: Hegyes died of a heart attack Jan. 26, 2012. He was 60.

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