How To Get Race Relations Back on Track

By Larry Meeks

March 4, 2011 3 min read

Dear Larry: So many of my friends are upset with the way things are going, especially race relations. They are not saying anything openly, but among themselves there is constant complaining and fear. There is something simmering and brewing that could erupt into something ugly.

I don't know whether you've dealt with this question, because I just started reading your column recently. But I want to know what, in your opinion, the best way is to improve race relations in our country. — Lillian

Dear Lillian: Yes, I have dealt with this question, but in light of how things are going, it bears repeating.

The best way for all people to come together is by working together to complete a common objective.

I'll use a football metaphor. Every member of the team must do his part in order to have a winning season. In order for the team to succeed, each player must be focused on "what is best for the team." Race or any other issue cannot be a factor.

I believe we should make military service or some other public service compulsory for all citizens. Each person should feel he/she has a stake in the country. I have noticed that veterans are the most loyal of all Americans. Once you have served, risked your life and lived with people of all ethnicities, differences become secondary. The country (team) becomes what is more important.

There is an old adage that says, "The family that prays together stays together." Our country is a family, and when we pray and work together, we will have fewer problems.

My idea works for a country, but it is not possible internationally. The best way to unite the world and to stop countries from shooting each other is to invite a few green men from another planet. If they were to land on Earth, we would quickly unite against the common enemy.

The other element that is needed for good relations is for the people at the top to set the example. If you have been reading this column for any length of time, you know I am very critical of the current administration's behavior in this area.

The president needs to watch his words and stop acting like a community organizer. His supporters need to stop falsely accusing people of being racist. The attorney general must be replaced. His decisions display a very biased attitude that is infuriating people who believe in equal treatment under the law.

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