Roses Blossom on Jardiniere

By Anne McCollam

November 15, 2019 3 min read

Q: This is a photo of a porcelain jardiniere that has been in our family since the early 1900s. It stands about 8 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter and is in perfect condition. It is decorated with hand-painted pink roses, trimmed with gold and has a reticulated rim. On the bottom, there is a crown above a circle with scrolled W's and the words "Royal Worcester — England." Below the mark are 23 dots. Our jardiniere is a family treasure and we plan to have it insured.

Any information you can provide on the age, maker and value will be appreciated.

A: Royal Worcester Porcelain was established in Worcester, England, in 1751. The name of the hand painted-pattern is Hadley Roses. The pattern was the creation of one of Royal Worcester's finest modelers and designers, James Hadley. Most pieces were signed. You might closely examine your jardiniere for a signature. The 23 dots below the mark show your jardiniere was made in 1914.

Your jardiniere has an insurance value of $1,500 to $2,500.

Q: This mark is green and on the back of an oval porcelain platter that I have. It is decorated with sprigs of violets and green leaves against a cream background and edged in gold. The shape is oval and about 16 inches long. It is in mint condition; there are no chips or crazing.

I hope you can tell me something about its maker, age and value, if any.

A: Wilhelm Greiner and Johann Schmidt founded Porcelain Factory Tettau in Tettau, Bavaria, Germany, in 1794. The factory was known as Royal Tettau Porcelain from 1902 to 1957. It is also known as Royal Bayreuth porcelain. Your platter was made in the United States zone of Germany during the 1945 to 1949 occupation of Germany after World War II.

Your platter can be found online at one of the china replacement services for $139.95. If you plan to sell your platter, it would be difficult to sell at that price. There is little demand for vintage porcelain. If you need an insurance value, it would be in the area of $150 to $175.

 The Hadley Roses pattern was the creation of Royal Worcester artist and designer James Hadley.
The Hadley Roses pattern was the creation of Royal Worcester artist and designer James Hadley.

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