Give Yourself a Shot of Good Nutrition

By Lisa Messinger

March 27, 2017 4 min read

Even if you don't drink alcohol, perhaps you should add a few shot glasses to your cupboards. Those who drink shots at bars know the boosts involved. I prefer my shots, though, in the form of juices, herbs and other nutritional powerhouses.

Many fresh juice bars and coffeehouses appropriated the term in the last decade, offering shots of energized additions like wheatgrass juice and coconut water. I look forward to my homemade shots every day, which, in addition to the vitamins I take, seem to match the popular view of possibly boosting immunity.

What they also have is built-in portion control. Those of us watching our weight and intake of added and/or natural sugar know that fresh fruit is recommended over juice and that, if juice is enjoyed, small portions are recommended. I down a shot glass of orange juice every morning, along with a small bite of candied ginger, another go-to for those who have learned about possible immunity boosting. A morsel is better than a handful of this sugar-covered goodie and still a lot more decadent and quick as a treat than peeling and chopping fresh ginger, which I sometimes include in smoothies and vegetable sautes.

Following are a few other ideas to boost your repertoire of shots. All ingredients are to taste and can fill a shot glass or a mini paper cup about one half to three quarters full.


Mix a tiny dash of cayenne, turmeric and cinnamon (all are often called superfoods) into coconut milk.


Stir fresh lime and lemon juices into pomegranate or apple juices.


Stir freshly ground black pepper, curry powder, honey and fresh orange juice into iced green tea.


Stir ground dried mint and ground dried basil into a mixture of concord and white grape juices.


Stir ground ginger and allspice into a mixture of carrot and apple juice.


As you tuck away your leftovers in Tupperware or other such plastic containers, did you ever think there might be intrigue and glamour in their backstory? Brownie Wise was proof that there was more to the dishes than met the eye. She was by far the top salesperson of Earl Tupper, the founder of Tupperware. She started as a secretary and divorced mother and went from rags to riches to almost rags again. Her story is chronicled in "Life of the Party: The Remarkable Story of How Brownie Wise Built, and Lost, a Tupperware Party Empire" by Bob Kealing, which has been eyed as a possible film role by Sandra Bullock. Wise's charisma, spunk — including often putting Tupper in his place — and natural business acumen are credited with Wise's quick rise in the 1950s, when she headed sales and grew the number of dealers from almost nothing to 10,000. That same charisma was partially behind her decline, which is part of what makes this a fascinating read.

Lisa Messinger is a first-place winner in food writing from the Association of Food Journalists and the author of seven food books, including "Mrs. Cubbison's Best Stuffing Cookbook" and "The Sourdough Bread Bowl Cookbook." To find out more about Lisa Messinger and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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