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Roger L. Simon
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Agnostics for Rick Perry


Rick Perry only just announced his presidential run Saturday, but out here in the blue-blue City of Angels, I am already detecting severe signs of PDS: Perry Derangement Syndrome.

Usually it goes like this: "OK, the economy is a little better in Texas than it is here in California (of course, that's the oil companies), but why does he have to be sooooo religious?"

Most of this comes from liberal christians and jews (lower case deliberate) for whom public displays of faith are considered vulgar, even suspect.

For the jews — OK, Jews (I made my point) — their knee-jerk fear of evangelicals is heavily at play. This attitude is so outdated as to be laughable, but it is so ingrained that these Jews have lost the ability to distinguish between friends and enemies. Even a cursory Google search reveals that Perry is one of the greatest supporters of Israel ever to run for high office in this country.

Nevertheless, who am I to talk? As the title indicates, I am an agnostic.

That may be one of the few things I share with the incumbent president, since it's hard to believe that he is even remotely devout. Recent liberal Democrats, Clinton and Obama, have a kind of wink-wink relationship with religion, largely attending church for political purposes. This is particularly true of Obama, who, as we all know, rarely attends now, but spent two decades in the fold of the execrable race-hustler Jeremiah Wright. If his allegiance to Wright wasn't for political purposes, what was it?

So what this agnostic observes is a general atmosphere of religious hypocrisy on the liberal side and what is often true religious faith on the conservative side. (Not all, of course. A number of libertarians are agnostic.)

Frankly, I prefer honesty. So I respect Perry for his faith. And again, as we all know, this country was founded on bedrock principles of religious tolerance, which some modern liberals tend to forget includes people who actually believe in God. Personally, I admire Perry's belief — even envy it to some extent because I am reaching the point in life at which I would be delighted if someone could convince me of an afterlife.

Not that I agree with the Texas governor on all issues.

I don't. On the social issues, notably on marriage, I am quite libertarian. I would like to see government out of the marriage business entirely. But I don't expect that to happen soon. It's for another day.

Which leads me to why this agnostic — and I hope others — could support Perry.

We live at a moment when our financial system is on life support. This has placed our country in a weaker state than any other time since World War II, endangering world peace and encouraging a wave of despotism unseen since the rise of the Soviet Union and in many ways identical to it, except that it is motivated by jihadism rather than by communism.

Can a single human being solve this? Unlikely. But we are still in dire need of leadership, and not of the policy wonk kind — God knows we've had a lot of that — but of the moral and inspirational kind. We need someone to call forth the best in America the way Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s. We need someone unafraid to speak for the democratic values of Western civilization and to fight for them economically and politically, as well as militarily, if that is necessary.

The incumbent president has proved to be none of those things. He is at best ambivalent about our values and at worst an enemy of them. Perry is the reverse. I had the pleasure of having dinner with him in Austin well over a year ago and could see it almost immediately. Call him a cowboy, call him a Christer, but this man is a passionate American, and a passionate American is exactly what we need right now. And that kind of person, I am sad to admit, is unlikely to come from the ranks of the agnostic and the secular. They will come from the ranks of the religious, those who have faith.

But I will try to reassure my fellow agnostics with this. We are not nearly as far from religious people as we think. Though we may brood on the veracity of the Big Bang, speculate on Einstein's universe (if we can understand it), debate St. Anselm in our heads or just throw up our hands and say the whole question is above our job description, when it comes to the way we actually live, our values, most of us do just as our religious brothers and sisters do. Like them, we are products of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and we live by the Ten Commandments — or try to.

So ease off on the PDS, and don't be scared of Perry. If someone's wearing their faith on their sleeve, maybe that's a good thing.

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All I really need from the "faith" crowd is affirmation that they don't want to interfere with the teaching of the highest quality science we can in our nation's schools, including legitimate theories of evolution.

Hitler thought Einstein's theories of relativity represented some sort of Jewish conspiracy to corrupt physics, and the anti-evolutionists are not much better.

You go messing with injecting creationist garbage into science and you declare war on me, as far as I'm concerned, and for that matter, on everything else that so fundamentally represents how civilization got us out of the caves.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Masako
Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:17 PM
P.S. I consider myself to come from the "ranks of the religious, those who have faith." But for me that has nothing to do with Christianity, Judaism, or the Bible.

Hope y'all, including Mr. Perry, are prepared to respect MY faith and its relationship to very different sources. So far, given Mr. Perry's flippity floppity approach to the rights of homosexuals to express THEIR faith (and no, I'm not homosexual, but I and God do have full respect for those who are), it doesn't look like this is about anything more than pleasing the same old right wing Bible-based crowd of intolerant and ignorant and proud-of-it biggots.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Masako
Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:28 PM
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