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Robert Scheer
Robert Scheer
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It Turns Out Ahmadinejad Was the Truthful One


Bush is such a liar. Or is he just out to lunch on the most important issue that he faces? In October, he charged that Iran's nuclear weapons program was bringing the world to the precipice of World War III, even though the White House had been informed at least a month earlier that Iran had no such program and had stopped efforts to develop one back in 2003.

Is it conceivable that Bush was telling the truth at his press conference Tuesday when he stated that he learned of the National Intelligence Estimate report, which contained that inconvenient fact, only last week? Even if Bush read the NIE report, he clearly doesn't respect it, for at his press conference he said "the NIE doesn't do anything to change my opinion about the danger Iran poses to the world — quite the contrary." Not that he has anything against the NIE, whose directors he handpicked. "I want to compliment the intelligence community for their good work. Right after the failure of intelligence in Iraq, we reformed the intelligence community."

But whether or not the intelligence agencies are reformed, the president still ignores them. He didn't listen when they told him he was wrong in claiming that Iraq had purchased yellow cake uranium from Niger, and he doesn't listen now when they tell him his alarms about Iran are without factual foundation. The difference this time around is that because Bush is a discredited lame duck, the intelligence chiefs were a bit more forthcoming with their findings in a report that has, in part, been made available to the public.

The whole episode shows that our democratic system retains at least some essential checks and balances, but it also is depressing to see that, in this instance at least, the fanatical leader of a theocracy seems to have a higher regard for truth than does the president of the world's greatest experiment in representative democracy.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who took office as Iran's president in August 2005, two years after Iran's nuclear weapons program ended, has now been vindicated in his claims that Iran has abandoned the weaponization program. Not so Bush, who has summarily dismissed the intelligence community's findings and, using his favorite tactic in dealing with debacles, is sticking to his original story.

A story, as in the case of the earlier Iraq threat inflation, that too many in the mass media and Congress, including some leading Democrats, have bought.

Take Hillary Clinton, who said that "Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is in the forefront of that" by way of defending her vote for a resolution that, like the one she voted for before the Iraq war, blindly supports rather than seriously questions the president's case for war. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was absolutely correct in calling candidate Clinton out on that vote and challenging her lame excuse that she had not read the full intelligence report before her Iraq war vote. "Members of Congress," Obama cautioned, "must carefully read the intelligence before giving the president any justification to use military force."

Not a bad idea. In the case of Iraq's non-nukes, the intelligence evidence supporting Bush was flimsy at best, when it did not directly contradict his key assertions. In the case of Iran, it is now publicly understood that there is no such evidence, flimsy or otherwise. But don't count on that to stop the bipartisan coalition of invasion hawks from pushing on.

Once again, they will attack the United Nations' experts, who have been proved right in Iran as they were in Iraq. A spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency pointed out that the NIE report supports the agency's view that there is "no evidence" of an undeclared nuclear weapon program in Iran and "validates the assessments of (International Atomic Energy Agency Director General) Mohamed El Baradei, who continuously said in his public statements that he saw no clear and public danger, and that therefore that there was plenty of time for negotiations."

Can we get El Baradei to run in the Iowa Caucuses? Why are our leading presidential candidates so easily fooled?

It's humiliating to all of us who believe in a free press, separation of powers and individual liberty that a system of government designed by its founders to hold leaders accountable can be so easily manipulated by an unremarkable loser who has been rewarded throughout his life for screwing up. It is hoped that this time around the truth will catch up with him before he gets us in yet another bloody war, just to show he can.

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Experimental, indeed--representative democracy as much as proxy per campaign dollar--Council of Foreign Relations brokers deals for the Pentagon, and voila, this nation is enslaved to a single-economy commodity export: Military Applications, you name it--intelligence management technologies, labor, propaganda, supplies, etc--just like all other THIRD WORLD nations...US dollar, RIP; IMPEACH CHENEY.ORG; ARTICLE 4, H. RES. 799, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE DURING THE 911 COMMISSION HEARING.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Cynthia Bennekaa
Thu Dec 6, 2007 8:57 AM
It is a shame that this so called press won't speak about the other side of the coin. I am not for the war in Iraq, however I would rather fight it over there than here. And how about what are troops are doing over there. Not the redacted story, which at best is a trumped account and a wet dream of hollywood. But how they are doing lots of good things that never are reported on. Can you spell humanitarian efforts? FREE PRESS my a...
Comment: #2
Posted by: Mike
Fri Dec 7, 2007 3:58 AM
come on scheer. this guy was involved in the hostage taking. who knws what he is doing. people that call any President a liar are below serious respect. Obama MISSED the vote on the Iran guards. DID NOT VOTE but attacks Clinton who had the guts to vote. Go write in venezuela.
Comment: #3
Posted by: gene m martin
Sat Dec 8, 2007 9:54 AM
Re: War in everywere Oil: wash your dishes, and clothes by hand--good for your heart; take fewer showers; ride the bus to work--don't go anywhere on the weekends; then we MIGHT avoid a WAR par terre, here--the Elites are working on it. In other words, Americans don't need oil to thrive (which is more than merely, to survive)...See my previous post for the War on Terror.
Comment: #4
Posted by: Cynthia Bennekaa
Sun Dec 9, 2007 5:57 PM spells humanitarian effort.
Comment: #5
Posted by: Cynthia Bennekaa
Sun Dec 9, 2007 6:24 PM
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