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Patrick Buchanan
Pat Buchanan
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Whitey Need Not Apply


"Will race be an issue in this campaign?"

Hearing the cable talk-show host solemnly pose the question, I could not suppress a belly laugh.

For the anchor was fearful that some white folks might reject Obama because he is African-American — even as a Rasmussen poll was reporting that Barack is beating McCain among black voters 94 to 1.

What, other than race, explains how Barack rolled up 90-10 margins among black voters while running against Hillary Clinton, wife of the man novelist Toni Morrison dubbed "our first black president"?

Indeed, so one-sided was the primary coverage in favor of Barack as the first African-American with a real chance to be president, even "Saturday Night Live" took to mocking the mainstream media.

As for black radio, on "The Tom Joyner Morning Show," "Michael Baisden Show" and "The Steve Harvey Morning Show," which together may reach 20 million folks, there is "little pretense of balance," writes Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times. "More often than not the Obama campaign is discussed as the home team."

Black Entertainment Television plans to carry Barack's speech to the Democratic convention live, but has no plans to carry McCain's. Barack's speech "is an historic occasion," says BET Chairman Debra L. Lee, "so that demands some special treatment from us."

As the mainstream media have moved left and talk radio right, and cable is breaking down along political and ideological lines, there is something else afoot now — the racial Balkanization of the newsroom.

Consider. On Sunday, 6,800 folks showed in Chicago for the 2008 quadrennial convention of UNITY: Journalists of Color. McCain declined an invitation. Bush had been booed at UNITY 2004, while John Kerry got a standing ovation. Featured speaker: Barack. Major concern of the journalists running the show: that their colleagues would lift the roof off the McCormick Place convention center when Barack arrived.

Said Luis Villareal, a producer of NBC's "Dateline," "I don't think it's such a bad thing if for 15 minutes you take off your reporter hat and respond to (Obama) as a human being at an event where you're surrounded by people of color and you're here for a united cause."

And exactly what "cause" might the 10,000 members of UNITY be united behind? The hiring and advancement of journalists of color in all major news organizations in America.

For, as its emblem depicts, UNITY comprises four alliances: the Asian American Journalists Association, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Native American Journalists Association and the National Association of Black Journalists.

"A New Journalism for a Changing World" is UNITY's motto.

And the title of its July 22 press release reveals what the "new journalism" is all about. "Aim of New UNITY Initiative Is More Diversity in Top Media Management."

"With more than 50 percent of the population projected to be people of color in less than a generation," says UNITY President Karen Lincoln Michel, "the nation's news organizations continue to generate dismal diversity numbers year after year. ... 'Ten by 2010' is a significant step in the right direction."

What is Ten by 2010?

UNITY is demanding that 10 major U.S. news organizations, by mid-2010, elevate to a senior management position in the newsroom at least one journalist of color and provide "customized training to help prepare them."

The journalist may be Asian, African-American, Native American or Hispanic, which rules out journalists of Irish, English, Polish, Italian, German or Jewish ancestry, since they are white.

Is this what we have come to 50 years after the triumph of the civil rights movement? Flat-out demands, by American journalists, for the hiring and promotion of colleagues based on race and color?

Is there any evidence major news organizations in this country have engaged in systematic discrimination to keep out men or women of color this last half century? The reverse seems true. They have bent over backward to advance minority journalists.

And if journalists have been hired and promoted based on ability and merit, why in the 21st century should these criteria be thrown out as the standards for advancement — in favor of race and color?

Isn't this what they did in the days of Jim Crow — hire and promote based on race? What UNITY is calling for is a return to the old rules but with new beneficiaries — blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans — and new victims, all of whom will be white.

On Sunday, McCain came out in favor of an Arizona civil rights initiative that would outlaw any state discrimination either for or against folks, based on race, gender or national origin. Barack said he was "disappointed" with McCain and told UNITY he favors affirmative action "when properly structured."

The Arizona referendum banning preferential treatment based on race is also on the ballot in the swing state of Colorado. It won in California in 1996, in Washington in 2000 and in Michigan in the great Democratic sweep of 2006. It has never lost, and may just win McCain Colorado, and with it the nation.

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Sir; The question you pose presupposes that if Mr. Obama were white, that he would some how be unqualified for the job. I think that to be black means always knowing that you cannot possibly demand equality of opportunity no matter how qualified you might be. Only in government, and only in liberal arts oriented occupations and sports can any black hope to be treated with equality. Our laws are pitifully inadiquate to bring equality out of inequality. No private individual faced with two applicants of different races and equal ability need hire the black. At every level of life they are imbued with the impossibility of shedding their burden, their handicap of being born black in a white country. Are you so surprised that blacks stick with a black? Me too. You know that it is much more common for minorities to turn on each other, to prey upon each other, and to hate each other. Perhaps they are voting for Mr. Obama as a token in this land of tokenism. Perhaps they are voting for the ideal in this less than ideal country, seeing in him, and in his election a hope that all might be judged by the content of their character. I am surprised that so many blacks vote for Mr. Obama. If they were hopeless. If they were really defeated as they often appear, they would confirm their pessimism by letting Mr. Obama go down in defeat, and then saying to each other: You see that whitey won't let the black man be a man. They are not, and we should cheer them on, because their participation, and their enthusiasm, and their demands for equality is exactly what the whole country needs. We forget what it might be like for them, and I bother with this fact only because I sense you might be humane; but for the young, and for the intelligent, to come up against rascism for the first time at a tender age, and have some one point out that you are black, and so, you belong over there, with the under performers, the sullen, the criminal, the resentful, the alcoholic or drug addicted, the depressed, the imprisoned, and the poor. I am certain that you must have met some really gifted black people in your time; people whose abilities brought them far above the average even of exalted whites. Have you ever asked them what it is like to bear racism from the recieving end? If we think it is difficult having to deal with blacks and their incessant demands for equality, how difficult might it be to be black in constant awarness that you cannot ever have equality as a quantity to take to the bank. I agree that the question of race is not to be avoided. Rather, the nomination of Mr. Obama should point out to all that race as an explanation, and as a conception of reality no longer explains any thing. No child should be cursed as an accident of birth. Race does not work for the Democrats. The more they push for black equality the more they alienate those who feel they must pay for it, the poor working class whites who are forced to share their meager supply of rights with every immigrant, and the blacks too. We do not really have a problem with blacks or immigrants in this country, but we do have a problem with our conception of human rights. Mr. Obama is not the candidate I would have chosen. There are just too many bigoted people through out this land, and you see the republicans trying to slide their knife in between every divide, between young and old, rich and poor, black and white. It is all they have, and so they look at Mr. Obama as a gift. The only organization in the country more divided than the nation itself is the democratic party. It is never amazing that they lose, and is always amazing when they win. The democrates are the party of everyone else. They have no essential unity except the unity given them by the republicans in running the country into the dirt for nothing. Thanks.... Sweeney
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Aug 1, 2008 5:08 AM
Sir; You know; I would like to see an Obama 08 commercial, with Mr. Obama talking directly to the viewer, saying: Every time John Mccain races, I lose. People of America, I am not all black, and I am not all white, but I am all American. The American dream is standing in my shoes, and this is your dream too, to be a president of a nation where neighbor loves neighbor and people care. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to be your president. I don't want to break into the white house. I don't want to be the jockey on the lawn. I want you to give me a fair chance to get to know you apart from the campaign of abuse and lies. I want you to send me to Washington confident that I can do the job for you, and that you can sleep easier knowing I am at my post. I can't do it without you. Together we can take America into the future. Thanks.... Sweeney
Comment: #2
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Aug 1, 2008 7:10 PM
I find myself wondering why there has not been more (actually, any) criticism of Mr Buchanan's persistent practice of referring to Senator Obama as Barack. I don't see him referring to Mr. Obama's opponent as John or any other white politicians by their first names. I guess I should be happy he doesn't call Obama “boy!”
Comment: #3
Posted by: Mikey Solominow
Sat Aug 2, 2008 11:21 AM
Re: Mikey Solominow; Sir what do you think they are doing when they talk about his inexperience? Or his youth. Is he ready? He ain't senile. He isn't on life support. We think nothing of keeping idiots in office so long that if they are ever indicted they can all claim diminished capacity. So; What does the constitution say? Did it never anticipate that a youngster might get elected? I have watched the old, and now I am getting that way, and I can testify that very few of us improve on any test of ability as we age. If wisdom or understanding is the standard, the young have it as often as the old. And the young can still drive and talk on the phone. I see that the biggest insults hurled at Mr. Obama could as easily be serious charges of inability of pointed at Mr. Mccain. Why not just elect Mr. Mcgoo? Neither one can see the facts better than the other. Thanks.... Sweeney
Comment: #4
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Sat Aug 2, 2008 7:41 PM
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