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Patrick Buchanan
Pat Buchanan
12 Feb 2016
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Rockefeller Republicans


Is the Republican establishment losing it?

Is the party leadership capable of uniting a governing coalition as Richard Nixon did before Watergate and Ronald Reagan resurrected in the 1980s?

Observing the hysteria and nastiness of Karl Rove and the GOP establishment at the stunning triumph of Tea Party Princess Christine O'Donnell, the answer is no.

This party is not ready to rule.

Consider. In its grand strategy to recapture a Senate that George W. Bush and Rove lost in 2006, the GOP Senate leadership endorsed all its own caucus members for re-election, if they chose to run, then picked out all its favorite candidates for the open and Democratic seats.

Conservatives and tea party activists, however, had other ideas. They began to pick their own candidates. And, again and again, the Senate's chosen were rejected in favor of tea party challengers who had the endorsement of Sarah Palin or South Carolina's Jim DeMint.

Arlen Specter was rejected by the Pennsylvania GOP and left the party. Rand Paul routed Sen. Mitch McConnell's man in Kentucky. Charlie Crist was challenged by Marco Rubio in Florida. Crist, too, departed. Sen. Bob Bennett was denied renomination in Utah. Sen. Lisa Murkowski lost her primary in Alaska to a little-known fellow named Joe Miller.

But Delaware was the stunner. Rep. Mike Castle, a former two-term governor who had been winning elections for 40 years, was a certain victor in November.

Challenger O'Donnell, however, ended all that.

Yet, though her conservative credentials are far superior to those of Castle, O'Donnell was made the object of a wilding attack by National Review and The Weekly Standard, Charles Krauthammer, who lashed out at Palin and DeMint for "irresponsbility," and Rove, who on Sean Hannity's show went postal as soon as the returns came in.

Now, on paper, O'Donnell is a far tougher sell in Delaware than is Castle. But her defeat is not certain. Not in this volatile year.

And what is the justification for the savagery of the attacks on her, from her own?

What has this woman done? Did she vote for Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court like Lindsey Graham? Did she support the Obama stimulus like Olympia Snow and Susan Collins? What did she do to deserve the trashing?

The answer is not distant.

To the Republican establishment, tea party people are field hands. Their labors are to be recognized and rewarded, but they are to stay off the porch and not presume to sit at the master's table.

And what O'Donnell did, with her amazing victory, is to imperil that establishment's return to power. That is why these Republicans went ballistic.

O'Donnell's conservative convictions and Castle's social liberalism mean nothing to them.

They are about power and all that goes with it.

And that raises a question too long put off.

What is the Republican establishment going to do, what are the neoconservatives going to do, if returned to power?

Are not these the same people who assisted George W. Bush in stampeding the nation into an unnecessary war that got 4,400 Americans killed to strip Saddam Hussein of weapons he did not have?

Are these not the same people who misled or deceived us about Iraq's role in 9/11?

Are these Republican scribes and senators not the same folks who went all-out for NAFTA and GATT and the WTO and MFN and PNTR for China, those brilliant trade deals that gave us $5 trillion in trade deficits, wiped out 6 million manufacturing jobs and 50,000 factories in one decade, and put us into permanent debt to China?

Are these not some of the same folks who backed the Bush-McCain amnesty and did nothing for 20 years, as millions of illegals invaded America? Now that all America is on fire, they too want to "build the dang fence."

Are not the National Review and Weekly Standard scribblers and their neocon comrades of the mainstream media not now drumming up another war for Americans to fight, against Iran?

Are these not the same folks who went along with No Child Left Behind and the biggest run-up in social spending since Great Society days?

Beltway Republicans say they have learned their lesson. But the tea party folks and conservatives who vaulted O'Donnell to victory are saying: You had your chance. Now, move aside for new leaders.

Why is the tea party wrong — and the establishment right?

The first tea party rebellion was the Barry Goldwater movement. When it triumphed at the Cow Palace, Nelson Rockefeller denounced the movement as riddled with radicals, baited the Goldwater people at the convention and refused to endorse the nominee.

A decade later, Vice President Rockefeller got his payback, when conservatives demanded that President Ford drop him off the ticket as the price of renomination. Ford agreed.

In its contemptuous response to O'Donnell's victory, the GOP establishment of today looked like nothing so much as the Rockefeller Republican establishment of yesteryear. Its time is coming, too.

Patrick Buchanan is the author of the book "Churchill, Hitler and 'The Unnecessary War." To find out more about Patrick Buchanan, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate web page at



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And who or what is the Establishment?
It's NOT your parents, who wanted you to get a haircut, back in the Sixties!
"The Council on Foreign Relations is ‘The Establishment.' Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitutional Republic into a servile member state of a one-world dictatorship."
- Former Congressman John Rarick, 1971
"The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England [The Royal Institute of International Affairs]...and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established."
- Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown University
These are the same people who want to “harmonize” our country away into a “common security perimeter” with Mexico, with their sausage-making legislation, formulated behind closed doors and without the consent of the governed.
David Rockefeller's secret government--the Council on Foreign Relations-- has almost destroyed the United States of America, in order to pave the way for the ascendancy of Big Brother's rule by oligarchy.
The American people are just beginning to perceive the players behind the scenes and how they seek to balkanize our country through open borders and reduce the populace to the status of dumb brutes, who can be distracted by bread and circuses, so that robber barons may continue to pick their pockets, under a usury-based banking system.
Yes, Rome is on fire, but the American people are not fiddling while it burns. They call on the legions, to topple the madcap emperor, who serves the vested interests.
In this trench warfare for the soul of the Republican Party between the globalists (Rockefeller wing) and the nationalists ( Goldwater wing), the people have opted for true conservative principles, which call for the preservation of our republic and the rejection of the New World Order of the international bankers. The Yankee nation is on the wane, as the South has risen, to form a more perfect Union.
The Democrats share the guilt for destroying our republic and they have never been able to articulate a position which finds resonance with the people. If they could fathom events well enough to make the ultimate charge as to who is to blame, their biggest wet dream and wish fulfillment would be to couch their dissatisfaction thusly:
“Are these Republican scribes and senators not the same folks who went all-out for NAFTA and GATT and the WTO and MFN and PNTR for China, those brilliant trade deals that gave us $5 trillion in trade deficits, wiped out 6 million manufacturing jobs and 50,000 factories in one decade, and put us into permanent debt to China?”
The soul of this nation remains conservative and that is why the Tea Party has come to the fore, in much the same way the Christian religion was birthed by Judaism.
The Democrats cannot articulate a position, other than to declare Brussels the capital of the free world.
The fine wine of our culture, has been diluted by the sewer water of the Third World, delivered to us at the behest of these vested interests, who regard the American people as field hands, unworthy to share the bounty of the table they have clearly paid for.
These robber barons are the ones who would turn our country into a tangle of squabbling nationalities and reduce a pedigreed people to a human zoo of proles in service to Big Brother. They are the ones who promote the fiction that America belongs to the world…literally and that somehow this nation is obligated to serve as a dumping ground for itinerant Marxists of the world.
This belief fosters a self-entitlement mentality on the part of the foreigner, who believes he can go anywhere, under the guise of a “guest worker” designation and after a short time, begin to make demands from the host culture for concessions of territory and social change.
The United States of America does not take its orders from the United Nations and neither should any other country. This nation has never been and will never be a mini United Nations according to the requirements of the imperium of capital, as exemplified by the Rockefeller mindset.
The Great Spiritual Preceptor of our Nation and Master Seer, has now articulated a total overview of what this nation must accomplish if it is to survive as one culture and one people. Mr. Buchanan's many books and this particularly fine article he has written, chart the course for our ship of state.
Patrick J. Buchanan is the George Washington of our age.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Revolutionary Thought Adjuster
Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:09 PM
A Tangle Of Squabbling Nationalities

"These robber barons are the ones who would turn our country into a tangle of squabbling nationalities... ".

This blog is in response to a comment by RTA at "Rockefeller Republicans" by Patrick Buchanan at


RTA describes our present position and not a future one. We can turn the present "tangle of squabbling nationalities" into the constituent parts of an harmonious whole, the constituent ethnoracial parts a free and sovereign nation-state, by passing the Ethnocultural Amendment in the face of expected fierce opposition by the oligarchy and its agents and dupes.

Had the Amendment been part of the Constitution of 1787 the country would not now be in the social, cultural, political, economic and religious mess that it is in. The Founders accepted Amerindian genocide as a necessary human cost of Western expansion, African slavery as the price of economic expansion and European ethnicide as the precondition for imperial expansion. The roosters were now coming home to crow.

The Ethnocultural Amendment addresses this triad of original sin and its continuing deleterious mental and emotional effects on the American people to the present day. The alternative is continued Jewish domination, unlimited immigration and eventual minority status with no ethnoracial rights whatsoever for European Americans. European Americans would be the Amendment's greatest beneficiaries.

An Amendment to the Constitution, an Addition to the Bill of Rights, an Ethnoracial Amendment - The Ethnocultural Amendment: No citizen shall be denied or deprived of the right to an ethnoracial identity; no citizen shall be denied or deprived of the right to belong to an ethnoracial group; no ethnoracial group shall be denied or deprived of the right to ethnocultural sovereignty.

< Celebrate Columbus Day on October 12, 2010 >

Comment: #2
Posted by: Luis Magno
Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:42 AM
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