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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Victory, Loss, and Pot


Dear Mark: Looks like this past Tuesday night was a good one for Republicans, with significant victories in Virginia and New Jersey. Are these results an indication of things to come in 2010? — Humbly Hopeful in Hannibal

Dear Hopeful: Heck yes, this is an indication of things to come in 2010, but only if Republicans get their act together and give voters a viable alternative. Liberal pundits have spun that the results are typical for off-year races and had more to do with local issues than national. Bull hockey — today, national and local issues cannot be separated. Taxes, unemployment, the deficit and health care are all issues that hit citizens close to home.

These elections were definitely a repudiation of President Obama's big-government policies. His promise of hope and change is nothing but a faded campaign slogan. The deficit and national debt are at all-time highs. Unemployment is at a 25-year high, and the president's stimulus package only seems to be creating and saving jobs for his czars. The citizens of New Jersey and Virginia recognized this and voted accordingly.

For most of this year, anybody who dared to disagree with the Obama administration, or Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for that matter, were attacked, insulted and marginalized. I would say the Tea Partiers and town-hallers just got the first of many last laughs.

I normally don't give Democrats advice, but if they ignore these election returns, they do so at their own electoral peril in 2010. Republicans should watch out also, or they will face unemployment in the March primaries.

Dear Mark: The recent election of a Democrat in New York House district 23 shows that you conservatives are going too far. How does rejection feel, Joe Conservative? — Lovely Lib in Lincoln

Dear Lovely: The House race in upstate New York was a total circus from the wacky ballots to the pseudo Republican candidate dropping out at the last minute.

It is a stretch to claim the Democrat win as a rejection of conservatism.

Conservatives are not taking the country to the hard right. The country has moved so far left that it just appears that way. Take a look at the gratuitous immorality in today's movies, television and music. Look at the materialism that has led millions to dire financial straits. Look at the increasing dependence on government that has indebted our children and grandchildren.

Conservatives simply want fiscal and personal responsibility, lower taxes, smaller government and a strong defense. Is that so bad?

Dear Mark: Hey, man, what's this I hear about President Obama telling the law to back off of pot smokers? That is, like, totally cool. Can this be true? — Dope Dude in Denver

Dear Dope: Yes, there is a new policy from the Justice Department with regard to medical marijuana, but probably not the complete legalization you are looking for, so put away your bong. The new policy addresses federal authority versus state laws that allow people to use or provide medical marijuana. Basically, the Justice Department doesn't want its agents wasting their time pursuing citizens who are complying with state laws.

Attorney General Eric Holder said he wanted "federal law enforcement officials to pursue those who violate both federal and state law." In typical Obama administration fashion, Holder was not sure how to put that goal into practice.

Not sure? Try some good old fashioned investigative police work. Boy, it's tough having all of the answers.

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