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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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The Titanic, "The View," Slippers and Hallmark Cards


Dear Mark: President Obama's chief political advisor David Axelrod described Obama's re-election as a "titanic struggle." Even though he's in trouble, I'm still afraid he will win re-election. Does he really have an uphill battle to a second term? — Worried Wendy in Westernport

Dear Worried: Metaphors are endless in politics, and it looks like Axelrod used an unfortunate yet appropriate choice of words to describe the Obama campaign. Obama's re-election chances have definitely hit an iceberg, and his ship is taking on water. Just look at his low approval numbers, including those from his own party.

Axelrod went on to say in the Associated Press article: "So this is going to be a titanic struggle. But I firmly believe we're on the right side of the struggle."

Obama and Axelrod may feel they are on the right side of the struggle, but the reality is that Obama's economic policy speeches and big government proposals have his re-election chances headed straight into multiple icebergs. Obama is like the captain of the Titanic who believed his ship was unsinkable and stubbornly maintained the same course. Ahoy, mate!

Dear Mark: I was disturbed this week when "The View" discussed whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was too fat to be president. I thought those ladies, and I use the term loosely, were supposed to be tolerant and nonjudgmental of all people and their physical attributes? — Bleah in Birmingham

Dear Bleah: The only response I have is that a fat Chris Christie would be far better than that skinny man in the White House today.

Dear Mark: President Obama gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus trying to fire up his base for his re-election.

His remarks have since become controversial because the president implied that many in the African American community are sitting around in their "bedroom slippers" and need to stop complaining and put on their "marching shoes." I feel sorry for Obama, as he can't seem to catch a break even from some of his staunchest supporters. Will this hurt the president's chances? — Obama Observer in Omaha

Dear Observer: You know the president is in trouble when even African Americans are expressing their frustration with his performance. I don't believe that the African American vote will suddenly switch to the Republican Party even if Herman Cain is the nominee. But I do believe that Obama will have more trouble turning out his base than he did in 2008.

As for the kind of shoes people are wearing, Obama's motto seems to be, "If you're wearing wingtips, you are gonna get screwed."

Dear Mark: Hallmark has come out with a line of greeting cards to perk up the spirits of those who have lost their jobs in this down economy. I can't decide if this is a great marketing idea fulfilling a niche or if this is an insensitive way to take advantage of the unemployment situation. Can you help me? — No Callus Cards in California

Dear Callus: I prefer to look at the new line of cards as a successful company finding a way to make lemonade out of lemons. Not only has Hallmark found a way to make money during a possible double-dip recession, but many people don't realize they also created an entire Obama jobs bill greeting card section. Simply pick any card in the store you want, and the guy behind you in the checkout line has to pay for it.

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