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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Presidential Math, Disaster Relief and Alec Baldwin


Dear Mark: Hooray for President Obama for standing up for the little guy and proposing tax increases for the rich. Republicans are only for the greedy, fat-cat, Wall Street types, who are ruining our middle class. Why don't you and your rich neo-con brethren listen to the president and "do the math" with his deficit reduction plan? — Laughing Lib in Louisiana

Dear Laughing: Believe it or not, I'm not just another pretty face; I can actually "do the math." According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, there are 22,000 households and individuals who earn $1 million or more; and doubling their tax burden would only generate $190 billion over 10 years.

Combine that with closing tax breaks for the president's other boogiemen, oil companies and private jet owners, and the deficit is reduced by only $233 billion. These numbers also assume that these millionaires will not alter their financial behavior due to changes in the tax laws, which is highly unlikely, causing the impact on the deficit to be even less.

Let's do some more math. The deficit today sits at $16 trillion, and at the rate Obama is spending it will be between $20 trillion and $25 trillion in 10 years. Even if Obama gets everything he wants and his "math" adds up, his plan will only reduce the deficit by $3 trillion. Who needs to "do the math" now?

Despite what President Obama is proclaiming to the contrary, his latest proposal is definitely class warfare aimed at solidifying his base and garnering votes for 2012. Once again, Obama is not trying to unite the country in order to solve the fiscal problems; he is trying to divide the country for political gain.

Dear Mark: I cannot believe the Republicans would allow a government shutdown over budgetary offsets for disaster relief funding.

You guys are a bunch of cruel idiots for not wanting to help your fellow Americans in their time of need. — Ashamed in Albany

Dear Ashamed: What you should be ashamed of is resorting to the typical liberal response of name calling without solutions. The reality is our country is dangerously close to bankruptcy, and conservative Republicans in Congress are trying to be responsible with any unforeseen increases in the budget.

Unfortunately, the charge cards of the United States are maxed out so we have no choice but to cut the budget in other areas in order to have money to provide for disaster relief.

Dear Mark: Actor Alec Baldwin ranted wildly on his Twitter account against Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Michelle Malkin following the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis in Georgia. Now he will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" to open their new season. That absolutely disgusts me, and I feel like SNL should kick his butt off the show. What did those three have to do with the execution, anyway? — Just Bubba

Dear Bubba: Those three had nothing to do with the execution of Davis, but when liberals get frustrated they instinctively lash out at either Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or a strong, conservative woman.

If Baldwin was intellectually consistent he would also direct his antiwar rants against Barack Obama because the president has stepped up drone attacks and increased the troop levels in Afghanistan since moving into the White House.

Don't sweat Baldwin's rants. You could take the president's ratings, "Saturday Night Lives'" ratings, and Baldwin's IQ, and still not come up with a decent golf score.

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