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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
6 Sep 2014
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Obama's Non-plan, Phony Cuts, and President Anonymous


Dear Mark: I watched President Obama's speech, eager to hear his specifics for reducing the budget deficit. Boy was I disappointed. The only specific spending cuts he mentioned were to the Defense Department. I'm writing to you to see if I missed something or if I wasted 40 minutes of my life. — Not Deaf in Deaf Smith County

Dear Not Deaf: Sorry about the 40 minutes, but you didn't miss a thing. In fact, Obama's speech was so predictable that even Vice President Biden fell asleep because he'd heard it all before. Instead of a detailed policy presentation on reducing the deficit, President Obama gave a stump speech better suited for a campaign rally at Cal Berkley.

The president's speech was full of lies, distortions and numbers that didn't add up. He followed the usual Democrat playbook and stoked the fires of class warfare by blaming the Bush tax cuts for all of the country's ill's — especially the national debt.

Instead of inspiring a bipartisan dialog on solving the budget crisis, President Obama chose to play to his liberal base and attack the Republicans as wanting to hurt the elderly, the poor and even children with Down syndrome.

The budget problem should be an easy bipartisan issue, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan summed it up best when he said: "We don't have a problem with our budget because Americans don't pay enough taxes. We have problems with our budget because we spend too much money."

Dear Mark: The Repubs have been rolled yet again! When our "non" representatives brag about cutting $38 billion from a $1.5 TRILLION budget deficit, it emphasizes how serious our fiscal problems are. This is pennies on the dollar — worse — it's pennies on THOUSANDS of dollars.

When all the major news organizations are screaming about how bad the Democrats were beaten, you know they were not the ones that got "beat." We really are in serious trouble. — Discouraged Dee Dubya

Dear Discouraged: I wish I could tell you not to be discouraged, but it was the American people who were rolled and "beat" on this budget compromise. The Congressional Budget Office has determined that the compromise may only reduce the budget by only $352 million by Sept. 30th.

According to the CBO, many of the cuts were on new spending, which means they were not part of the baseline budget to begin with. Remember how Democrats used to tell us that a reduction in the rate of a spending increase was actually a cut? The compromise seems to have included a lot of that same "logic" to give the impression that congressional Republicans, Democrats and the president rode in like the Lone Ranger to save our nation from a speeding locomotive. Tonto ain't buying this, either.

Dear Mark: Sometimes I feel sorry for President Obama and his loss of privacy as president. Obama lamented in a recent interview, "I just miss — I miss being anonymous." He also spoke of not enjoying the "kabuki dance" in partisan politics. Isn't being president tough sometimes? — Pulling My Heartstrings in Hoboken

Dear Pulling: Of course being president is tough, but Obama should have prepared for that before accepting the job. Obama could ease his own suffering if he would lead the "kabuki dance" once in a while, instead of continuously being a wallflower.

Hold onto your hats, but I have found where I actually agree with Barack Obama. I, too, miss him "being anonymous."

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