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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
19 Dec 2015
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6 Sep 2014
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Obama on Letterman and Father-daughter Dances


Dear Mark: Mitt Romney has been exposed for the out-of-touch elitist that he really is. The recently surfaced tape of Romney bashing the 47 percent of the country who don't pay taxes proves it. It's time to let President Obama finish his job and take the country back from Romney and his rich cronies who are ruining America. Why doesn't he just quit now? — More Hope and Change

Dear More: While discussing who's dependent on government, Romney's only error was making too broad a statement — a tactic quite common with liberals when talking about the tea party, for example. Romney stood by his comments as he realizes this election is about two very different philosophies concerning the role of government in people's lives.

I understand David Letterman is a comedy show, but President Obama's response to the Romney tape of, "My expectation is if you want to be president you've got to work for everybody not just some," was a joke. In the spirit of Letterman's show, let's put Obama's pathetic performance under Letterman's stupid human tricks.

Since his inauguration, President Obama has done nothing but divide the country on race, income, gender, health insurance status and union membership. He has demonized Wall Street, business owners and doctors. He's incited phony wars on women, public servants and immigrants.

Don't crow too soon, as Obama has his own tape to defend, where he discusses his support of wealth redistribution. Sadly, this tape won't damage the president, as many of the 47 percent don't seem to care that they're taking money from fellow citizens.

Dear Mark: The ACLU and its thugs did it again. A school district in Rhode Island caved to this fascist organization and banned father-daughter dances.

At a time when family values are under assault by politicians and the entertainment industry, we need to strengthen the family unit, not eliminate wholesome activities. Today, many of society's ills can be directly linked to the absence of strong male role models, yet the ACLU and this idiotic school system feel there's something wrong with father-daughter dances. What the heck is wrong with this country? — Proud Poppa in Pampa

Dear Proud: As the father of two beautiful daughters myself, the father-daughter dances have been some of the best memories of my life. The problem in our country is that we are too worried about people's feelings. Whether it's an individual or the feelings of an entire religion, there are too many in the United States who believe that the world should be free of anything that could be hurtful. Unfortunately, organizations like the ACLU have gone to the extreme and threatened many of this country's proudest traditions and organizations in the name of defending someone's right to not be offended.

This ridiculous episode was started when a single mom complained that her daughter was not able to attend the father-daughter dance. Instead of seeking some sort of alternate solution (maybe the school could have made an exception and allowed the mom to escort her daughter), the school just cancelled the event. The ACLU can put another notch on its holster, but what did it really accomplish by violating the rights of all of the father-daughters in that school system?

Don't fret because if President Obama is re-elected, the ACLU will be put out of business. Unfortunately, it will be because Obama Part 2 will pack the Supreme Court with uber-liberal justices. It's not the best scenario, but I'm trying to see the silver lining through all of the tarnish.

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Sir... There is no question that Mr. Romoney made many "errors"; but the greatest one was to address moral problems with arithmatic...Math is great for the understanding and illumination of physical forms; but it simply has no application with moral forms... If you take the moral form of justice for example, and ask how much justice anyone should have, you are treating justice as an object when it is clearly a spiritual value...To explain it so you might understand it: physical objects are a being with a meaning, and a moral form is no object at all, but only a certain meaning without being...
Liberty is a moral form, but to treat it as a physical form, and ask: How much liberty should so and so have; then that person has no liberty worth consideration if we can limit it with our will...People need all the liberty they need for their welfare, and that is enough, but what is enough cannot be determined in advance of a particular situation...In any conflict of interests it should be the individuals on the spot who determine for themselves if enough is enough, and what enough is...It is out of moral forms that social forms like governments and economies are made; and if you ask for what good our constitution was written the answer is: enough...
You see; no idea has been as essential for the advancement of society technologically, or as responsible for the universal breakdown of communities as the Individual... An individiual is an outlaw, ouside the bounds of his community and his morality, and to the extent that he looks out for his interest alone he denies his obligation to society...The moment in this land when us against the world became the rich against the poor we ceased to be a nation, and became so many prey among preditors...
Now; the rich thinking of themselves as individuals freely deny their responsibility to society, and they rather think society should be responsible for their welfare, in the usual ways, protecting their lives and property, advancing them credit, defending their foreign capital with military force... But all their obligations owed this nation they neglect; and yet owe with interest...
Though the rich preach of the value of the individual with themselves in mind, when they consider us, they reduce us all to numbers...They have the numbers, said one; and we have the Maxim Gun... We have always been at war with these people because whether we knew it or not, they have always been at war with us... They fear the avarice of the poor, but when have the rich not had their avarice of the poverty of the poor, and wish to exchange death for all the want or wealth and rights the poor must suffer to live...
They wanted all the commonwealth, and now that they have it, they deny the support of those who once lived upon it... And though acting as individuals plays right into the hands of those who will surrender some of their individuality to their corporations, those rich individuals see us only as numbers, percents of the population, objects, impediments to their greater wealth and progress; and anything but human beings with rights...
Behind Mr. Romoney's great error is the fact that now that they have taken all the commonwealth that they can lay hands on, and wanting only our civil rights to live as lords in days gone by, they deny even our personhood, and treat us in fact as so many zeroes, individually meaningless...
The only time they consider us at all is united against their interests; and their concern is only to tailor their message with the help of big money to corner a small majority, and so limit those they must please with government...
But I would tell you and tell such people as Mr. Romoney, that you cannot conceive of a person as a number, by numbers, or with a cost/benefit analysis... Life is a spiritual value, a meaning and a moral form, and all of the moral forms that one must have enough of to have life at all cannot be coneived of by way of number, and that to do so reveals a want of, or a diseased moral character...
We might say it is a lack of understanding; but is it???
Abraham Lincoln as a youth once scolded some children for burning terrapins to free them from their shells... He said that an ants life is as valuable to him as yours is to you... Can we presume that the poor man's life in poverty is not as valuable to him as Mr. Romoney's life of wealth is to him...Because they are responsible they cannot imagine living lives so much out of control, dependent upon chance, and dangling on insecurity... Because they would not live that way they want to deny poor people the stuff of life...
If some one as well off as myself can go for hours at a time without worry about money, and think of that fact with relief, should I damn some one else to a grinding poverty where money demands the consideration of every waking moment???
We have been made poor in the service of the rich, and they have been made rich by our poverty... That does not gain for us a second of honest respect, but it earns for us all of the contempt usually reserved for farm animals...
What right do numbers have to their hopes and to their dreams???... What right to life do numbers have??? To kill some one; to snuff their life out like a candle, all that is needed is to first conceive of them as an object...It takes nothing more than that to write us off as meaningless... We are going to vote democrat no matter what... What choice have we??? Clearly, they have rounded up every lame brain in the park who is willing vote against their own interest to serve the rich...But why should we do that when we know better???
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:40 PM
Good column, Mark. Thanks! Obama says so many things that directly contradict his own actions that it would truly be a joke if it weren't so sad -- and dangerous. This very moment, I am watching a clip of Obama taking credit for an improved economy in Ohio -- oblivious of the fact (or ignoring the fact) that his policies have retarded the recovery of Ohio. The guy is unbelievable -- but the fawning media lets him get away with ridiculous claims. Four more years of Obama means four more years of [at best] slow, agonizing growth, and the continuing rapid growth of a very dangerously-high federal debt.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Doug Morelly
Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:22 AM
Re: James A, Sweeney RE: "...We have been made poor in the service of the rich, and they have been made rich by our poverty..."
More communist workers of the world unite, rich people are evil drivel.
Comment: #3
Posted by: David Henricks
Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:04 AM
Re: Sweeney, if may help by reminding you that it's only within the last fifty years or so that Western medicine has finally begun treating and recognizing the causal relationship between mind-body-spirit. A relationship Republicans such as Romney continue to either ignore or deny, just as many doctors did when this 'new philosophy' was first introduced. As you say, they and we ignore relationships at our own peril.

Comment: #4
Posted by: morgan
Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:15 AM
Re: David Henricks, the more you comment, the more you reveal your limitations and your agenda. A little fish in a little pond. You have your appeal to other limited types who, when challenged to think, punt.

Comment: #5
Posted by: morgan
Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:22 AM
Re: morgan Please tell me what you perceive my agenda to be and what my limitations are. I really want to know.
Comment: #6
Posted by: David Henricks
Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:55 PM
Re: David Henricks;... People left and right agree the society is not working, and that as we stand, and considering our goals, that one half stands in the way of the other half... Simple observation dear sport... But rather than abuse the impediments, should we not reconsider the goals we should hope to achieve together???
I do not presume to tell people what sort of society they should form with a new constitution, be we need to be reconsitituted... It is not that the rich are evil... They suffer the destruction of their society even while they contribute to its destruction... Yes, they are immoral, but most of us are in some respects immoral, and a failing society tends to demoralize everybody... Do you think it is fair to ask of the poor the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for their country, and then say: I will pay no more than required; knowing it is your class the writes the tax law??? The creme of this land do not care, and think that come what may they will survive like the creme of Israel in Babalonian captivity... History has seldom been so kind to the many ruling classes who were swept in to the trash of history like the poor...
The idea is for us all to survive in a healthy society, and if we must rejuvenate our society with revolution it is better than to see it languish in old age and disease... We have the power, and what is more, we have the right to transform our society... Don't tell me nothing will ever change... I know better...
Comment: #7
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:59 AM
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