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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
12 Apr 2014
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Missiles, Gitmo, and Mascot Prostitution


Dear Mark: This week, Iran successfully test-fired a new solid-fuel missile capable of hitting targets in Israel and Europe. This poses a tremendous threat to the Middle East that could ripple throughout the world. When will the world finally do something to stop this evil regime and its nuclear plans? — Miss Missile in Mankato

Dear Missile: The world is doing something ... it started by electing Barack Hussein Obama, whose silky smooth rhetoric and Muslim roots were supposed to charm the pants off of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ha! President Obama's supposedly historic speech in Egypt earlier this year did nothing to slow the progress of Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The sad reality is that the majority of world leaders are spineless pacifists who won't face down bad guys even with tough economic sanctions. President Bush tried to tell the world by calling out the "axis of evil" but was savaged for practicing "cowboy diplomacy."

My solution is simple: The world should immediately cut off the flow of gasoline as well as money to Iran, then demand that Iran cease its nuclear program or the bombs will strategically fall.

Dear Mark: It looks like the closing of the POW camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is finally going to begin with the detainees being transferred to the Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois. I am thrilled that President Obama is following through on another campaign promise that will also make our country safer. Getting rid of that albatross will raise the United States' standing in the world, to boot. I know you're against this, but why? — Prisoners Are People in Peoria

Dear Prisoners: The reason is simple — we already have a perfectly good facility down in Cuba specifically designed to hold the worst terrorists in the world.

President Obama claims Guantanamo Bay is a mess caused by George Bush. No, this is a mess caused by freaking terrorists — and moving the prisoners to the United States is another worthless liberal symbolic gesture that accomplishes nothing. In fact, it will cost the state taxpayers of Illinois and the federal taxpayers of the rest of the country millions if not billions of dollars during a time of economic crisis.

I hope you're not like the moronic politicians who actually believe that closing Gitmo will make us safer by eliminating one of the terrorists' recruiting tools. I must have missed bin Laden's booth set up in the camp's foyer where interested young men could pick up brochures and sign onto the jihadist mailing list.

Liberals need to engage their brains and realize that the radical Islamists hate the West and do not care whether their murderous brethren are being held at Gitmo or Thomcor. Their venomous plans for bloody jihad will not be slowed due to the closing of Guantanamo — it's just that a new major target is now located in the heartland of America.

Dear Mark: First, Tiger Woods and all of his mistresses. Now, I read an Associated Press story about the New England Patriots' mascot involved with indoor prostitution crimes. What is going on in professional sports today? — Sports, Sports, Sports in Spokane

Dear Sports: The Tiger Woods saga is sad on many levels, but unfortunately a sports star involved in extramarital affairs is nothing new. I don't have any details on the Patriots mascot's illegal sexual escapades, except that the Minnesota Viking and the Miami Dolphin have been conspicuously quiet since the release of this story.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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