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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
6 Sep 2014
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30 Aug 2014
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23 Aug 2014
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Haiti -- Heck Yes, I'll Politicize it


Dear Mark: The recent earthquake in Haiti is a human catastrophe. President Obama has pledged all of the necessary resources to help get that poor country back on its feet. Please don't tell me you will politicize the president's gesture. — Hope and Help in Hillsboro

Dear Hope: Heck yes, I'm going to politicize the president's actions — but not for the reasons you might suspect. I fully support Obama's efforts in leading the world in sending relief aid to the earthquake victims of this already impoverished Caribbean country.

The politics comes into play when those both within our border and outside our border bash America as the sole source of evil in the world. This, despite our grand history of humanitarian aid during natural disasters, wars, famines and plagues. We have sent relief aid to countries of all political stripes with no ulterior motives and no strings attached. From peaceful democracies to ruthless dictatorships, the goal of the United States is nothing more than to help our fellow man.

The politics comes into play when our economic prosperity is constantly under attack by those on the left such as Barack Obama. Liberals do not acknowledge that it is our prosperity and generosity through the grace of God that gives us the resources and technology necessary to help countries like Haiti during times of crisis.

The politics comes into play when the very people liberals despise will lead the charge to help those Haitians who have lost everything. Christians, corporations, the wealthy and, yes, even conservatives will contribute money, time, supplies and labor to help rebuild Haiti. Many of these same people will open up their homes to Haitian refugees until the country is once again inhabitable.

My hope is that after we help Haiti back on its feet, the America-bashers will cool their vitriolic jets toward our great country.

The sad reality is that politics will once again come into play.

Dear Mark: The special election for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts has tightened significantly. Is there a possibility that Republican Scott Brown can actually defeat Democrat Martha Coakley? — Blue to Red in Richmond

Dear Blue: Let's hope so. If their last debate is any indication of Coakley's abilities — or in this case, inabilities — then boy are we in trouble if she wins. Coakley, who is the current attorney general in Massachusetts, actually claimed that there are "no terrorists" in Afghanistan. Shouldn't information of that magnitude be passed on to President Obama, who just might want to reconsider that order for 30,000 more troops to combat terrorists in Afghanistan? Somebody at the Democratic National Committee should teach Coakley how to use the Internet so she can stay up to speed on current events.

A Scott Brown victory would be monumental for two reasons. First, a Republican would take over the Senate seat that has been occupied by a Kennedy for the better part of the last 50 years. Second, if Brown prevails, he will represent the 41st vote Senate Republicans need to defeat the Democrat health bill currently being bought and sold behind closed doors.

Dear Mark: We have overcrowded jails, schools and hospitals. Now a study suggests there are too many bodies in a Chicago cemetery. What in the world is going on? — Ill Bill in Illinois

Dear Ill Bill: The easy answer is "Chicago style politics" because it is rumored that 43 percent of those bodies may have voted in the last election.

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