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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Gun Bracelets and Obama's Fair Pay Lies


Dear Mark: The meddling, ever-interfering federal government is at it again, and it's costing the taxpayers $2 million. Attorney General Eric Holder wants to spend this money to develop guns with fingerprint technology, GPS tracking and guns that can only be fired when the shooter is wearing a special bracelet that contains a computer chip. GPS tracking and bracelets for guns? Instead of focusing on law-abiding citizens and violating our second amendment rights, why doesn't the Department of Justice go after criminals? — Pistol Pete

Dear Pistol: Here in Texas "gun bracelets" are what our beauties wear to accessorize their outfits for Saturday night socials. President Obama is a liberal ideologue who views every agency in the federal government as a tool to further his liberal utopia, and a gun-free society is a part of that vision.

Let me clarify, "gun free" meaning only the federal government can have guns, not the unwashed heathens also known as citizens. We've seen how liberals love the "well-regulated militia" wording in the second amendment, but they seem to ignore the portion of that same amendment that says, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Liberal gun control legislation has proven to be a non-starter with the American people and hence a non-starter in congress, which may frustrate the constitution out of President Obama, but it's certainly not stopping him from mapping other routes to utopia.

Smart-gun technology sounds warm and fuzzy, but picture this scenario: It's late at night. Your wife and children are sound asleep when you are awakened by an intruder. You jump out of bed, grab your pistol out of the nightstand and run down the hall. You spot the intruder entering the room of your 6-year-old daughter and, because your daughter is in serious danger, you decide to shoot.

Click, click, click ... you didn't have time to put on your gun safety bracelet. The intruder, hearing the clicks, turns, squares up and boom, boom, boom ... you're dead. This scenario is not over. You see, because of an Obama executive order that mandates this ridiculous technology, your vulnerable wife can't fire the gun either.

Like Pistol Pete suggests, Eric Holder should enforce the laws that are already on the books, stop worrying about "smart guns" and go after dumb criminals.

Dear Mark: It's hard to argue against fair pay for the same work between women and men, and yet Republicans are doing just that. President Obama and senate Democrats like Barbara Mikulski from Maryland are pushing the "Paycheck Fairness Act." By opposing this, are Republicans on some kind of suicide mission for the November elections? — Pat in California

Dear Pat: This is not a case of the Republicans being anti-women. This is the case of a desperate Democrat party twisting statistics in order to create the false narrative that Republicans want to see women paid less than men.

The Wall Street Journal and various experts including President Obama's own Bureau of Labor and Statistics have disproven the president's "logic." Even the left-leaning Washington Post gave President Obama two Pinocchio's for his lies concerning fair pay. But apparently Democrats don't care about the truth as the president, Nancy Pelosi and numerous other liberal politicians and pundits continue this lie in hopes that women will support Democrats in November.

For a party that supposedly supports women, Democrat politicians don't mind lying to women and using them as political props in order to rile up some cheap votes. Face it ladies, the Democrat Party must think you're incapable of calculating the real numbers.

Susan B. Anthony worked hard for this?

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