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Kyle-Anne Shiver

About Kyle-Anne Shiver

Until 9/11, Kyle-Anne Shiver was a political fence-sitter. The extent of her patriotism was her one vote in every election. She traveled the political journey familiar to so many, from raging liberal in youth to staunch conservative by the time she was 30, but never did much about it. She was a baby boomer radical in youth turned traditional suburban homemaker.

Kyle-Anne married her college sweetheart and spent her pre-9/11 adult life as a full-time wife and mom; she worked only part time as an artist and a casual fiction writer. She fought the culture war from her kitchen table, participated in the PTA and did various charity work through her parish church. But when it came to politics and world affairs, she never really saw how much her own life was affected by what occurred outside her sheltered community.<

All that changed on the fateful morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Two days after the attacks, Kyle-Anne hit the libraries and the bookstores with a vengeance, beginning a five-year self-education on how America had gotten into such a state. She read the Quran and related Islamic texts, as well as scores of books on history and politics. She boned up on the Internet and became a veritable hound on the trail of political betrayal and malfeasance.

Once she switched the creative-writing training from her college days to political commentary, she began writing for the Internet Op-Ed site American Thinker. She quickly gained a large readership that nicknamed her the "Sweetheart of SWAT." Her pen carries the honey-laden tones of her Southern heritage, now mixed with the grit and determination of the original American patriots.