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Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah
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President Obama Takes Another Vacation


Late-night comedians are having a field day with President Barack Obama's latest ten-day vacation to Martha's Vineyard. He's also getting a lot of heat from talk-radio hosts, Republican congressional leaders and conservative political activists — but not from me.

You won't hear me complain that Obama is taking his 17th vacation in the last two-and-a-half-years. You won't hear me suggest it sends a bad signal to the millions of Americans hurting economically — many of whom haven't been able to afford a single, modest vacation since Obama took office. And you certainly won't hear me suggest that Obama is somehow needed in Washington to deal with a multitude of crises, especially the economy he has ravaged.

There's an old adage in Washington that the only time the country is safe is when Congress is out of session. With a president who thinks he's a legislator and a lawmaker, one who signs executive orders like Derek Jeter signs autographs, the nation is indeed safer when Obama is on an extended holiday.

Think about it. Do you really want Obama in Washington concocting more ways to "stimulate" the economy? Do you really want Obama in Washington doing more of what he has done since Jan. 20, 2009? Do you really want Obama in Washington dreaming up new ways to curtail our freedoms and empower big government? You know what I mean?

It's not the time to complain when Obama is minding his own business. This is the only time he is not a threat to the rest of us. We shouldn't complain that he is on hiatus. We should all want to see him on permanent hiatus. We should complain when he returns.

Furthermore, I don't understand all the griping about how much time he takes off, how much time he spends playing golf, how much time he spends playing basketball, etc. We should be grateful the man has no work ethic. Just imagine the damage he would have done to the country if he did. For heaven's sake, he has turned the country into an economic basket case working part-time!

Did you know Obama has played more rounds of golf halfway through his four-year term than any of his predecessors, including those who spent eight years or more in office?

Of course, that reality never stops Obama from telling us all how busy he is, how hard he is working, what a tough schedule he keeps. He has literally taken at least 13 vacations in 32 months.

That does not include weekend getaways to Camp David — the kind of experience that would be an unforgettable dream of a lifetime for most Americans. It does not include many trips domestically that were political, fundraising excursions, which had nothing to do with his job in the White House, the one we pay him to do. It also does not include most of the foreign travel he has done with his family and a cast of thousands.

He's been golfing more than 60 times as president. Let me try to put this in some context for you. At an average of five hours per trip to the links, Obama has spent the equivalent of two months of his presidency's available working time on the golf course. Of course, that doesn't even count the hours traveling in presidential motorcades to and from the courses. It also doesn't count any time he spends on the White House putting green.

So he vacations more than any of his predecessors, and he golfs more. What else does he do with his time?

He raises money for his 2012 re-election campaign. By last count, he has attended at least 40 fundraisers since taking office — and with 2012 nearing, that schedule will increase.

Obama is boasting about his ability to raise a record-setting $1 billion for his re-election effort. Daily, I get email fundraising pleas from Obama. He asks for money more than any televangelist I've ever seen. He uses the assets of the White House for much of this activity. Fundraisers include food tasting with the White House chef and overnights in the Lincoln bedroom a la Bill Clinton. All of this activity takes time.

But I'm not complaining because it's time not spent shredding the Constitution or scheming about new ways to rob taxpayers. Again, I'm not complaining. As far as I'm concerned, the more time Obama spends on the golf course, on vacation or dispossessing his supporters of their money, the less time he has to bankrupt the country.

Maybe he just doesn't know how he is supposed to behave. Remember, Obama has never had a real job outside of politics. He really didn't practice law. He really wasn't a college professor. He was a community organizer who became a state legislator and then a U.S. senator. If you recall, even as a legislator, he missed more votes than he cast.

So why would anyone be shocked that Obama has spent nearly half his waking hours during his term of office relaxing, putting, schmoozing and traveling? Better doing those things than figuring out new ways to redistribute your income, insulting allies, appointing czars and handing out merit raises to all of the failed political appointees in his regime.

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