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Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah
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What if Shooter Targeted Muslims?


The tragedy of the Umpqua Community College shootings is yet another example of the exponentially growing evil in our nation as a culture spins chaotically out of control.

It reminds me of what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said when asked what had become of his mother country of Russia during the Soviet Union days: "Men have forgotten God."

On Thursday, 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer walked onto the campus in rural Roseburg, Oregon, and murdered nine people. Seven more individuals were injured during his shooting rampage. Mercer was a blatant Christian hater. The self-described pagan Wiccan who searched for a like-minded mate through online dating sites frequented anti-God websites.

He asked his victims, gathered in a classroom, what religion they were. If they answered "Christian," he shot them in the head. Atheists or those who refused to answer were shot in the leg.

Predictably, in response to this outrage, Barack Obama took to the airwaves and blamed the incident on guns.

Never mind that the shooter moved to Oregon from California, both states with the most restrictive gun control laws in the country.

Never mind that the campus, like most throughout the nation, labeled itself a "gun-free zone," ensuring any attacker there would be minimal defense.

Never mind the campus had one unarmed security guard on duty.

Somehow, this was all proof, to Barack Obama, that guns were to blame — even though, for all intents and purposes, the mass killing took place under the kind of circumstances Obama seeks to create everywhere, a disarmed populace at the mercy of crazed, hateful, armed murderers who aren't going to mind breaking restrictive gun laws when they purposely set out to kill innocent people. Obama would like to turn the whole nation into one big "gun-free zone," creating the ideal shooting-gallery conditions mass murderers and terrorists love.

I couldn't help but wonder as I listened to Obama's rambling, disjointed, highly disturbing and irrational words how different his statement might have been had the shooter singled out individuals of another faith besides Christianity. Suppose Mercer had targeted Muslims for death instead.

Do you think his reaction might have been any different? Can you even imagine that the focus of his message wouldn't have been considerably different?

Who would have been blamed for the attack in that unlikely eventuality?

You can bet Obama would have blamed all those expressing strong opposition to his reckless plan to import hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the country, resettling them based on plans drawn up by the experts at the United Nations, without any consultation with Congress or the local communities forced to absorb them.

You can bet Obama would have blamed all those bringing attention to the terrorist threat these unscreened Muslim "refugees" represent.

You can bet Obama would have blamed all those who have recognized that while all Muslims are not terrorists; sadly, pretty much all terrorists these days are Muslims.

It wasn't likely Mercer, who apparently maintained a close friendship with a radical Muslim, would have targeted Muslims. In fact, it isn't likely that any such massacre would take place in America, despite the constant preoccupation the culture has with alleged bias against Muslims. While so-called Muslim civil rights organization spokesmen fill the airwaves with condemnations of anti-Muslim activity, FBI statistics show hate crimes against Muslims are virtually non-existent, thank God. Instead, an astonishing 60 percent of all religion-based hate crimes are directed against Jews. There are more hate crimes perpetrated in America against Catholics than Muslims.

Then there's the poignant story of Chris Mintz, an Army veteran and hero in the attack. Obama failed to mention him. Taking little thought for his own safety, he was shot at least five times trying to protect other unarmed students. It was his son's sixth birthday that day. While he survived, his life will never be the same. He may never walk again.

The omissions from Obama's talking points speak as loudly as his spoken words.

He got on the air not to mourn the dead.

He got on the air not to condemn the targeting of Christians for murder.

He got on the air not to rethink his policies that contributed mightily to the massacre.

Instead, as he even acknowledged himself, he got on the air to do what he always does — to "politicize" the attack to promote more unconstitutional gun grabs that actually make more tragedies like Roseburg inevitable.

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