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Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah
27 Aug 2014
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Doublespeak: Is It 2014 or 1984?


In his classic work "1984," George Orwell introduced two new terms into the lexicon — doublethink and newspeak.

Though he didn't use the word "doublespeak," it's an easy leap by simply combining the two Orwell terms — and that's what we are experiencing in the U.S. precisely 30 years after the title date of his peek into the world of Big Brother.

In "1984," Big Brother and the "party" said "peace" when they meant war. They said "love" when they meant hate. They said "freedom" when they meant slavery.

Doublespeak is saying one thing and meaning another, usually its opposite.

Orwell did not write the book as a prophecy of a certain future. He wrote it as a warning of a possible future. But you can see that future emerging very clearly in the U.S. today.

In his address to the nation on the Islamic State crisis last week, Barack Obama, an avowed peacenik who was elected to the presidency by promising to end two wars tout de suite and by telling us we had little to worry about from terrorism and Islamists, explained why the U.S. had to start a massive, prolonged bombing campaign against the Islamic State — assuring us simultaneously that the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state.

The next day, another avowed peacenik, Secretary of State John Kerry, who came to fame after coming home from the Vietnam War and harshly denouncing it and his fellow U.S. service members who were fighting it, explained in a CNN interview that America was not exactly going to war with the Islamic State.

The administration's newly discovered strategy, he said, includes "many different things that one doesn't think of normally in context of war."

"What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation," Kerry said. "It's going to go on for some period of time.

If somebody wants to think about it as being a war with (the Islamic State), they can do so, but the fact is it's a major counterterrorism operation that will have many different moving parts."

Obama and his spokesmen have always been careful to characterize the worldwide phenomenon of jihad as an aberration of Islam, which he insists categorically is a "religion of peace." He says no religion countenances the kind of barbarism perpetrated by the Islamic State. One has to wonder what the history books he studied had to say about the Crusades and the rapid spread of Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula in the eighth century and, eventually, throughout Asia, Africa and Europe when it conquered more people and a greater land mass than any previous or subsequent empire in the history of the world.

Nor has Obama's administration been fond of the word "terrorism" apart from the link with Islam — unless, of course, it's been used to describe people who cling to their Bibles or Constitutions or participate in tea party activity.

Welcome, finally, to the world of Big Brother. It's here. And the "newspeak" media march, for the most part, is in lock step with the leadership of Big Brother.

Has anyone taken notice?

In fact, there's more happening in our world today that resembles the Big Brother world of "1984" than there was in Orwell's day.

The U.S. has greatly expanded the surveillance state throughout the Obama administration. Local police have become more militarized and more obedient to the central government.

Simple words that everyone once understood, such as "marriage," have been completely redefined. If you don't adopt the new definition, the state refers to you as a bigot.

All of this was foreseen in a much earlier classic book — one read by more people than any other in history. That book is the Bible. It was written as a prophecy of the future. It talks about times in the past and in the future when every man and woman would do the right thing in his own eyes.

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Sir;... Your article is doubletalk. You know, or should, that our failure to come to terms with Dar al-Islam has been a growing problem since the first world war and the rise of Zionism. Do you seem stupid looking for easy solution or simple exlanations, or what? It is only with the greatest of trepidation that anyone would want to mess with this volatile people, and we have done so much more than that. Common sense would have gotten us out of their quickly if we felt it necessary to go there to begin with; but get to the reason we went into Arabia, for example, and you see nothing but lies justified our going, and never more than half of the people where good with it, and they were the worst informed, most vengeful, and least intelligent among us. Now you look at Mr. Obama and point out his failure. His failure is your failure, a failure of our form of government to prevent stupidity from gaining power, and a failure of the intelligent to prevent the free range of insanity. There is no advise and consent. Neither is thought necessary.
All anyone needs is their fifty one percent and they have the office to themselves. The question in the case of Mr. Obama is whether that is enough to repair the damage of your average mad Texan president. You can see plenty of effort among presidents to preserve all of the powers of the office. If presidents riding a political tidal wave toward the destruction of this country by proxy and with needless war, some one should stop them, and the senate, if they cannot govern the president when he is bound to some stupidity, should vote themselves space with the dinosaurs in the museum of natural history. They are done, and ready for the dumpster.
Sir;... We didn't like Paint by numbers Bush. Ultimately, the office of president which has been gaining power since Lincoln took office will become a tyranny out of necessity. Some offices win by default. The house in order to become a sellers market limited its numbers and erased its place in history. The Senate excluding the Court is the most anti democratic body imaginable. The only explanation for the Senate holding such power when some states can only manage one representative because that is written into the constitution- is the excuse that this method is constitutional as well. The past may explain the future, but our past is preventing our future, and this should not be.
The fact that you craft a narrative explanation for the failure of Mr. Obama is fine, and wrong. The problem is systemic. The people were only allowed the democracy of one half of one body, and the house long ago found a way around our democratic influence. We cannot talk to our government, and our government does not tell us the truth because it is better that we should not know, for if we did know, we would feel frustrated in our inability to influence the course of government which we lost when we lost the house. You knos you can fool enough of the people enough of the time, and that is enough to have your way with the future of America. The people are the runt of the litter, and there are too many pigs for the teets. The big pigs come first. That is the rule of rules in America. Without revolution that fact will not change.
And Islam is the religion of peace. They simply do not take crap very well, and their religion, unlike our own dogma, does not tell them they must accept abuse. If you mess with them you have to expect it back, and they are not knot heads.
Thanks... Sweeney
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Sep 19, 2014 2:28 PM
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