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Obama: White House Fraternity President


Fit to print: President Obama's new "Inner Circle Has an All-male Look."

Good for The New York Times. Obama, not so much, not for the women who essentially elected him. In a sudden moment of truth, Barack Obama is a man's man.

With canary-like Secretary Hillary Clinton flying from the Cabinet, this truth became self-evident. The picture shows a dozen men in the Oval Office in a huddle. The president is at his desk, liking the look of his new team. Just like his weekly hoops games — the circle closest to the sun. There are no women in the room.

Just when women are members of Congress in record numbers, White House diversity is drying up. Hilda Solis, the secretary of labor, and Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator, announced plans to leave. There will be no woman heading the plum Justice, State, Defense or Treasury Departments. Obama's top advisors are almost all men, and likely to remain so. The woman he considered for a top job, Susan Rice, wasn't up to the job.

For all his silky manners, family history, his wife and daughters, Obama is not a woman's man. He's a fraternity president.

His lyrical memoir, "Dreams From My Father," conjures a man across oceans he barely knew, not the brave, original woman who raised him with the help of her parents. That's a clue.

Just saying, he ain't no Bubba. Has Obama cracked a book by novelists Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf? I don't think so. Does he love Judy Collins singing "Chelsea Morning"? Nope. Did he marry the brilliant woman who became the greatest of her generation? Not so far.

President Bill Clinton is the exception among presidents — although Franklin D. Roosevelt wed the extraordinary Eleanor.

Clearly, Roosevelt was sympathetic to women. Clinton loves women, and to be frank, we love him. To have a brief conversation with those blue orbs looking into your eyes is an earthly experience not to be missed.

So we fondly hoped he could have run for a third or fourth term. (Think about the state of the nation in 2008, feeling the pain of George W. Bush's presidency.)

Women felt Clinton knew and understood us and our life stories. The son of a widowed nurse who married a man who became abusive, he had personal laser-beam insight into economic fairness and domestic struggles. The first bill he signed is often forgotten because we take it for granted. The Family Medical Leave Act benefited working mothers more than any other group.

And we knew he enjoys our company. Despite Clinton's character flaws revealed in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, there's a school of thought that he suffered enough for that. What happened was pretty tame next to starting wars on false premises. The liaison didn't violate the Constitution. Without defending his conduct, he and his family suffered enough to make his enemies happy for life.

Those House Republicans — yes, same gang with different faces, including troublemaker Lindsey Graham — turned the impeachment into "The Scarlet Letter," revisited, till it turned out their own leaders were even more guilty. Had they no shame?

Men who put women first are seldom seen in the Oval Office. Name one, any one — Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the two Bushes. They were predisposed to the concerns and company of men, masculine pursuits such as war, the law, slave plantations and, um, baseball teams. Lincoln, my favorite, was very much a man's man. Men were running the country over the centuries, and guess what, they still are.

Just ask Barack Obama.

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Don't feel bad. You're not the first person to suddenly complain that Obama is not the type of man you thought. Perhaps first for this reason, but still not the first. The women leaving the white house are doing so for good reason. They see a sinking ship and want off. After all, the women are first to the lifeboats. Then men. And the captain always goes down with the ship.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Chris McCoy
Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:10 AM
Re: Chris McCoy;... What planet are you living on... The greatest victims in all great disasters are women, because home makes them an easy target, and the maternal need to save their children puts them at a great disadvantage... World wide, the need of mothers to care for their children makes them the industrial, or agricultural slave of choice...
Men do not feel the same bond, can leave, and do....Increasingly, it is women that bear the pain of war, and the sting of poverty... We make a great show of protecting the women, but when it gets right down to it, if you say nits make lice as so many generals have, then targets of opportunity are taken, and resistence collapses...
If I said that one in every seventy men is raped in his life time, and one in every seven women were raped, though I believe the figure is much more in fact, then you might understand the care a woman must guard herself with against physically stronger men who turn their sense of victimization upon others less able to defend themselves...
It is no wonder women are more comfortable with a web of laws though it does not lead to greater societal freedom... No less than men they seek the power of government as the key to their own freedom...
Of powerful women there is no need, because from the point of view of the men beneath them, resentment burns like a fever...Gays think they can manage that aspect of government requiring sensitivity, and even other women respond to women having greater power with jealousy, resentment, and sabotage...
For their part, women dealing with men seem to have no problem expressing themselves, and are unlikely to suffer fools in silence...The sad fact is that women in power or out, are little different from men, hold the same prejudices, and put themselves and their issues first...
You cannot concieve of a meeting between two people, even a husband and wife, without its politics, and I cannot imagine a society with more of politics than one comprised of women...If I said it was a mistake for Mr. Obama to not have more women in his inner circle, I would also have to say I understand completely...
Women are creatures of invalueable insight and intelligence, who are seldom wrong and usually wrong when wrong for the right reason... It just gets old having to admit you are wrong because you are, and admitting that they are right because it is true...
There is a reason women do not run this world...The advantage men see over men could not ever be taken if there was a woman there reminding them of the long game and the necessity of thought before action...They are not all Lady Macbeths...They are not all the Virgin Mary either, Or Mother Courage, or your mom, or your daughter... The damned confounding sameness of them biologically conceals a unique individuality that makes true conception, ideation of women, impossible...
I can remember a time in my life with the quest to understand women... All of my efforts gave me a fractionally better understanding of my self, and they yet remain a mystery...If it were not their willingness to say what is on their minds, I would not understand one of them...It is almost a mistake to call women- women, and sort of an insult, like saying their biology determines their identity...Where has that ever been truly the case???
Thanks.... Sweeney
Comment: #2
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:12 PM
I'm just quoting the general rule here. Calm down. I know there are lots of cases where selfish men have abandoned women. Thats not the point I'm making. I'm making the point that the Obama administration has been one big trainwreck and women want off in order to salvage their political careers.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Chris McCoy
Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:18 AM
Re: Chris McCoy... I am surprised, knowing you as I do that you did not use the metaphore of rats leaving a sinking ship....
What if the problem is, from the perspective of the republicans, that there is a feminization of government whether it results from all the gays who flock to positions of authority, or women trying to humanize the machine, or the general limpwristed we feel your pain mentality of liberalism...
From my perspective, the problem is not people willing to fight for me and my rights part time, maybe; but the inability of people in a republic to fight for their own rights... We are at once defended poorly, and denied our own defense... It would be one thing for government to take seriously workers rights and defend them... But to deny the people unions and every effective tool of organized labor, and then not defend them in deference to principal is wrong...
Comment: #4
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:47 AM
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