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Dick Morris
Dick Morris
10 Feb 2016
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McCain Gains In All Three Tracking Polls


Zogby, Rasmussen and Gallup all report McCain closing to 5 points back. Zogby had him 12 back, Rasmussen 8 and Gallup 6 in their previous polling. McCain's use of the Joe the Plumber and the tax issue in his ads is working.

Unilaterally, McCain agreed to disarm himself by refusing to use perhaps his most potent weapon in exposing Barack Obama: the Democrats' relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The McCain campaign and, at its direction, the Republican Party, have banned use of footage of Wright from their campaign commercials. Perhaps for fear of being accused of racism, they are not bringing up the single most compromising association in Obama's past — his close liaison with Wright.

But it does not matter that Wright is black, white, brown ... or purple. What matters is that he spews hatred of the United States and that Obama was an active participant in his church. Or are we supposed to believe that Obama regularly attended church with Wright for two decades, chose the reverend to baptize his children and officiate at his wedding, titled his book "Audacity of Hope" after a sermon of the reverend's, but did not know of his anti-American views? Nonsense.

The only time the issue has been used was during the Democratic primary, when Obama's ties to Wright were first revealed and the reverend's horrific anti-American sermons were aired on television.

Even then, Obama tried to distance himself from Wright in the mildest of possible terms, only denouncing him more sternly after the relationship had begun to sap his standing in the polls.

Fortunately, one independent expenditure group — — has the courage to bring the truth about Wright to the attention of the American people. has prepared a hard-hitting advertisement that features some of Wright's worst rantings and explains the intimate relationship over 20 years between the preacher and the politician., of course, is funded by individual donations, so their financial resources are limited.

As we enter the final week, this election is not yet over. Zogby shows Obama's lead collapsing from 12 points on Thursday of last week to just five points over this past weekend. Other polls have Obama's lead in the 5 to 7 point range, little enough ground to close in six more days. Only surveys that have quotas for large number of Democratic participants show Obama's lead to be in double digits.

But McCain will not win with one hand tied behind his back. So now is the time for all good Republicans to come to the aid of their party and run the ads that should be run to defeat Barack Obama.

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Sir;... So, your complaint is that Mr. Mccain has a shred of decency to wrap has naked soul in when he goes before his Lord? Or what??? Do these candidates have to sell their souls to the devil and totally prostitute themselves for power before they are fully acceptible to the reactionary right??? Look at how well Mr. Mccain has done... And look at how well he has done without more than some incindental evil, some inciting to violence, and some playing to predjudice.... What did you expect from him;... That he could change the last eight years from failure to success???The nation could have done better with Mr. Mccain Eight years ago..... Those people looking for the perfect republican bought the perfect idiot... How is that for trading the family cow for the white house full of magic beans??? -Because your success on the back of a clown has reaped this harvest... GWB has brought this about... He man handled the congress, and he man handled Mr. Mccain, and Mr. Kerry and Mr. Gore; and he man handled the American People with the help of rove and many other reactionary spinners... If Mr. Mccain loses it will because y'all made the old dog run up hill... Don't blame him for not being dirty enough... He was dirty enough; but it did not work... You have educated the people even in your effort to misinform, and mislead... Mr. Mccain might make no worse a president than the next guy, but if he does not get the chance, the cause will be more yours than his... And by yours, I mean; all you rectifed spinners.... I hope they pay you enough to justify the damage you do... There ought to be a law... They can keep dogs from craping on the sidewalk; but no one can stop people like you from craping in people's heads... There ought to be a law.... Thanks... Sweeney
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:39 PM
I believe Barack Obama's lack of care for his dying mother during her final year of life is a bigger issue. Barack Obama was several years late finishing his first book, so he flew to Bali to finish it, flying over Hawaii and while his mother was dying. But Barack had other obligations during his mothers last year, like mingling with the Chicago elite and getting selected as a board member to various foundations.

There is something odd about a man moving his way up the ranks of Chicago's elite foundations, while apparently ignoring his own mothers deteriorating health. But to then bring up that whole situation for PERSONAL AND POLITICAL GAIN during the second presidential debtate, and also during the primary season as a commercial in Texas, to actually profit from his own inaction towards his own mother, is the lowest of the low.

Everything else pales in comparision, yet the media has given him a pass on this time in his life. Barack Obama did rush to mother's side, after she had died.

See the Youtube video that shows why a Hillary Clinton Supporter is voting for John McCain. Many complementary comments are being written about this youtube video.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Alessandro Machi
Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:47 PM
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