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Islamic Exceptionalism


The "enlightened" who claim a firm grip on the steering wheel of Western civilization see the future through a lens in which man becomes ever more perfectible as outdated religious creeds fade away. And thus the irony. For all the contempt these cosmopolitans show for religion, there is one faith beyond public rebuke. Call it Islamic exceptionalism.

Public Enemy No. 1 right now is the man who made a ridiculously shoddy YouTube video titled "The Innocence of Muslims." This man and his so-called "film" have been blamed with a very broad brush for every riot and protest across the Mideast.

It is all so ... impossible. This video sat unwatched for months until an Egyptian television station decided to promote it as some kind of global insult. Not you, not anyone you know and not anyone they know ever heard of this. But when the "Arab street" decided to stage riots outside American embassies, our government derided "continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."

Susan Rice, our ambassador to the United Nations, even wrongly blamed the terrorist attack that killed our ambassador and three others in Libya on the video. She told ABC News it was "a direct result of a heinous and offensive video that was widely disseminated, that the U.S. government had nothing to do with, which we have made clear is reprehensible and disgusting."

The Obama administration asked YouTube to review whether it should be censored, since it may have violated the website's terms of service. Its maker was publicly outed and dragged by a posse of armed cops into a "voluntary" session with his federal probation officers in Los Angeles.

This is the exact opposite of the way the so-called "progressive" elites usually toast the eviscerators of religion in Hollywood and Manhattan.

Rather than condemn attacks on all religions as "reprehensible and disgusting," they usually honor the courage of the artist who put ants on Christ's crucifix, or sinks it in a vial of urine, or smears dung on an image of the Virgin Mary. As part of their arrogant dance on behalf of "artistic freedom," the cosmopolitans not only insist these artists are to be honored, but they demand and expect Christian taxpayers to subsidize them.

As a carpet-bagging candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in New York in 1999, Hillary Clinton was no Profile in Outrage.

After several days of silence after Chris Ofili's dung-smeared Virgin Mary hit the fan when it was displayed at the taxpayer-funded Brooklyn Museum, Mrs. Clinton announced, "Our feelings of being offended should not lead to the penalizing and shutting down of an entire museum."

Last year, the AP reported Mrs. Clinton attended a showing of "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway from the strenuously religion-bashing "South Park" creators, apparently without holding a press conference before or after the musical to declare "We condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."

Islamic exceptionalism really showed its ugly head when the elites started arguing in national newspapers that the video creator should be jailed. On September 13, USA Today put forward religion professor Anthea Butler to declare she wouldn't have jailed the makers of "The Last Temptation of Christ," but she would jail the anti-Muslim director because he "indirectly and inadvertently inflamed people half a world away, resulting in the deaths of U.S. Embassy personnel."

That's not only factually untrue, since we've learned the Libya attack had nothing to do with YouTube. It grants Muslim radicals a permit to jail any artist they feel has insulted Islam. And what of the millions of Christians insulted by that hideous Jesus movie?

Even so-called journalists have supported censorship. Sarah Chayes, NPR's past Paris Bureau Chief for six years, wrote in the Los Angeles Times on September 18 that his video was "not, arguably, free speech protected under the U.S. Constitution" because it inflames radicals half a world away. In her long experience in Afghanistan, she has seen Pakistani radicals use any "pretext" for riots — and she wants those "pretexts" removed from the Internet.

She calls the video "speech that is deliberately tailored to put lives and property at immediate risk." Like many Islamic exceptionalists, she claimed "heightened volatility" in the Mideast demands a crackdown: "such provocation is certainly irresponsible — and reveals an ironic alliance of convenience between Christian extremists and the Islamist extremists they claim to hate."

One satirist put this hyperbole in perspective. Fouad Ajami recounted a mock Twitter statement by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, presently butchering his Muslim subjects. "Wow, it's good that I've been killing women and children. It's good I've been shelling mosques," said the fake tweet. "Imagine what would have happened had I made an anti-Muslim video. They would have really come after me."

L. Brent Bozell III is the president of the Media Research Center. To find out more about Brent Bozell III, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at



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Sir;... Who in hell are these "enlightened" you refer to, and why in all my wide and extensive reading have I never heard such a statement made as in your opening predicate... If your life is one long fauning over the prejudice -which is ignorance, of your audience in order to insinuate something untrue about intelligent and good people; then you are doing well; but not doing good... Where do you come up with your nonsense??? If you are pulling that stuff out of your butt to make a point, be careful you don't get a hold of what is left of your diseased brain...
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:06 PM
You could see it in the media. Never condemn the perpetrators. Never point out that they could just watch something else. Never point out that an offensive movie is not nearly offensive as killing. Defend Muslims and their hate and murder and vilify cartoonists and movie makers. Keep sending them our money and make nice about the savages or you might make the president look like an idiot for helping them get their freedom for their oppressors. Instead we should be celebrating our freedom to express ourselves and condemn the ignorant intolerance of others freedoms.
Go Bless America
Comment: #2
Posted by: C Moellers
Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:38 AM
Re: C Moellers;... Go Bless America your self... Be a credit to us... Edufy yourself... Spell bind us with your wisdom...

Consider the Art of War... Not to say we are at war with Islam, but to be there in Dar Al'Islam is to invite conflict... And they are a martial religion...
As the Art of War has it, Sun-Tzu concluded his advice on preparation for offensives with this advice: Thus it is said that one who knows himself and knows the enemy will not be endangered in a hundred engagements... One who knows himself but does not know the enemy will some times be victorious and will some times meet defeat.. And one who know neither the enemy or himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement...

Sir, out of the ignorance of our leaders, and out of the ignorance of their supporters we have suffered defeat from Islam... They have grown strong on our weakness, and have been united by our division... The absolutely extreme expense of protracted engagement on ground of their choosing for which the prize of victory is only more war has broken us finacially, and has revealed our demoralization..

If you would only try to understand these people as perhaps no one from the west perfectly can, you would at least gain some respect of what Islam is to every single one of them, and understand with what distrust they view us, and how they see us truly as infidels killing the followers of the One God...

Since we share that God with them and the Jews, we might if we try, find some points of agreement between us, and I trust that we do have more in common with those people culturally than anyone else on the planet...Who has made us enemies???... Who has seen some profit in our being at odds with them???
I believe we can have peace with these people but it will not be on unilateral terms...Just as they accept their old time religion they accept the law and customs of it, and all our attempts to inject our foreign culture and laws into theirs will always be felt as an affront...

Discard for a moment your parochial notions of right and wrong... Consider that in regard to Christians and Jews, that Islam invented religious toleration... Consider that our notions of religious liberty have not served the purpose of self government, and that religious forces used to drag us into conflict with Islam does not make the religions bear any of the cost... Simply said: They can be used to start conflict when it is convenient to those who wish to profit from conflict, but they do not have to pay for it... Well, pay they should... Our churches are little more than republican politcal clubs...Their support for democracy ends when talk of theocracy begins... They conceive of themselves as morally superior and think the moral should run society, but they are neither moral nor fit to control society...They are just another special interest having the advantage of established dogma and a culture of self contentedness...And with a bunch of privilages others in society do not enjoy...They are a tax dodge... Churches have the enviable position in society of being to able act irresponsibly, and then avoiding responsibility for the consequences of their words and actions... No one can say that about Islam...

I am not at war with Islam... I firmly believe that giving religions such privilages as they were given in this land to gain their support for the constitution was a grave mistake, and for them to avoid taxation is unfair...But if we will not govern the denominations, they will govern us though they long ago ceased being a support for any positive social change...And, if you will consider my main point about war when engaged in with ignorance: What is your plan???
The Iroquois never left home without a plan... If we are going to make war on this large part of the world's population should we not consider it as a nation, since we will certainly all suffer it???The Natives considered well before going on the war path... Enough of being driven into ill considered war by religious nut heads mad with their own political power...Let's do war right, and all get on the same page of the Bible...I would especially like to have one of you slaves of Christ tell me where it says: Thou shall kill...
Comment: #3
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:14 AM
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