Creators Syndicate columnists pay tribute to Jack Kemp
Creators Syndicate mourns columnist, former congressman and Vice Presidential nominee Jack Kemp, who passed away on May 2, 2009. Paul Craig Roberts, who was an aide to Kemp in the '70s, is among the Creators
columnists and cartoonists to offer their memories of this outstanding citizen.

Paul Craig Roberts: Jack Kemp: American Hero
An excerpt:
"Jack French Kemp passed away on May 2 at 73 years of age. Kemp won many battles, but lost his fight with cancer. Kemp had an improbable career. A bottom-tier professional football pick (203rd) who was cut from five teams, Kemp became a seven-time all-star quarterback and led the Buffalo Bills to two league championships.
As a junior member of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, Kemp led a revolution in economic policy."

Mona Charen: Jack French Kemp, RIP

An excerpt:
"Jack Kemp was supposed to read this column. A dinner in his honor was scheduled for next week and I had timed the column to appear just prior. The last his friends had heard, he was improving. Now it's too late.
Jack Kemp was deserving of tribute in so many ways — as a leader, as a thinker, as a family man, and as a Christian (are you still allowed to say that?)."

Roger Simon: The Endlessness of Jack Kemp

An excerpt:
"Jack Kemp was a man of enthusiasms. He was passionate, erudite, articulate — and often endless.

Informed before the 1987 straw poll in Ames, Iowa, that he had to limit his remarks to 15 minutes, he complained: 'It takes me an hour and a half to watch "60 Minutes"!'"

Steve Breen:

Gary Varvel: