Slapstik Magazine interviews Randy Glasbergen
Times may be lean, but "Thin Lines" cartoonist Randy Glasbergen draws a healthy living as a freelance artist. With syndicated material appearing nationwide and deals brewing overseas, Glasbergen has managed to keep his plate full while satisfying his readers' appetite for comedy.

Slapstik magazine recently got the skinny on the "Thin Lines" cartoon and talked to Glasbergen about his life as a freelancer.

"The diet, health and fitness cartoons on my website have gotten a good reaction from readers, so I just kept doing more of them. Creators Syndicate saw them and asked me to create a special version for newspapers," said Glasbergen.

Glasbergen designs and writes the strips himself. "I work pretty much by myself," he said. He's been successfully working this way since the age of 15, when he started his freelance career with submissions to a variety of newspapers. He's continued drawing for a host of other clients throughout the years, enjoying the variety it brings.

"Every day is something new. As a freelancer, I work on cartoons for all sorts of projects. … A typical freelancer like myself works on a variety of projects like magazine cartoons, greeting cards, calendars, book illustrations, etc.," Glasbergen explained.

His most recent projects include scratcher cards for England's National Lottery and greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings. Tune in weekly for new releases of "Thin Lines."