Upcoming Chuck Norris column is already making news
His recent endorsement of former Arkansas Governer Mike Huckabee has brought his column to the attention of Newsweek, who cites it as one of the many areas through which Norris can influence the upcoming election:

"Now that the Gipper is gone and Charlton Heston is in his 80s," Howard Fineman writes in the forthcoming December 10th issue, "Norris has emerged as a dream celebrity 'get' on the Republican side: a half-Cherokee Oklahoman and born-again Christian conservative with a ranch in Texas, an eighth-degree black belt in karate, a syndicated column and a multigenerational movie, TV and Internet cult following."

The article also mentions the wildly popular YouTube video featuring the two men stating "HuckChuck facts" (and similar TV spots set to air soon in New Hampshire and South Carolina).

To read the column in which Norris announced his endorsement of Huckabee and three other sample columns, visit our Chuck Norris page. Check back often starting January 14th for more from the man who, according to, "has two speeds. Walk and kill."