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Trivia Bits for Apr 15, 2014 Hollywood, always looking for potential franchises with name recognition, has started looking to classic board games. Despite the fact that a version of "Clue" didn't exactly set the world on fire, Universal released a movie version of "Battleship." …Read more. Trivia Bits for Apr 14, 2014 One of the odder battles within World War II was the Winter War, which technically made Finland part of the Axis powers. Sort of. In 1939, when the Nazis and Soviets divided up Eastern Europe, the USSR got Finland. But it had to fight for it. The …Read more. Trivia Bits for Apr 12, 2014 Elevation Partners bought stakes in such startups as Yelp, Dropbox and Facebook, all of which were fantastic business decision that enriched the investors. One of the biggest investors is Bono, who named the group for one of U2's songs. This equity …Read more. Trivia Bits for Apr 11, 2014 Ah-one, ah-two! Lawrence Welk brought his "wunnerful, wunnerful" "champagne music" to TV viewers for decades, despite a slight German accent. Unsurprisingly, his show was sponsored by Geritol and a sleeping aid called Sominex. Resolutely not cool, …Read more.
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Trivia Bits for Apr 16, 2014


John Lennon's last live performance wasn't with the Beatles, or with Yoko Ono, but with Elton John. In 1974, he joined John on stage at Madison Square Garden to perform the song they co-wrote, "Whatever Gets You Through the Night." This was Lennon's only solo No.1 single in the United States during his lifetime, making him the last Beatle to hit No. 1 by himself. Elton John appears on the track and bet Lennon it would be No. 1. Since Lennon lost the bet, he appeared on stage with John.

What Irish writer gave us "War," which may well be the only play ever written about a pub trivia quiz?

A) Jimmy Cagney

B) Roddy Doyle

C) John C.


D) Chris O'Donnell

Previous answer: The Tide is High was Blondie's last No. 1.

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