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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Assuming that his sister is involved with someone new, Thomas isn't too pleased when he learns that Steffy has been spending time with Wyatt. Without revealing her secret, Quinn vows to Wyatt that she will do whatever …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip When Aiden was killed off on "Days of Our Lives" late last year, many fans were upset, not just because they liked the character; they also adored the actor, Daniel Cosgrove. Now Cosgrove is back at "Days." He will begin airing in the spring. The …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Q&A Q: Is it true that Michael Easton is returning to "General Hospital"? If so, I am so excited. I just loved him as any and all of the soap characters he played. — Alyson of Baton Rouge, La. A: Let the excitement begin! Easton played vampire …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip On "The Young and Restless," Jessica Collins' character, Avery Bailey, was a lawyer who defended the innocent and baked cupcakes in her spare time. In real life, the recent Daytime Emmy nominee also bakes cupcakes — and has a bun in the oven. …Read more.
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ALL MY CHILDREN: Cassandra pleads with Uri to save her life. Zach and Lea find footage of Cassandra being forced to strip and take drugs. Jesse, Zach and Billy Clyde discover where Cassandra is being held and prepare to set her free. Fearing he will not make the baseball team, A.J. considers taking steroids. When J.R. finds the drugs in A.J.'s backpack, he is furious. A.J. retorts that after his alcoholic past, J.R. has no right to lecture him. Cara goes to J.R. for help when she fears David will learn the child she had with David is alive. Continuing to enjoy their time together, Pete and Celia grow closer. Celia wants Pete to help her learn the identity of her guardian. Joe, still hating on David, says he will not let those feelings get in the way of David's going back on the staff if he deserves it. Pete is unhappy when he fears David's newest invention could hurt his own company.

SNEAK PEEK: Angie and Jesse's marriage is on the line.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Seeing Liam interacting with Will makes Steffy want to try even harder for another baby. Unwilling to be bullied any longer, Maya stands up to Bill's blackmail. As expected, Bill doesn't take lightly Maya not adhering to his demands. Rick is dumbfounded as to why Maya ended their relationship. Despite being rejected by Rick, Caroline is happy to finally have Maya out of the way. Knowing that her pregnancy will be showing soon, Brooke relinquishes her role as model for Brooke's Bedroom. The media are dismayed and curious about Brooke's decision. Bill begins to get suspicious of why Brooke suddenly backed out of modeling for Brooke's Bedroom. Brooke uses her feminine wiles in an attempt to convince Eric to going along with her plan to hide the true paternity of her child. Bill advises Liam to forgive Steffy and comply with his wedding vows. Taylor interrogates Eric about what he knows about Brooke's recent change in behavior. Brooke goes to great lengths to get Eric to agree to help her by recreating an important moment from their past. Eric sympathetically urges Brooke to open up to Bill and tell him the truth about her pregnancy. She begins to ponder his suggestion. Taylor presses Rick for information regarding Brooke's out-of-character actions. This conversation also piques Rick's suspicions about what is going on with Brooke. Katie and Bill share a fun-loving afternoon together with their son.

SNEAK PEEK: A babbling Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A desperate Kristen tries to win back Brady. Sami demands to know why no one was alerted to Jensen's release. Hope is forced to admit the role Ciara played in that debacle. Stefano is overcome with jealousy when he hears Kate talk about her feelings for Rafe. He later takes steps to seek revenge on her lover. Kate angrily accuses Sami and E.J. of stealing Mad World's secret formula. E.J. isn't pleased when he overhears Sami and Kate fight about Rafe. Stefan orders Bernardo to take care of Rafe. Gabi wonders if she can ever trust Nick. Eric still feels guilty because there has been a hold on his after-school project. Chad questions Abigail when she fails to mention their upcoming "non-date" to Cameron. Cameron and Chad throw down the gauntlet over Abigail. Daniel is suspicious of J.J. when his car is once again vandalized. Jennifer starts to suspect her son as well when Maggie mentions seeing J.J. in the hospital parking lot. Adrienne warns Sonny his future with Will may not be as easy as he thinks.

SNEAK PEEK: Marlena feels deserted.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: With Franco back, Sam wonders if he can help save Danny's life. Alexis, Molly, Rafe and Sam all prepare for the custody petition, and they're thrown when Diane arrives representing Silas Clay. Rafe testifies that he wants to remain in Port Charles with Sam, but Diane counters that Sam is an unfit guardian. Kiki snaps at Morgan when he makes fun of Michael behind his back. A.J. and Michael have a heart-to-heart about his past. Sam and Silas butt heads when he alleges her son is sick — a seeming indictment on her parenting. Privately, we see Sam is very concerned. Patrick does tests as Silas arrives to check on Danny. Rafe tells Molly to give up the ruse and reunite with her boyfriend. Britt wastes no time making Sabrina's life hell once she has moved in. Felix is shocked by the new roommate situation, but comes around when Kiki privately explains the plan to expose Britt. Felix adds another roommate to the mix: his younger sister, Taylor. Patrick makes plans for a date with Sabrina. Spinelli pretends to be Brad when he picks up Britt's phone call, as Ellie discovers a hidden medical file on Dr. Westbound on Brad's desk. Sonny and Carly discuss upcoming plans with Morgan, and they deny him a credit card. Morgan convinces Kiki to ask for money so they can move into their own apartment.

SNEAK PEEK: Sonny strikes.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jeffrey warns Matthew that one day he will want to be a part of his son's life and his son will reject him. Dani wonders why Jeffrey continues to send and receive mail from Winter Haven. David tries to support Dorian, but he is unhappy with her constant input on his latest reality show. Viki tells Clint he must back off on his suggestions of how to run the Banner. Just because he gave her money does not mean he can run her newspaper.

Clint reminds her that the paper was successful when he ran it. Still in love with McCain, Natalie tells Viki she is uncertain she can have a life without him. Cutter has eyes for Natalie, and Dusky only has eyes for Cutter. The 20-year-old Dusky causes problems when she tries to sneak drinks from the club. Blair fears that Jack is becoming introverted like Victor. Jack tells Tea he is going to find out why Victor left. Tea fears it could be dangerous. Blair tries to warn Todd he is pushing away his family.

SNEAK PEEK: Natalie fights back.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Billy asks why Traci has been spending so much time in Genoa City and why she isn't heading back to New York. Michael tells Paul that he wants to divorce Lauren, but he's afraid of the repercussions it will have on Fen. Michael tells Lauren he'll have divorce papers drawn up. Lauren wants Michael to give her 30 days to try to make amends. Carmine tries to convince Fen that his parents should separate and that he thinks his parents may be hiding something from him. Michael is moving because Lauren cheated on him with Carmine. Carmine goes to see Lauren at her apartment. Lauren tells Carmine that whatever they had is over, as her heart will always be with Michael. Adam confesses to Victor that he thinks Chelsea's baby might be his — and he's going to find out the truth. Avery accuses Adam of pushing her toward Dylan so he can get Chelsea back. When Avery leaves, Chelsea comes to Adam's and tells him she knows he paid off the fortuneteller. Chelsea tells Chloe that she is falling in love with Dylan. Chloe gets upset at Kevin when he asks Dylan for an unreasonable amount of money for Crimson Lights. Kevin tells Alex that he is hot on the trail of whoever is posting Neil's journal online. Tyler and Noah agree to become roommates. Cane tells Lily that he's in Chicago, but he secretly stays in town to plan a surprise party for her. Neil, Leslie, Devon and Roxy help Cane prepare for the surprise party. After Lily ends up having dinner with Tyler and drinking too much wine, he brings her home, and she's stunned to find her family waiting for her at her party. Lily apologizes to Cane for missing part of her surprise party, but she had no idea what he was planning, since he told her he was out of town.

SNEAK PEEK: Nick learns the truth.


Emmy Award-winning Mariska Hargitay (Olivia on "Law and Order: SVU") has just signed up for her 15th season.

Terms of her new contract have not been released. Prior to this negation, she was making half million dollars per episode.

Hargitay's husband is Peter Hermann, whom she met when he made a guest appearance on "SVU." Hermann's first major television role was as Dr. Michael Burke on "Guiding Light." Hermann, who was born in Germany, came to the United States when he was 10. "I was riding with my parents in a cab after landing at JFK airport. We passed all these cemeteries. I asked my parents, 'Is everyone in America dead?'"


While "Smash" may have been canceled, the careers of the show's stars are far from shattered. Katharine McPhee (Karen) and Jeremy Jordan (Jimmy) are headed to the movies.

McPhee, an "American Idol" runner-up, is going to star in the latest Dennis Lehane project. The adaption of Lehane's book "Mystic River" won Oscars for Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.

Jordan will star opposite Anna Kendrick in the from-stage-to-screen production of "The Last Five Years."

Megan Hilty (Ivy) is doing a reading of "Can Can." Chris Borle (Tom) takes on eight characters in the Neil Simon musical version of "Little Me" at Lincoln Center. Debra Messing's (Julia) CBS comedy pilot may be a midseason replacement. Leslie Odom Jr. (Sam) will star in the Public Theater's hip-hop musical, "Venice."

Other "Smash" stars are busy picking up their career pieces.


Neil Patrick Harris returns to host the prime time Emmys. The show is slated to air live from Los Angeles on Sept. 22 on CBS. Harris last hosted the show in 2009.

SMASH: Learning she is pregnant by player Derek, Ivy does not think he is father material. Ana plans to sue Derek for her losing the lead in "Hit List," and his giving it to Daisy in exchange for her sleeping with him. Derek makes the lawsuit go away when he lands Ana the lead in a major touring production. Derek has a change of heart when he tells the press he had to hire Daisy for the lead of "Hit List" because she was going to file for sexual harassment. Ivy's raging pregnancy hormones have made her impossible to work with, causing her friends and cast-mates to wonder if she has started popping pills. Realizing she is pregnant, Sam tells her Derek has the right to know. Tom's desire to win a Tony has made him insufferable. When the Tony nominees are tallied, "Bomb Shell" gets 12 and "Hit List" garners 13. Eileen is surprised when she learns Nick has been released from prison. Discovering Nick has taken a job as a short-order cook, Eileen finds him and asks him to be her date to the Tonys. Frank, furious that Julia has hired a high-priced lawyer to help her with their divorce, says he is going to take her for everything she has. Frank calms down when Julia tells him she knew Michael years before they met. She reveals they did not sleep together then, but all through their marriage she wondered what it would have been like. She says she loves Frank, but not in the right way. Julia and Tom are offered a chance to write a movie musical. Jimmy reveals his secret to Karen: Five years ago, he was doing drugs at a party. The girl he was with appeared to overdose. Instead of getting helped, he walked away. Tired of running from his past, Jimmy went to the police and turned himself in. He learned the girl had not died. He is going to serve at least six month in prison for drug dealing, however. Jimmy and Karen share a kiss before he leaves. Ivy's mother is thrilled when Ivy wins best actress in a musical. After the show, Ivy and Derek snuggle after she tells him she is pregnant.

SNEAK PEEK: The final curtain.

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