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Gossip Over the years, I have professed my love for True Crime. That was long before the world went Bobby Durst. Yes, you must watch HBO's "Jinxed." Not just for the startling end. From the beginning to the end, to everything in-between, it is a …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Having helped her through an emotionally difficult time, Brooke thanks Deacon for being there for her and then apologizes for treating him so poorly throughout the years. Quinn is proud of Deacon for assisting a friend in need, …Read more. Q&A Q. What is March madness? Why is it interrupting my CBS soaps? — Marlene, Prove, Utah. A. March madness is a college basketball event that brings the rich, the powerful and regular blokes to their knees. Since his first year in office, …Read more. Q&A Q. I always DVR "Bold and Beautiful." This week my DVR did not work. My cousin told me I missed a major reveal on Wednesday. She will not say what it is. Can you help me? — Sara, Reno, Nevada. A. Hope you weren't kissing cousins, since there …Read more.
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BOLD AND BEAUTFIUL: Bill interrogates Liam about his evening with Hope and learns that it wasn't the monumental and mind-blowing experience that was expected. Hope reveals a shocking confession to Brooke about her night with Liam. Brooke makes a helpful suggestion to Hope about how to cope with the way that she is feeling. Hope meets Dr. Stacy Barton for the first time to help her with the issues that she is having regarding being intimate with Liam. After much discussion, Dr. Barton gets Hope to reveal the true root of her feelings toward sex. Bill warns Liam that if he stays with Hope, he will have many more unfulfilling nights with her. Steffy picks up the vibe from Liam that his night with Hope didn't quite go as well as he had hoped.

SNEAK PEEK: Divorced couples remarry.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady and Madison celebrate their reunion. Kate warns Ian she's going to bide her time and then come down on all three who were involved in sabotaging her: Sami, Madison and Brady. Ian tells Kate to feel free to stomp all over Sami — but she is not to go after Madison and Brady. Kate stands her ground, but Ian reminds her what happened the last time she crossed him — and his ominous comment gives Kate pause. He later visits Madison after Brady has left. She tries to stand up to him and demands a divorce. He says she's free to do as she wishes, but she should remember that actions come with consequences. Carrie, Austin, Melanie and Abigail run into each other at the Green Mountain Lodge. Austin and Melanie know it's more than just a coincidence. The tension is high. When Austin finally gets a moment alone with Abigail, he demands to know what's going on. Abigail insists she's here because she loves Austin, but he tells her he's here to reconnect with his wife. Bo and Roman get jumped by a group of thugs. Roman is all right. Bo is in a coma. Hope finds out that John is an agent for the ISA, and she demands that he let her help so that they can leave Alamainia and return home to their families. John and Hope come face-to-face with Stefano. They accuse him of killing the ISA agent. Stefano balks at this. He insists he's in Alamainia on business, but John and Hope both think he's there to spy on them and make it harder for them to get a divorce. Stefano reminds them how much they were in love when they were the "pawn" and Princess Gina. Daniel and Jennifer agree to remain friends. Kate introduces Gabi and Chad to the new co-CEO of Countess Wilhelmina: her daughter, Billie Reed.

SNEAK PEEK: Carrie tells Rafe she loves him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL After a major accident, Starr gets an unexpected visitor at her hospital bed: Todd Manning! Blair has a moment with Todd. Michael and Blair try in vain to help Starr. Todd gets acquainted with Carly. Todd learns that Sonny is Carly's ex-husband and confronts Sonny. Starr confronts Michael. Alexis, Dante and Michael worry for Sonny's future.

Maxie comes close to revealing a secret to Lulu. Robert convinces Anna he has an important task at hand. Dante and Delores run a ballistic report on the gun he found in Kate's office. Dante questions Sonny. Determined to prove Lulu and Delores that he can be objective, Dante questions Kate about an open case. Lulu discovers that photo evidence has disappeared. Dante arrives back at PCPD to find Lulu accusing Delores of taking the missing evidence. Maxie has a flashback of her visit to Robin in the lab just prior to the explosion that killed Robin. Sonny confronts Carly on her relationship with Johnny. Holly pleads with Ethan to avoid finding Helena. There are more questions than answers for Johnny regarding Kate and Carly. After being denied access to Jason, Carly takes out her frustration on Alexis. Alexis is more concerned about how Carly's relationship with Jonny will affect Sonny. Carly poses as a nurse in an attempt to see Jason, but she is busted by a staff member. Ewen drops by Crimson to offer Kate help. Over Maggie's protests, Steve insists Olivia deserves to know the truth.

SNEAK PEEK: John McBain comes to town.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Sharon is stunned as Paul tells her that Adam helped Patty escape from the mental institution. She's skeptical, but Paul gives her the details of Adam's actions. He warns Sharon to protect herself from Adam. Adam admits his guilt to Sharon, but he says that he's committed to making up for his wrongs. He begs her to stay with him. Sharon says that he can't make up for condemning Jack to a life in a wheelchair and says she fears that he'll hurt Faith. Nick arrives, and she informs him about Adam's actions. She tells Adam that it's over between them and exits. Nick comforts Sharon, as she admits that she still loves Adam but that she loves Faith more. Phyllis enters just in time to see him pull Sharon into an embrace. Phyllis is overjoyed when Daniel informs her that he plans to fight for custody of his daughter. Daniel tells his mother that Avery helped convince him to change his mind. Phyllis informs Avery that she knows she helped with Daniel and thanks her for trying to make things right. Daniel runs into Daisy, who offers to let him hold Lucy. She says that she's not angry that he's fighting for custody and suggests they should raise their daughter together. Shocked, Daniel tells her that she's crazy and that will never happen. While in the elevator of her apartment building, Lauren is shocked when Daisy enters with Lucy in a stroller. She accuses Daisy of stalking her, but Daisy says that she now lives in the building. Lauren orders Daisy to stay away from her and her family. Jack is surprised when Genevieve brings him a humorous gift and tells him that she still loves him. She begs his forgiveness for buying Beauty of Nature from him; however, Jack is unable to forgive her betrayal. He tells her that he's done with her. Jack meets with Avery and informs her that he plans to sue his ex-fiancee. Avery says that she thinks his case is winnable, and Jack agrees to hire her as his attorney. At the Dallas hospital, the surgeon informs Neil, Tucker and Harmony that Devon is in recovery. Devon wakes up but is unable to hear. Neil uses sign language to tell him that the surgery went perfectly.

SNEAK PEEK: Victor helps Adam.

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