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Lots of times, journalism is not about the big tip, it is about connecting the dots. Lately, it is more about that in the world of daytime drama. Shows are all about tune-into-tomorrow, but they do not want to give anything away.

The latest “hmm, what does this mean” happened at Prospect Park's red carpet affair for the reboot of “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.” It seemed odd that Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde on “AMC”) and Michael Nader (Dimitri on “AMC”) were at the party. Trust me, most actors did not attend show parties unless they are ordered to make a command performance -- i.e., “you will attend and you will have fun.” Some pressies talked about these former “AMC” fan favorites and thought, “These two have to be coming back.” And they are. Cowles and Nader are back home in Pine Valley.

I want to share a story about Cowles. With that statue of limitations long gone, it now can be told. Cowles, Ruth Warrick (Phoebe on “AMC”) and I were doing a soap show in Pittsburgh. The radio station used a Volkswagen that was made to look like a bee. It was yellow and black and had bug eyes and antennae. Out of nowhere, Warrick pulls out a marijuana cigarette and offers us a toke. I never liked the stuff. I said no. I just kept thinking, we are in this car that screams, “Look at me,” and hash is being passed around.

All I could think was: “The police are going to stop us, smell the weed, and we are all going to jail. No one is going to believe I wasn't smoking.” We were not stopped. I think Cowles and Warrick took two tokes, and that was it.

I know I am a total wuss. But at the time, smoking pot often meant jail time.


With the news that Prospect Park is going to air two episodes of “AMC” and “OLTL” twice a week each instead four days of new episodes and a shared Friday recap for both shows, that does not mean that the shows are doomed. PP looked at the numbers and decided that was the way to ensure longevity.

For now, we will accept what the company is saying. “AMC” wraps up this five-week cycle of shooting -- “OLTL” starts next week. On Thursday, “AMC's” shoot went until 5 a.m.

In their first three weeks of airing, the shows and stories are terrific. I wish they would say where Tad is. The first week, they were talking like he had died. He is not. He is on assignment -- whatever that means.


Darin Brooks, who won a younger actor award when he played Max on “Days of our Lives,” heads to “Bold and Beautiful.” Slated to debut in mid-June, Brooks will play Wyatt, a love interest for Hope.


This week, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) said she was exiting “B&B.” It appeared that after four weeks of negotiations, the producers and the actor agreed to disagree. The folks at “B&B” say the talks are ongoing.

Years ago, actors would call the press and say they were leaving. Fans would be horrified and beg the show to keep their favorite on the show. After a while, most journalists were onto the trick and did not want to be working as the actor's agent. Now, we have Twitter and Facebook. Smart or not, the actors use these tools to rile up the fans.

Nothing against Tylo, but I find Taylor to be the most manipulative, irritating character on daytime. That covers a lot of territory.

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I saw on one of your Friday shows how time consuming and laborious it was to change up the sets for the two different sets. This has to also be quite costly. Perhaps you could shoot four of one show then change things up to shoot four episodes of the other. This could lower your labor costs to enable you to go back to four days instead of just the two per week that I sadly read you are planning. I and others have signed up to Huluplus strictly for All My Children and want more not less opportunities to see new episodes. Thanks for bringing it back for us, the long time loyal fans.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Leslie Diane Smith
Mon May 20, 2013 3:17 AM
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