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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip Looks like there will be at least 365 "Days of Our Lives" and maybe 365 more after that. NBC has decided to pick up the soap, which has aired for half a century. They have also agreed to an option for next year. The negotiations were down to the …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- QA Q: "What is an Oscar swag bag?" — Lenore of Pepper Pike, Ohio A: It is a goodie bag given to every Oscar nominee. This year's bag is worth $225,000. So, whether or not they get their Oscars, everybody is a winner. Here is a list of the bounty …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Quinn is quick to cover as Liam begins asking a number of questions about his past. Quinn reveals to Liam she was abused by her mother. Claiming she has been getting harassing phone calls, Quinn gets Liam to record a …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Assuming that his sister is involved with someone new, Thomas isn't too pleased when he learns that Steffy has been spending time with Wyatt. Without revealing her secret, Quinn vows to Wyatt that she will do whatever …Read more.
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Lynda Hirsch on Soaps -- Gossip


Here is an update on "All My Children's" move from to New York to Los Angeles. By next year, the move will be complete. Actors have until Labor Day to decide if they plan to make the move. Michael E. Knight (Tad) is the latest to agree to head west. There is no cabal of actors threatening to stop the move. The actors who are still in the not-sure mode (Susan Lucci, David Canary, Thorsten Kaye and others) have a big choice to make. Anyone who has ever moved cross-town knows what a pain it can be. Imagine moving cross-country. This column will keep you posted on who is making the move and who will stay put. Those who move will be given some monetary help with expenses.

Speaking of staying put, Kelly Monaco is not exiting the role of Sam on "General Hospital." The actress is pleased to announce she has decided to stay. "GH" viewers who wanted Sam and Jason (Steve Burton) to reunite are getting their wish. The scenes that have aired on the show this week accent the chemistry this duo has. Monaco and Burton would have chemistry with a sack of salt. When two powerhouse actors come together, it is exciting to watch. In the past two weeks, "GH" seems to have gotten back on track.

I am not keen on Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) as doctors/murder solvers. Again, a testament to the portrayers — they are making it work. It helps that Patrick is skeptical. Those viewers who know the Robin character know she is hard to say no to. That girl does not give up easily.

Next to Sam and Jason, the best couple on the air this week was Molly (Haley Alexis Pullos) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).

The pre-teen actress is a natural. What is so great is that the writers do not have the ever-verbose and always-grammatically-correct Nikolas talking down to her or dumbing up because she is young.

I have said this for years: "GH" is like a relative. You love it to death. It vexes you. You swear you will never pay any attention to it. Then it does something that makes you remember why you loved it in the first place. If anyone has turned the show off in the past few months, please go back to see it literally getting back to basics.

This week "GH" has been like a family reunion. The show has Mike, Diane, Monica and Edward in action. Sonny was his old irritating self by going mucho macho on Jax. Spinelli (Brad Anderson) was endearing not irritating. Mac (John J. York) was great in his blustery, protective-father mode.

The only not-so-sure note is Rebecca (Natalia Livingston). The scenes in which the character whines because she had to go to junior college to get her job as an X-ray tech did not play well. Most people have to study and work hard to get a job. How is anyone going to feel sorry for her because she had to pay for schooling? Yes, some do have tuition paid for. More often, loans are taken out and summer jobs are taken. I did it. Most of my friends did.

Next week brings the return of Luke (Tony Geary) and Helena Cassadine (Connie Towers). The return will give a plausible explanation for Luke's absence. With Nikolas going to the dark Cassadine side, you can bet Helena will hold the door open for him.

To cast or not to cast is a question at "Young and Restless." No, not a character. Christian Jules Leblanc (Michael) broke his wrist. Producers are wondering if they should hide it or show the cast and write it into the story line.

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Sorry Linda... Jason & Sam (Steve & Kelly) have ZERO chemistry. I never wanted to see this pairing see the light of day again. I hate the pairing. She is worthless as tits on a boar hog. She cant carry a story alone & has a high rate of all her stories being dropped, if you dont believe me.. check her history. Steve is constantly saving her. In the past 10 months... they have been in situational scene after situation scene. There was NOT once a sign of love or connection. All of a sudden we are suppose to believe they are turtle doves.. sorry.. not buying what you are sellng or what GH is selling... that ship sailed nearly 3 years ago.
That nut case has entertained so many lines of occupation on that show.. I havent a clue as to who she is... she started out as a boat pilot/salvage, she attempted waitressing, file clerk for not one but 3 places (ELQ & the hospital & PCPD all literally a day or so but not more than a month), lets not forget the Everyday Hero.. when she saved... uh.. NOT ONE PERSON, Front desk clerk at the hotel, & she lived off countless men (many of whom reside in PC). There are countless others... that at this moment I cant remember... again.. check history.. you will get the drift. That nut even thinks she has the capability of performing an autopsy to get a freaking poison ball out. She got a PI license without even finishing a GED. She does nothing but fall from tall buildings nearly naked as this notorious PI .... right into Jasons arms... (yeah like I said situational). Paul Williams, Y&R or Tad Martin, AMC she wishes.
So again.. check your stuff she isnt all that & a bag of chips. If the actress left tomorrow.. the character wouldnt be missed... I know what you are thinking.. I had a lot to say.. so I would miss her.. trust me when I say.. Hell to the NO I wouldnt. General Hospital has a big fat mess to clean up.. starting with crappy actresses taking over the show... out with those sucky people... rebuild.. they can do it.. just like Y&R & Days did. Anywhoooooooo... I am audie. See ya.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Shannon
Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:17 PM
I am not a fan of Jason and Sam at all well not as a pairing. I do not want GH to bring this pairing back. I do not think that there is a story there. Jasam was known to be the dynamic duo and that was it, shoot'em up bang, bang. GH has spent the last 10 months trying to redeem Sam, for me the redemption of Sam was the destruction of Jason Morgan. Jason becoming a father to me made him move past that or should have. GH has posted some of it worst numbers ever since Sam was put back in Jason's orbit.
I do not see any attraction with this pairing because of what it has done to Jason's character. Sam's actions during Jake's kidnapping should have kept these two apart for a long time. GH never has address Sam's part in hiring gunmen to terrorize Liz and her kids so that Liz would not move on with Jason. Nope sorry, but Jasam is not the great love story for me and should not be for any women. Their reunion to me is contrived and forced. I am anxious to see if they will help GH stop the bleeding. GH has lost thousand of fans since they decide to put Kelly front and center starting Nov 2008 trying to redeem her character for this reunion.
Comment: #2
Posted by: della
Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:32 PM
Seriously are you watching the same GH I am youtubing???? This show is BORRRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG. Jason and Sam do not have chemistry. Sam is the most pimped character on the show...why is that - well because the character is pointless, brainless, useless and if not on the canvas the stories would flow better as she doesn't have to be propped up by everyone. Sam can't find her way out of a paperbag with out help. Sorry but that is the truth. Rating are still awful. Just so you know 1.9 overall is not good. I love to see Mac, Edward, Monica, Daine, Alexis but the little we see of them is just not enough for me. Also these stories are so slow building we go days without a hint of the murder mystery and Robin. The Jason and Sam chasing after the kids nonscence too could have been told faster. Better yet why isn't Sonny, Carly, Jax and Alexis going after there children. Spinelli is annoying and has been for a long time. The only high light I will give GH is the actors that play the characters, but even some of the actors seem boried, annoyed, and down right lazy in their scenes. GH is far away from being the great soap it was. At this point I hope they can dig themselves out, but that doesn't look like it is going to happen. Maybe if they wrapped up untold story lines, or stopped having mob central, or stopped telling stories that make women look trashy and skanky or you get my point they need to stop the awfulness of GH which is plentiful and sad. I am a 25 year watcher and no longer rush home to watch, no longer record on my DVR and watch over and over, heck I go days without thinking about it. GH is doing nothing but disappointing fans and leading itself to a cancelation date.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Tracy
Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:00 PM
I have never been a fan of Sam and Jason and quite frankly think there is zero chemistry between Steve and Kelly. Jasam first time around was so out of character for Jason he doesn't sleep with Sonny's women that's Sonny's MO. Plus I found Jasam such a huge snoozefest it made other poorly written stories look like pulitzer prizes winners. This time around is even more of a joke. Considering everything Sam has done in the last two years, and yes I'm obviously one of the few with a memory that doesn't buy the whitewashing and history re-writes forced on me by Frons and Co in order to prop Sam as a good girl. Jasam this go around only turns Jason into the most unrootable character in Daytime Soap history. Sad for me as a Jason/Steveff. Why can Sonny get new women ad nauseum, but jason keeps getting stuck with Sam? A woman whose characater, past and morals make it impossible for him EVER to be around his son. It's a joke and I can't be trained. I read Linda's article, obviously she can be trained or bought not sure which it is...but it's obvious she has no interest in the Jason character just Sam. I can't wait for ratings to come out
Comment: #4
Posted by: Anne
Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:02 PM
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