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Soap Opera Summary "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Quinn holds a gun on Deacon to make him believe she did not kill Ricardo. She attempts to get him to agree to join forces with her to achieve a similar goal. Bill has a heart-to-heart talk with Liam, telling him that Hope is …Read more. Q and A Q Why do I keep seeing famous people throwing buckets of ice over their heads? — Chelsea, Roanoke, Virginia A. Since July 29, actors, singers, sports stars, politicians and maybe even your next-door neighbor have tossed shards of frozen water …Read more. Gossip Talk about trying to destroy a character. On Aug. 28, "Bold and Beautiful's" Wyatt disparages animal lovers and gets punched out by Bob Barker. Yes, that Bob Barker. The 90-year-old former host of "Price is Right" mixes it up with Hope's new husband.…Read more. Q and A Q. I was sad to learn that the actor who played Carl on "Another World" died last week. Can you share any memories of him? — Loretta, Akron, Ohio. A. Yes! All of them are fond. Charles Keating, who died following a long struggle with cancer, …Read more.
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It's about time we received some good news for soap viewers. Brian Frons' plot to kill all things soap may not be the winning strategy he thought it would be. SOAPnet will change its name to Disney Junior, but for the forcible future, it will feature same-day repeats of the soaps. Cable channels choose which stations to put on their viewing list. SoapNet is unique — another cartoon network, not so much. Here is an official statement from ABC:

"Yes, it's true that ABC Family has been given the opportunity to work with SOAPnet during the transition of the channel to Disney Junior," a spokesperson told Soaps in Depth. "There are some great programming opportunities and numerous cable operation protocols/systems between the two groups that make this a smart move."

"We've always viewed the launch of Disney Junior as a transition, not a flip of the switch," says the new cable channel's camp. "As such, SOAPnet will remain available for an undetermined period of time as additional carriage deals for Disney Junior are finalized with distributors."


I live 20 minutes from the Chardon, Ohio, school where six students were shot and three died. There is no word as to why the teen shot these students. Nobody has said if it was bullying or drugs.

High school is never easy. Ask Lady Gaga. "General Hospital's" head writer, Ron Carlivati, and Producer Frank Valentini are doing a beautiful storyline about Alexis' daughter, Molly. Molly is smart, she loves books, and she can do math. Of course, this makes her unpopular. Why? I don't know. Molly is also pretty and fun and loves to giggle. One thing is for sure: IF Molly can make it through high school, she will be just fine.

Valentini and Carlivati are making an interesting teen story line. Kudos.


The sudden death of passionate conservative Andrew Breitbart, 43, has a soap opera connection. Orson Bean's daughter Susannah by his second wife, Carolyn Maxwell, was married to Breitbart.

Bean's present wife is Alley Mills, who plays "Bold and Beautiful's" Pam.


Next to his children, the thing Jack Wagner (Frisco on "General Hospital" and Nick on "Bold and Beautiful") loves most of all is to play golf. Wager plays against pros and wins all the time and has a great golf swing. Hopefully he can swing maracas, too, as he is going to be one of the contestants on "Dancing With the Stars." In fact, it would be good if he could swing everything. The judges on "Dancing With the Stars" do not like dancers who are too rigid.

The stars began rehearsing Feb. 29. Reports say that they are already black and blue, ice packing and dancing out their hearts.


Sadly, the wife of John Enos (Bobby on "Young and Restless") passed away after a lengthy illness. Jennie Lee and Enos wed in 2005. The actor played the mobbed-up character from 2003 to 2006. Enos was also seen as Mr. Too Big on "Sex in the City" and appeared in the film "Phone Booth" with Colin Farrell.


Just what "Y&R" needs: another character. Seems like the character-packed soap is looking for another good looking actor (does "Y&R" have any other kind?) for the role of Max, who is 20. Rumor has it that the character of Max has already been on the "Y&R" canvas — with a different name, of course.


While "Y&R" is beefing up its cast, "GH" is cutting back. The character Karen, played by Kodi Kitchen, has been let go. The show will reveal the big secret that Karen and her former lover Steve (Scott Reeves) are hiding. Also going are Ethan (Nathan Parsons), Cassandra, (Eric Cahill) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin). Of course, Valentini and Carlivati are not responsible for these exits. Nathan and Cassandra were already going to be off the canvas. McCullough left the show to concentrate on her directing career.

The axing of Karen and many more characters to come was Valentini's call, though. He has often said the hardest part about being a producer is having to release actors.

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