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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip All right — I was wrong. Will was the next victim of the Necktie Killer on "Days of Our Lives." Since he was ever the investigative reporter, he started to snoop, and Ben, the killer, caught him. I still think Gabi is going to be killed, too. …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- QA Q: Which is your favorite daytime soap opera? Melanie, of Santa Clara, Calif. A: In the words of "Ryan's Hope" matriarch Maeve Ryan when asked about her favorite child: "Each one is my favorite — for different reasons." I feel the same way …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip Great news for fans of "The Young and the Relentless" characters Devon and Hilary. Mishael Morgan (Hilary), who welcomed her new son Niam on Aug. 9, says, "Someone's back in Genoa City! Thx everyone 4 being so patient, now it's time to resurrect Hil …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- QA Q: I am thrilled that Michael E. Knight (who formerly played Tad on "All My Children") is going to be on "The Young and the Restless." Why is he returning to daytime? — Leticia of Austin, Tex. A: He loves to work and appreciates the medium. …Read more.
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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries


"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy chides Thomas for punching their father and insists that he apologize to Ridge for his bad behavior. Ridge will not accept Thomas' apology. Thomas is stunned when Ridge says he is sending him to Paris. At wits' end over her failed attempt to get her job back, Ivy turns to the one person she knows can help her, Eric. Eric sets Liam and Wyatt straight about keeping important business matters, especially when it concerns his family members, from him. Ivy is uneasy when Steffy says she can model for the company, but it will be as a lingerie model. Liam is honest about his disapproval when Steffy reveals what she has planned for Ivy. Well aware that Ivy is uncomfortable with her new position within the company, Wyatt gives her the encouragement that she needs to follow through with her task. Zende hints to Nicole that he would like to take their relationship to the next level. Ridge is stunned when Caroline reveals she slept with Thomas and she is pregnant. As he is sterile, Ridge knows he cannot be the father. Ridge does not want Thomas to know he is the father. Brooke, aware that Ridge is sterile, is surprised when she learns Caroline is pregnant.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Brady and Theresa bond over growing up with parents who were in the ISA. JJ tells Roman that Clyde killed Kyle to keep Kyle from revealing Clyde was a drug kingpin. Clyde confronts JJ, and says he better keep his mouth shut or Clyde will permanently shut it for him. JJ convinces Clyde to let him be his No. 2 man in the drug business. JJ rescues Gabi when a man mistakes her for a prostitute. Abigail does not believe Chad when he says Clyde is the necktie killer. Abigail almost discovers the red necktie. Given the serum by Dr. Salinas, Caroline shows improvement. Victor is heartbroken when Steve returns and says Bo is dead. Meanwhile Bo breaks away from his captors and prepares to head for Salem. With Chad on the run, Eduardo offers $100,000 to anyone who can find the man he is certain killed Paige.

Eve is furious when Jenn and JJ attend Paige's funeral. A devastated Eve envisions Paige telling her not to be bitter for the rest of her life. Paige also says she forgives Eve for sleeping with JJ — now Eve must forgive herself. An unhinged Sami returns to Salem.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": A paralyzed Sonny tells Carly he will not marry her until he can walk. Carly insists he will not be a burden. Sonny implodes when he learns Ava has temporary custody of Avery. Sabrina thinks she is pregnant. Hayden overhears Laura and Nikolas talk about Jake's identity. Hurt that Laura thinks he shot Hayden, Nikolas tells her it was a mob hit. Emma fears Danny's father will show up and halt Sam and Patrick's marriage. Listening to Sam, Jake decides to uncover his past before wedding Liz. Paul assures Tracy and Dillon he will end crime in Port Charles. Nina balks when Franco suggests that he, Nina and Kiki should live together. Dante tells Lulu he wants have another child. Olivia, fearing that Julian will take her baby, continues to say the baby died. Tracy does not want Michael to go into the family business.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": The revelation that Gabe is really Adam sends shock waves through Genoa. With Newman Enterprise going broke, Adam tells Victor he cannot stop the computer virus; he has tried. Nick is outraged when he learns Sage has known Adam's identity all along. Billy confronts Adam, who swears he did not know he struck Delia. When Kevin wants to kill Adam, Mariah talks him down and says Adam is not worth it. In the park with Adam, Sage goes into labor. With Adam's help Sage gives birth to a baby boy. Sage is rushed into surgery, while the premature baby goes to the ICU. Nick tells Sage they have a beautiful baby boy. The doctor tells Nick that Sage should hold the baby in case he does not make it. Nick holds Sage's hand and tells her Noah was a preemie. Devon gets a ransom note for Hilary's return. Lauren is unhappy when she learns Michael offered to represent Adam. Adam says he is pleading guilty and deserves what he gets. Adam refuses to reveal that Billy shot him after he knew Adam struck and killed Delia.


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