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Q and A Q. The other day on "General Hospital," Sonny mentioned Fluke may be Luke's identical-looking cousin, Bill Eckhert. "Who?" — Samantha of West Caldwell, New Jersey. A. If Patty Lane (aka Patty Duke) can have an identical cousin, why not Luke? …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Liam and Katie think Bill has promoted them to re-win Katie. Both decide that whatever the reason, they deserve the promotions and accept. Aly is crushed when Rick will not let her design a shoe line for Forrester. Recalling …Read more. Gossip After almost 15 years in daytime, Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr "One Life to Live" and about-to-be-ex Kiki on "General Hospital") has decided to leave the world of soaps — for now. In 1998, Alderson came to "OLTL" to play the almost unbearable …Read more. Q and A Q. I watched the Golden Globe Awards last week. What are these entertainment awards about, and why are they so important? — Laverne of Port Huron, Ohio A. Before I give you the background on the "Globes," I want to point out that this year's …Read more.
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The bus that has been named the "General Hospital"/"Young and Restless" express is continuing its run. "The Young and the Restless" actor Hayley Erin (ex-Abby) will assume the role of Kiki left by Kristen Alderson. Erin played the role of Abby Newman, daughter of Victor and Ashley, from 2008-2010. She was replaced by Emme Rylan, currently playing Lulu Spencer Falconeri on "GH." Alderson's last airdate will be in late February. The actress became an ABC soap star at age 6, when she joined "One Life to Live" as Starr Manning. The actress took on the role of Kiki at "GH" two years ago. Alderson decided after 20-plus years at the alphabet network that she wanted to try other things — from singing to different acting gigs. As for the character of Kiki, she is raising her baby sister Avery, while their mother Ava is in prison for murdering AJ. AJ was Michael's bio dad. For the past few years Kiki was dating Michael. Before Michael she was married to Michael's brother Morgan. Having broken up with Michael, Kiki is renewing her relationship with Morgan. Morgan, who dated her mom was thought to be Avery's dad. In fact, Morgan's dad Sonny is the infant's father. Say what? This why I try not to do soap opera backstory. If you think you and I are confused, imagine how the actors feel.

The Chuck Pratt Jr. head-writing era has begun at "Y&R." As promised, the characters and storylines are multilayered and interconnected. It was obvious he was going to bring Jack's son Kyle back to the show. Here we go with backstory. Kyle was raised by his mother, Diane. Diane (last played by Maura West, now Ava at "GH") was killed in self-defense by Nikki, who was married to Jack.

Kyle and Summer fell in love. Then it appeared Jack was Summer's father. Kyle and Summer stopped the relationship before it began. Summer married Austin — a one-time sinner who became saintly. Summer learned she and Kyle were not brother and sister. When phone calls started coming to Summer from Kyle, it was obvious he was about to return. Blake Hood and Hartley Sawyer, who played the adult Kyle, were both released from their contracts. When Kyle returns to Genoa City in March, he will be played by Lachlan Buchanan. The actor, who hails from Australia, will use an American accent. Backstage he and co-stars Tristan Roger (Colin) and Daniel Goddard (Cane) — both Aussie's — can go waltzing Matilda and play their didgeridoos. Kyle returns home next month. Expect Austin to go from nice guy to jealous guy. The seeds for his character change have already been set for the personality switch. He fumed when he realized Summer was on the phone with Kyle. He also so took a job with "dirt bag" Joe, Avery's money-grubbing ex. A few years back, Austin abducted Avery. Avery is engaged to Dylan, who hates Joe. Why not? Joe wants to re-win Avery, close Dylan's coffee house and appears to have had Dylan beaten to a pulp. Let the hatred begin.

John Stamos is headed over to Fox. His pilot has been picked up. Stamos, who got his acting start as Blackie on "GH," is executive producing the show. He will play a carefree bachelor who discovers he has a nerdy son and a grandson. The trio will move in together. Just when you thought "Three and a half Men" was gone ... there will be a bit of a difference. While Stamos is quite the ladies man off screen, unlike Sheen, he does not know how to have set-side fits or battles with his producers.

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