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Gossip *** Talk about a soap opera. From scene to scene, the Sony hacking scandal continues to explode. Sony has pulled "The Interview." Several major movie chains told the film studio they would not release the movie on Christmas or perhaps ever. They …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Bill attempts to convince an already vulnerable Quinn to atone for her misdeeds toward his family by jumping off the roof of her company. Arriving on the scene, Deacon stops Quinn and tries to ease her guilt over Hope's …Read more. Soap Opera Gossip I am about to date myself — sort of like rings on a tree. There was a time when soaps were a day-to-day thing. The shows were live. Then came the advent of tape. For many years, they were done two days ahead. Then it became two weeks. Now some …Read more. Q and A Q. What is the latest on Freddie Smith's drunk driving charge? — Ida of Warren, Michigan A. On Oct.7, Smith, who plays Sonny on "Days of our Lives," and his girlfriend, Alyssa Tabit, were involved in a one-car crash that was attributed to …Read more.
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Q. What are all these stories about nasty emails about the stars? — Britt of Salem, Mass.

A. That is nothing new. But I assume you are talking about the hacking of the Sony Pictures account that began last month and will not quit. Not only is it a soap opera, it has a soap opera connection. James Franco (former Franco on "General Hospital") and Seth Rogan co-star in "The Interview." The duo is recruited by the government to assassinate North Korean Premier Kim il Jung. While North Korean hackers are not taking credit for the Sony Hack, many think that the government was not amused and hacked into the files. Sony is furious because many of the not so "PC" emails have been leaked. In fact, the studio has asked media from Variety to New York Times not to post the less than flattering accounts. The press is continuing to post all the show biz gossip. In the words of "People's Court" Judge Milian, "If you do not want anything repeated, don't say it, don't post it, don't tweet it, don't email it." Sadly, the executives at Sony do not watch the show. Here are just a few tidbits from the leak.

Men are paid more than women.

Sony's 17 biggest-earning executives are predominantly white men. According to a spreadsheet called "Comp Roster by Supervisory Organization 2014-10-21," Amy Pascal, the co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is the only woman earning $1 million or more at the studio. Sony paid Jennifer Lawrence less than it paid Christian Bale or Bradley Cooper, her co-stars in last year's hit movie "American Hustle." Lawrence was paid 7 percent of the movie's profit, while Bale and Cooper received 9 percent, according to emails sent to Pascal.

Sony had the rights to produce the new Aaron Parkinson-written movie of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Emails show that Sony considered putting Tom Cruise in the lead role. Rights to the film were sold to Universal earlier this year.

"I feel like I just gave away a seminal movie, like 'Citizen Kane' for our time," Pascal wrote in an email to a colleague. "(I) already think I may have made the worst decisions of my career." Not quite. Many of her other emails may just end her over-two-decade-long career with Sony.

A series of emails between Pascal and movie producer Scott Rudin were pretty revealing. The academy award winning Rudin has produced movies such as "The Social Network," "Captain Phillips" and "Money Ball." Rudin is one talented guy. An actor who has worked with him over the years who asked not to be named calls Rudin "a genius. He also can be a loud-mouthed bore." Rudin called Angelina Jolie a "minimally talented spoiled brat" in an email exchange with Pascal. Pascal and Rudin also made racially charged jokes about President Obama's taste in movies. Every movie they suggested the president would like had black casts.

Celebrities use aliases when they travel or dine. Sarah Michelle Geller goes by "Neely O'Hara" (a troubled Hollywood star in Jacqueline Susann's 1966 novel "Valley of the Dolls"). Tobey Maguire checks into hotels as "Neil Deep," and Tom Hanks uses two aliases: "Harry Lauder" (a turn-of-the-century Scottish vaudevillian) and "Johnny Madrid" (a gunslinger in the late '60s TV Western "Lancer"). Of course, those AKA's have been changed. Medical payments for dozens on the Sony payroll and their medical issues were leaked. Even heroes were not unscathed. Lots of info on the next "James Bond" project and the fact that it is 50 million dollars over budget and that Sony may give up the "Spider Man" franchise.

Whoever is behind the hacking says they plan a great Christmas gift by serving up lots more scam.

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