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Gossip He's almost back. After an extended time away from "General Hospital," Tony Geary (Luke) will be checking in during November sweeps. While Geary has the infamous three months on, three month off contract, this time he was out because of knee surgery.…Read more. Q and A Q. How has the "The View" been doing since it changed most of its hosts? A. When it debuted two months ago, it saw the highest ratings in over eight years. Viewers wanted to check out the interaction of the hosts Whoopi Goldberg "a hold over from …Read more. Gossip When I talked to Peter Reckell several years back (ex-Bo Brady "Days of Our Lives"), I asked him what advice he would give to Jason Cook, who played his son on the show. "I would tell him not to leave. I did when I was around his age. I thought …Read more. Q and A Q. Is it true that all thee television ratings for the new season are incorrect? — Robin of Southfield A. Not all the ratings. A problem that Neilson, the ratings company, calls a "glitch," did cause some inaccurate data starting March 2 and …Read more.
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Soap Opera Summary


"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Deacon's announcement that he and Quinn are a couple stuns Wyatt and Hope. Hope tells Deacon if Quinn is in his life, he cannot be in hers. Feeling immense guilt about what has recently transpired with Caroline, Ridge calls her to meet him to discuss their partnership. While at Brooke's cabin, Ridge and Caroline partake in a passionate designing session. While playing on Rick's insecurities concerning his marriage, Maya lets him know that she will be there for him no matter what. Knowing that Maya is stirring the pot between Rick and Caroline, Carter attempts to talk her out of going any further with her plan. With his ability to draw regained, Ridge is certain he will be named CEO. Rick is convinced that, with Caroline by his side, he and his wife have the ability to be the next Eric and Stephanie Forrester in the fashion industry. Donna is shocked to learn from Katie about Ridge's plan to get closer to Caroline for the purpose of saving his career. While in Katie's arms, Ridge envisions Caroline. During their latest drawing session, Ridge and Caroline share a passionate kiss. Eric chooses Ridge as the new CEO.

SNEAK PEEK: Eric has second thoughts

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": As Sami continues to mourn EJ, she gets a visit from a Hollywood producer who wants her to move to LA so she can help them a make a story about her life and put together a weight-loss show. Kate says Sami should go so she can escape an FBI investigation about her unconventional stock dealings. Lucas and Will share a father/son moment of bonding. Paige is upset and confused when JJ rejects her advances. Kristen manipulates Eve and Anne in hopes of getting the goods on Theresa — she was the one who bashed John over the head. Eve warns Theresa that Kristen is gunning for her. Will and Sonny clash over Will's article about Chad. Will admits he feels Sonny doesn't respect or support him. Ben walks in on a nice moment between Abigail and Chad. JJ prepares to tell Paige the truth about his dad. JJ wonders if he will become a rapist like his dad. Clyde wants to put Ben through college. Clyde wonders whet Ben would do if he knew Jordan killed his mother. Paige and JJ search frantically for Jill. Jennifer is livid when she finds Daniel in Kristen's hotel room. As Daniel tries to explain what is going on, Jennifer tells him they are through and this time it is for good. Eric and Eve share a warm moment. John and Marlena plan to work on their future. John keeps a secret — he plans to bring down Stefano's family and Theresa.

SNEAK PEEK: Kristen has a shocking announcement

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Ava gets the medical care she needs with Kiki and Morgan by her side.

Sonny and Shawn move forward with their setup to get rid of Franco and pin the murder on Heather. Franco asks Heather to come to his wedding. When Brad and Bobbie suggest to Lucas he should use his medical degree, he rejects the idea, saying he can never measure up to Tony. Michael tells Kiki that Ava may have killed AJ. Nathan tries to track down Nina before her actions get her into trouble. Nina blackmails Madeline into kidnapping Ava's baby and giving it to her. While TJ and Jordan continue to argue about her involvement with the Jeromes, Jordan contemplates about coming clean. John Doe (Jason) lets Elizabeth know that he vaguely remembers hearing a couple of voices the night of his accident. Elizabeth continues to share some more history with him. Patrick and Sam tell Alexis about their findings during the Amsterdam meetings. Tracy informs Lulu, Dante, Sonny and Olivia that Jerry Jacks is alive and that Luke is not guilty of the crimes he has been accused of. Tracy puts the fate of ELQ on the line in order to get back. Julian, jealous of Alexis and Ned's relationship, pressures him to leave town. Alexis wards off Julian's advances and provokes him on his illegal dealings. Dante persuades Olivia to tell Ned about her true feelings. Michael tells Kiki he thinks Ava killed AJ.

SNEAK PEEK: Carly's in danger

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS:" Victor shows up at the Abbott Mansion to see Phyllis. Jack tries to kick him out, but Phyllis wants him to stay and explain his part in her waking up. When Jack is reluctant to open up, Phyllis begins to wonder what has happened while she was away. Jack tells Kelly he did not mean to hurt her. He reveals he does not know what to do — life with Kelly or Phyllis. Victor tells Phyllis she must tell him what she knows about Sharon. Ashley shows up and tries to keep the peace between everyone. Nikki and Paul bond over their teamwork to help Dylan. Joe shows up at Michael and Avery's law office looking for Michael to represent him. When Michael leaves, Avery asks Joe why he pretended to not know Michael was her partner. Dylan arrives at Avery's office, where he and Joe meet for the first time. Joe leaves after an awkward exchange with Dylan. Victoria confesses to Nick that she kissed Stitch and it has stirred up some feelings. Nick assures her things will become clear to her once this baby is born. Maureen wonders if Stitch is going to reveal his lies to Victoria. Michael and Lauren have a romantic date at the GCAC. They are pleased their marital issues are behind them. They meet Madame Isadora, a psychic who will be doing readings at Fenmores. Michael is startled by her premonition about his future. Michael does not tell Lauren the Dr. thinks he may have cancer. Neil wants to recreate their wedding night for Hilary, who can't stop thinking about making love to Devon. Sparks fly as Ashley and Stitch work on her new project at Jabot. Lily thinks Hilary is pregnant.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin protects Miriah

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