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Gossip: Busy Week for News and Soaps Today's news events make me want to be back in the newsroom. It would be crackling with life. It was assumed that the major story would be the memorial service in Charleston for the state senator who was gunned down in his church last week along …Read more. Q&A Q. I was sad to hear that the actor who played the father on "Eight is Enough," recently died. Is it true he had a soap opera connection? — Mabel of Orange Grove, Florida A. Sadly Dick Van Patten, who played Tom Bradford, died on June 23, 2015.…Read more. Soap Opera Summaries Read more. Q&A Q. Is the character of Jennifer's mother on "Days of our Lives" an actual character or someone the writers just created? —Lana of Scranton, Penn. A. Jennifer's mother, Laura, was an integral part of "Days." For many years, several actresses …Read more.
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"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy is surprised when Liam tells her Ivy no longer needs to stay married to him to stay in the states. Liam tells her he wants an annulment. When Zende appears at the Forrester Creations office he tells his uncle that he wants to go into the family business but he doesn't want to be handed anything on a silver platter. Later, while waiting in the reception area for the intern interviews, Zende meets Nicole, who is also applying for an internship, but he does not disclose that he is a Forrester. Maya and Caroline come face-to-face for the first time since Maya disclosed the events of her past, and they have a candid, no-holds-barred confrontation about their past transgressions against each other. The two women come to a meaningful understanding. During a Forrester Creations meeting, Ridge and Steffy introduce their new idea of a campaign that will honor the LGBT community. A Fourth of July photo shoot takes place at the Forrester Mansion. Nicole and Maya speak about what freedom means to them. Maya and Nicole's mother, Vivienne, unexpectedly arrives and reveals that their father sent her to get Nicole to come home.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Sonny realizes that Will is manipulating their therapist by writing a puff-piece article. After Will admits he slept with someone in LA, Sonny storms out. Running in to Paul, Sonny will not tell him what is wrong. Victor tells Theresa there is no way he will welcome her into his mansion. Brady assures Victor it is for the baby's sake, not Theresa's. Theresa is upset when Brady hires a beautiful nanny. Theresa's anger rises when Brady tells her he expects her to work. Serena is released from police custody. Daniel tells Nicole he realized how much he loved her when she almost died. Nicole is scared when she realizes Xander is on the loose. Eve manages to find the psychiatric records Marlena had on Laura Horton when she was her patient. Eve prepares to drive Jennifer crazy by slipping her drugs. Jennifer gives her approval when Abigail says she is moving in with Ben. Justin presents Adrienne with divorce papers. Wanting to get over JJ, Paige visits a dating site. Although the first man she meets is too old, Paige decides to give it another try.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Luke and Laura find themselves in a standoff when Holly arrives.

Holly informs them that Ethan has also been kidnapped. Luke blames himself for his sons' abductions. Thinking that Dillon and Lulu are having an affair, Dante kisses Valerie. A nervous Lulu stands by waiting for news from her parents about Lucky. Ric tries to convince Nina that he did not assist Madeline. Nina and Franco each try to make each other jealous. Denise (Ava) tries to call Michael in order to see the baby, and she is horrified when she learns Michael turned the baby over to Sonny. Sabrina and Michael make love. Nikolas asks Jake to stay on at ELQ, but he refuses. Jake offers to help Michael take down Nikolas and try to gain ELQ back. Sam runs into Nikolas and lets him know how disappointed she is with his choices. Dante is upset about doubting Lulu and Valerie comforts him. Denise and Morgan are unable to stay away from each other. After talking with Jake, Sam agrees to team up with Jake and Michael in order to take down Nikolas. Spencer calls out Nikolas for his recent actions. Fourth of July activities begin in Port Charles. Luke and Laura are stunned by the appearance of a former enemy who is out for revenge. Maxie questions Dante on Lulu's whereabouts, and later tells Nathan she is indignant that he is with Denise,


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Avery is certain that Joe raped her, even though he swears it was not him. Lily fears Cane will never forgive her if he learns she slept with Joe. A furious Dylan goes to Joe's room, knocks him unconscious and ties him to a chair with electrical cord. Dylan says he wants him to feel as helpless as Avery did. Coming on the scene, Avery tells Dylan to stay out of it. In the park, Victor meets up with Jack thinking it is Marco. Adam sees Victor shoot Jack. Adam tells Victor his secret is safe with him as long as he is named head of Newman Abbott. Coming out of a coma after surgery, Jack tells the truth about Gabe. Marco is jealous that Marissa has feelings for Jack, and plans to kill her. Marissa turns the tables when she causes Marco to crash his car. Nikki tells Paul she knows Victor was in the park when Jack was shot. Fearing her medication for bipolar disorder could hurt her unborn baby, Sharon dumps the pills.


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