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Q and A A. Nope. Stefano, played by Joe Mascolo on and off for over 30 years, has two records — character back from the dead and man with the most illegitimate children. I would have not been surprised if I saw his name on my birth certificate. As for …Read more. Gossip "Bold and Beautiful's" Katherine Kelly Lang has been with the show since day one. Twenty-five years later, she does not look like she has aged a day. Lang took to Facebook to give her fans a career update. "I would like to share some very exciting …Read more. Gossip I have always been a big fan of Burton's. Even during the times he would pop in and offer to take his grandmother to the mall. It was his decision to leave. Miller is a great actor. I hope that viewers will give him a chance. This is not official, …Read more. Soap Opera Summary "DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Sonny and Will kiss and make up after Will apologizes to Sonny for calling him a glorified barista. Nicole tells Daniel she turned down a job from a Sante Fe television station claiming the pay was too low. Daniel reminds her …Read more.
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Soap Opera Summary


"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Feeling pressure to deliver the kind of sketches that Ridge is anticipating, Caroline interrogates him about what's really going on. Ridge confesses to Caroline about his inability to draw. When Bill tells Liam of Wyatt's recent request, Liam becomes irate and refuses to lose out to his brother once again. Charlie receives a call from a friend who lets him know that Quinn made a short trip to Paris at the same time Liam and Ivy did. He and Pam receive additional information that proves Quinn's other offenses while in France. Bill gives Quinn the benefit of the doubt regarding her reasoning for pushing Ivy into the Seine. Ivy implores Hope to allow Liam some space to move on with his life. Katie and Brooke realize they will always be sisters and love each other. Even though Carter tells Maya she does not stand a chance with Rick, Maya tells Rick she loves him. Rick assures her he loves his wife.

SNEAK PEEK: Wyatt walks away from Quinn.

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Kate continues to let everyone think Stefano is out for blood. Stefano's return to Salem is put on hold while he is in jail. Sami knows E.J. was responsible for keeping Stefano at bay. E.J. and Sami share a hot kiss. Zoe hires Will to work at the major magazine Sonix. Lucas goes to Sami in hopes they can smooth things over. Chad's return to Salem stuns E.J. Clyde tells E.J. they should work together. Lucas tells Jordan she should cut Rafe some slack; he knows his mother took advantage of Rafe. Jordan decides to talk to Rafe about sleeping with Kate. Theresa is hysterical when she learns Kristen has a potion that could bring John out of his coma. Theresa's secret is out. Learning Theresa slept with Brady, Kristen changes her mind about helping John. Eve tells a girl she met at a strip joint where she once worked as a hooker. Eve says she will give her money to get back home if she shacks up with J.J. Hope fantasizes that Aiden is her Prince Charming,

SNEAK PEEK: Hope files for divorce.

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Patrick is about to tell Sam the truth about Jason, when Spencer comes on the scene and is jolted by his revelation that Luke caused the car accident. Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan find themselves in unexpected jeopardy. Dante and Lulu discuss Luke's recent strange behavior and are stunned to see Stavro.Maxie and Nathan discuss their true feelings. Obrecht shares some vital information with Anna. Both Britt and Victor question if Nathan is his son. Despite being tempted by Sonny, Carly tries to resist her attraction to him.

Nathan makes a bold confession. Dante and Lulu face an unforeseen challenge. Levi is out for blood. Victor takes matters into his own hands in regard to Nathan's paternity. Anna demands answers from a hesitant Obrecht. Julian tries to win back Alexis. Alexis sets her sights on another man. T.J. wants to know who Shawn's mystery woman is. Nina pressures Rosalie to begin her scheme to bring down another person on her kill list. Maxie accidentally runs into a perilous stranger — Stavros. Nathan is determined to protect Maxie. Anna reluctantly works with Obrecht to get to the truth. Obrecht tells Anna she knows she killed Faison.

SNEAK PEEK: He's back.

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Mariah comes by the Underground, and Summer is taken aback when Mariah says she wants no part of the Newman family. The two then get into an argument, and Mariah goes to clean out her locker. Abby cautions Summer about Austin being nice to Mariah. Mariah asks Kevin to get her out of town. Avery and Paul are suspicious when Dylan claims the deep cut on his hand happened while he was working on something at the Cafe. Paul learns he has received the Distinguished Citizen's Award, and Christine plans a surprise party to celebrate. When Christine invites Avery and Dylan to the party, she tells Dylan she has no problem with him; it is Nikki that she has problems with. Victor comes home to Nikki, who asks where he was, but Victor evades. Their argument soon escalates when Victor asks why Nikki turned to Paul for help. Nikki is worried she's been recognized drinking at a roadside bar and meets a woman named Maureen. Nikki and Maureen begin to bond over their problems. Maureen sees a newspaper and realizes who Nikki really is. Maureen visits her son (Ben) and daughter (Kelly). Victor resorts to threats against Dr. Cutler when he has no news to report on Phyllis's condition. Victoria fills Victor in on Ashley being back at Jabot. She soon starts to wonder if Victor wants her to spy on Stitch to get information on their new product. Hilary is shocked when Lily comes to her defense after Neil snaps at her. Malcolm arrives to Genoa City to everyone's surprise. Neil and Malcolm are left alone to have a heart-to-heart. Sharon notices the tension between Hilary and Devon. Chelsea has a dream about Adam. Billy admits that he misses Chelsea and wants to know what comes next for them. Told by Devon about Neal's blindness, Malcolm comes home for a visit. The brothers discuss the issues they have with each other over Sophia and Dru. They decide to put the past aside. Neal gets defensive when Malcolm suggests Neil gets some training to deal with his blindness. Jack decides to visit Phyllis. Phyllis speaks her first words in a year and decides she has to get back to Genoa City.

SNEAK PEEK: Kelly's green with envy.

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