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Gossip Yesterday's death of Leonard Nimoy (Spock "Star Trek") brought massive tweets and Facebook posts from his former co-stars including William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and George Takei (Sulu). "Young and Restless'" Daniel Goddard (Cane) also tipped his …Read more. Q&A Q. I Love CBS. What am I going to watch when all my favorites like "Big Bang Theory" and all the "NCIS" shows are on vacation? — Myrna of Little Rock Ark. A. There was a time when summer meant reruns. More often, fresh fare is offered when the …Read more. Q&A Q. Just read the latest on Brian Williams. A post said he could be let go by NBC for violating his morality clause? What is that? — Briana of Silver Springs, Maryland. A. Everyone in the public eye, movie stars, athletes, TV personalities, …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Rick continues to make Ivy's life at Forrester Creations a living hell. Still despondent from her loneliness, Brooke fondly remembers the good times she shared with the loves of her life. Bill and Katie re-marry. Because of his …Read more.
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"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Eric stands his ground in his support of Rick and his position as CEO despite opposition from Ridge and the rest of the employees at Forrester Creations. Having been warned that Ridge is gathering witnesses to speak out against him to Eric, Rick takes action to thwart his brother's attempt to get their father to change his mind. Ivy watches unseen as Steffy makes an aggressive attempt to get Liam to agree to her terms for assisting him with his plan against Rick. When Ivy issues her a stern warning about the blatant move she made on Liam, Steffy refuses to back down. Ridge is torn between his disdain for Rick and his loyalty to Eric when Liam approaches him about joining in on the plan for the Spencers acquiring Forrester Creations. Nicole makes an unannounced and unwelcome visit to Maya at the Forrester mansion looking for a place to live. Maya gets her hopes up thinking that she will soon become a member of the Forrester family when Rick presents her with a token of his love. Ridge and Steffy contemplate assisting Liam's attempt to overthrow Rick while discussing the ramifications of the Spencers taking over the company. Despite Rick's recent bad behavior, Eric and Brooke confer about the confidence they have in their son's ability to successfully run Forrester Creations. Bill and Katie bask in their reunited love as they enjoy the peace and quiet of Aspen during their honeymoon. Feeling as though they are starting a new chapter of their lives together, Katie assists Bill in closing a significant one from his past. When Eric graciously rejects her idea of continuing their conversation about Rick over drinks, Brooke takes her party of one to Il Giardino. A chance encounter puts Brooke and Deacon in the same location for two very different reasons. Deacon is torn when he must choose between Brooke's invitation to stay with her and his commitment at home with Quinn. Unsure about Deacon's true intentions toward his mother, Wyatt questions Quinn about her relationship and if the loyalty is reciprocated. Wyatt places doubt in Quinn's mind about Deacon's feelings for Brooke. While discussing the current state of their families, Bill and Katie ponder which man Brooke will turn to next. A moment of passion overcomes Deacon, causing him great guilt and the need to quickly distance himself from Brooke. When returning home, Deacon vaguely confesses to Quinn about his encounter with Brooke.

SNEAK PEEK: A wedding proposal

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Desperate to find the original elephant, Serena is stunned when Eric says he gave it to Daniel. When the elephant helps an over-the-edge Parker calm down after a sugar high, Eric agrees to let Daniel keep it.

Brady is surprised when Theresa stops him from drinking tea laced with alcohol. Theresa explains that, after what happened the night John almost died, she changed. The two agree to be friends. Melanie thinks Daniel and Nicole belong together. Lucas tells Adrienne he is not ashamed of caring about her. Sonny realizes Kate advised Will not to tell Sonny about his dalliance with Paul. A still-bitter Sonny cannot forgive Will. When Will suggests Sonny is partially to blame, Sonny tells him to leave. When Chad gets Rafe fired, Jordan realizes everyone was right — Chad is a creep. Having physically lashed out at Chad after he made nasty remarks about Abigail, Ben faces prison time. JJ gets Roxanne to pretend she was the woman he slept with when he cheated on Paige. Back in males, Hope fears Ciara will recall being kidnapped. Aiden and Hope bask in being home and in love. Paul's mother, Tori, is stunned when she meets Marlena.

SNEAK PEEK: Sonny makes a hard decision

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Luke warns Dante he will be certain to get rid of Lulu, Dante and their snot-producing infant. Bobbie thinks that finding her long-lost sister, Pat, may hold answers to Luke's emotional issues. Luke warns his council Diane that she better get him off, or else she will have Hell to pay. Spencer is insufferable while giving orders for his birthday party. A fire erupts under the gift-bag table. Emma is saved, but Spencer is burned. As the child clings to life, Nikolas tells Obrecht to get away from his son. Ned assures Olivia he will never let anyone know that Julian — not he — is the father of her unborn child. Maxie is torn between her love for Nathan and Spinelli. When Maxie will not let Spinelli sleep on the coach in her apartment, he says it is because she doesn't trust herself to be in the same room with him.

SNEAK PEEK: Morgan and Sonny team up

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": The shocking fallout of the plane crash leaves Neil contemplating his future given his discovery about Hilary's affair with Devon. The cold weather sets in as the victims of the crash band together to pray for rescue. Lily tells Cane she will not let him move back in. Tensions rise as Lauren gets upset with Michael when he tells her that he missed a radiation appointment. She apologizes for snapping at him and promises to be more supportive as they continue to navigate the new territory they're facing. Having survived being trapped in the "Underground," collapse, Jack and Victor face a fate worse than death: sharing a hospital room. Jack swears to Phyllis and Ashley that he did not sleep with Kelly on Valentine's day. Kelly has a flash back of sleeping with Jack. Summer is stunned when Paul says Austin has been found alive. It turns out that it is Kyle and not Austin. When Victoria catches Nikki drinking, Nikki says that after all she has been through she deserves a drink. Dylan fears Avery is afraid of him. When fire engulfs the penthouse, Gabriel saves Billy.

SNEAK PEEK: A secret box

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