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Q and A


Q. How has the "The View" been doing since it changed most of its hosts?

A. When it debuted two months ago, it saw the highest ratings in over eight years. Viewers wanted to check out the interaction of the hosts Whoopi Goldberg "a hold over from the last regime. Almost-newbie Rosie O'Donnell, who had left the show in 2007, after a year is back. Rosie Perez (actress) and Nicole Wallace (former adviser to Sarah Palin) round out the group. First looks at a re-vamped show are always high. Less than a week later, "The View" was obstructed by sagging ratings. Nielsen reports "The View" is now below the ratings it posted one year ago and nowhere near what it posted five years ago.

According to the "Hollywood Reporter:" "'The View' showing in the key demo is pacing downward for the fourth straight season and is 30 percent south of where it was five years ago. It doesn't help that 'The View's' advantage over CBS' 'The Talk' now is negligible. Recent weeks have seen the two shows evenly matched in the two key female demos."

It is not good when a show's ratings drop after an initial sampling. If a show stays at its original mark or climbs, everyone at the network is happy. It is doubtful that the ABC execs are happy this week. They may even be more frustrated because Rosie O'Donnell has a multi-million dollar contract. Don't forget that Goldberg, Wallace and Perez still have to get paid. The show costs big bucks in cast and crew payments. Part of the reason the show's ratings are lacking is because the first week was like a tea party at Buckingham Palace: "Oh, no, Rosie; after you." "No, no, Whoppi; you go first." It was like attending a family reunion where the relatives were taken over by pod people.

Now the "have another scone." tea party white gloves are off.

The first "forget this being polite BS" happened during a commercial break. A member of the audience posted what happened. It was time to go to a commercial break. Goldberg got the word via her earpiece that she had to cut to a break. O'Donnell, who will not wear an earpiece (for several million dollars I would do a naked hula in Times Square). Rosie was about to make a comment about spanking children.

Off air, O'Donnell grabbed a microphone. She said that she didn't appreciate Whoopi cutting her off and was hurt. Goldberg told O'Donnell it was not good time for the conversation. O'Donnell would not zip it. "It makes me upset, and I just don't want to have to go through this." Hardly known for her reticent personality Goldberg lobed a "F— it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don't want to listen. If you want to go there, Rosie, I will, damn it. I'm really sick of your s—!"

Just this week O'Donnell went semi- ballistic on air. Goldberg announced a "flash sale." A flash sale is the offering of a product at a low price for a short time. O'Donnell snapped that she did not know they were "now a shopping network." After the show, she let the producers know about her displeasure and wanted to know when she was told. A set sider said they did not tell her before because they knew she would have a fit. They knew she would have it afterward as well. "One fit from Rosie a day is enough." At this point, tempers appear to be high on "The View," While ratings are low.

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