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Gossip The last time we talked to Eileen Davidson, she was heading to pick up her 10-year old son, Jesse, from school. She had decided it was time to take a break from acting, and had just left the role of Kristen on "Days of our Lives." "I want to spend …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Hope informs Wyatt that she wants to return to Los Angeles as soon as possible. Maya attempts to give Rick words of inspiration when he turns to the bottle following his confrontation with Ridge and Caroline. Despite their …Read more. Soap Opera Summary Not much for listing ratings. Too easy to just cut and paste the lists put out by Nielson on a daily basis. This week's ratings for "Young and Restless" deserves a shout-out. The show averaged 4.98 million viewers during the week, up 6 percent from …Read more. Q and A Q. I just stumbled across a site called "Daytime Confidential." One of the bloggers, Jamey Giddens, always gives me information and laughs. Who is he? — Anonymous A. One of the best bloggers and podcasters in the entertainment world. Soaps are …Read more.
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A. I can't provide answers to all of these questions, but I can answer some. It started in 1997. Carlos De Abreu and his wife, Janice Pennington, one time "Price is Right" model, came up with the idea. It has been said the way to win is to say you will be at the ceremony. The one true thing about the award is that it is the earliest award show of the season. For years it was like the Golden Globes. In essence, those awards are to make nice to the Foreign Press Association. American films are often about overseas sales, so foreign press is needed. For years the Globes got little respect, and for years, the Globes were laughed at. They stuck with it and are often called a barometer for the Academy Awards. The other thing the Globes offer is a very open bar. The winners are a bit looser of tongue because they have loosened up with "Jack Daniels." The Hollywood Film Awards are like the Globes also in this way. Check out Johnny Depp's speech at the awards on YouTube. No one, including Depp, knew what he was talking about.

CBS with Dick Clark Productions (where no award is too minuscule to televise) wanted to jump the Globes.

The network thought it would draw high ratings. It was a flop. Viewers of other CBS shows were promised they would see mega stars Robert Downey, Angelina Jolie and Benedict Cumberbatch. That did not even get viewers.

It is easy to be a winner. In fact, you don't have to have your film in the market place or even have it editing. Quentin Tarantino won a "best film" award for a movie that would not hit the theaters for over eight weeks.

In "Field of Dreams" fashion, "give them an award and the actors will come," PR reps push their clients to go. The award is billed as "The launch of the Award Season." It supposedly consists of a 12-board panel. No one knows who they are. Folks at Dick Clark Productions say it is so that folks on the film industry will not take out ads asking for votes. Lord knows they do not do that for Oscars. Yes, "Big Bang Theory" fans, that was sarcasm. Jack Sussman, a CBS vice president, said of the awards.

"We're designing this as the 'greatest-kept secret in Hollywood.'" He got his wish. It still is.

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