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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip How dumb am I? I am dumber than all the techs who work at the DNA lab on "The Young and the Restless"; dumber than Nikki, who keeps getting back together with Victor. I am dumber than every soap opera police chief. I am so dumb that my column byline …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Q&A A: I read that a soap actor threatened a fan on Twitter. What's the deal? — Sharon, Austin, Texas Q: Ah, Twitter — the social medium that drives PR folks to weep, gives columnists lots of copy and, of course, usually spurs mea culpas …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Gossip What a difference a day makes, especially if the day is Aug. 19 and we're talking about "Days of our Lives." The changing of the writing guard took place on that date. Dena Higley and Josh Griffith were brought in to write the soap opera's 50th …Read more. Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries "THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Caroline contemplates an earlier conversation she had with Thomas that makes her question her future with Ridge. Steffy turns to Wyatt as an ally. Ridge and Caroline are both worried and confused when Lieutenant Baker …Read more.
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Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Summaries


"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Enemies-turned-allies Ivy and Quinn find themselves at odds once again while working together on the new jewelry line. While Ivy is thrilled that she has been named the face of Forrester, many others are not. Steffy is backed into a corner by Ivy after watching the video from the night Aly died. Wyatt voices his frustrations regarding Liam's charmed life; Quinn encourages Wyatt to go after what he really wants. Thomas and Liam do their best to conceal from Ridge the intense situation that has flared up between Ivy and Steffy. Liam vows to defend Steffy against Ivy's plan of blackmail. Liam puts Ivy on the spot when he challenges her to either delete the video of Steffy or go to the police with it. Wyatt and Quinn discuss the difficulties of advancing within the company when not having "Forrester" as a last name. Despite his feelings for her, Thomas encourages Caroline to talk to Ridge about her great desire to have children. Hoping to finally get the approval he didn't receive previously, Thomas shows Ridge the designs that he and Caroline have been working on together. Having heard about their past relationship, Nicole questions Thomas regarding how he feels about working so closely with Caroline.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Stefano disowns Chad when Chad refuses to pressure Abigail to leave Ben. Chad tells Abigail that Stefano wants them to marry so he can get his hands on a valuable piece of land that she will inherit. Ben seethes when he sees Abigail with Chad and she lies about it. Theresa sets Xander up to look like he was trying to rape her. Brady comes to her rescue, but says he still wants her to stay away from him. Eric tells Serena he is fine with her staying in Salem; Eric suggests Nicole is still a schemer when she files for money from Xander and Serena. Nicole decides to give the money she got from Serena to the homeless shelter. She tells Daniel she will use the money she gets from Xander to start a new business. Will is unhappy when Sonny does not contact him. Gabi is up for parole. Hope and Rafe are delighted that they may team up on the force. In need of money, Aiden shreds his file on Clyde. Kayla is thrilled when Patch and their son Joey arrive in Salem. Eric is horrified when he finds a lifeless Serena in the park.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Obrecht gives Scott proof that Denise is really Ava.

Kiki is just glad that her mother is alive. Morgan is furious that Ava deceived him. Fearing Morgan may be bipolar, Carly and Sonny promise their complete support. Sonny tells Carly he will make Ava pay for killing Connie. Lulu is pleased when Dillon tells her Valerie is expecting his baby. Remembering their one night of lovemaking, Dante tells Valerie it was wrong and will never be repeated. Tracy learns that Paul gave Dillon the money to produce his screenplay and that the film will be shot at the Haunted Star. In court, Scott is stunned when Franco claims he killed Silas. With Franco, Nina and Ava all viable suspects, they are all arrested. Patrick wants to marry Sam, but realizes he may always have to compete with her continuing love for Jason. Sonny does not believe Julian when he swears he did not set up Sonny. Julian suggests that Sonny placed the hit to frame Julian.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": When Harding holds a gun on un-armed Dylan, Paul shoots him. As he lay dying, Harding does not reveal who he was working for when he killed Austin and Courtney. In the cabin, Jack prepares to kill Marco. Phyllis begs him not to, as he will go to prison and she cannot lose him. Victor tells Jack it is better to send Marco back to the jail in Peru. Fearing Marco will return to take over his life, Jack hires someone to cut off Marco's ear so he can never again be mistaken for Jack. Horrified when she thinks Dylan has been shot, Sharon crumbles. After her miscarriage, Sharon learns she can still conceive. Just as she is about to tell Dylan she lost the baby, he asks her marry him and says he will not join the police force. When Dylan tells Noah that Sharon has been weepy and short-tempered, Noah suggests it is a sign she is having bipolar issues. Sharon tells Mariah she suffered a miscarriage. At Sage's baby shower Nikki fumes when they learn Dylan asked Sharon to marry him. Feeling Ben has become distant, Abby decides to move out of the club and back home. In Paris, Chelsea and Adam decide to return to Genoa City for a few days so she can protect her fashion line and he can try to rid himself of his hate toward Victor. Mariah lets Kevin know she wants to be more than friends. Neil recalls showing Hillary the tape that makes it look as if Devon slept with a hooker. Neil then recalls Hillary storming off toward the cliff and moments later a scream. When a piece of clothing is found, the search for Hilary goes from rescue to recovery. Sage and Nick are married in an impromptu wedding.


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