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Gossip When I talked to Peter Reckell several years back (ex-Bo Brady "Days of Our Lives"), I asked him what advice he would give to Jason Cook, who played his son on the show. "I would tell him not to leave. I did when I was around his age. I thought …Read more. Q and A Q. Is it true that all thee television ratings for the new season are incorrect? — Robin of Southfield A. Not all the ratings. A problem that Neilson, the ratings company, calls a "glitch," did cause some inaccurate data starting March 2 and …Read more. Soap Opera Summaries "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL:" Quinn makes a serious threat against Hope when she learns that she will not be welcome into her grandchild's life. Charlie is less than thrilled when he senses that he has competition for Pam's attention. Liam is put in an …Read more. Q and A A. First of all, at the present, there are no charges. The New York Police Department has been looking into the allegations since 2012. Over the years, I've interviewed Stephen Collins many times. He seemed like one of the good guys. If the …Read more.
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Soap Opera Summary


"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Ridge makes his case to Eric of why he would be the better choice to take over as CEO of Forrester Creations than Rick. In return, Eric explains to Ridge his vision of how the company should be run and why. Feeling immense guilt, Caroline contemplates telling Ivy about the kiss she shared with Ridge. Rick compares Caroline and himself to Eric and Stephanie when he envisions taking over the family business. Ridge encourages a flustered Caroline to not fight her feelings for him and to not settle for a life with Rick. Caroline refuses to put her marriage on the line by continuing to work on the collection with Ridge. Aly questions Hope's reasoning for remaining in her marriage to Wyatt after learning that she is pregnant. Feeling the need to move on from Hope, Liam asks Ivy out on another date. Over a candlelight dinner, Liam and Ivy toast to embarking on a new romantic relationship together. Hope and Liam come face-to-face for the first time since she chose Wyatt over him. Quinn shows up unannounced for a visit with Wyatt and attempts to convince her son to allow her into his family's world. Wyatt puts Quinn in her place about the new order of priorities in his life. Hope and Liam share an emotional moment as they discuss her marriage and pregnancy. Hope is less than thrilled when Quinn is at her house asking for forgiveness. Quinn pleads her case to Hope about deserving a second chance to be a part of her grandchild's life. Wyatt is a man in the middle when Quinn asks Hope to settle their differences once and for all. Hope makes it clear to Wyatt that she does not want Quinn to have any part in their or their child's lives. When confronted about her odd behavior, Caroline confides in Ivy about the kiss that she shared with Ridge during one of their designing sessions. Katie has a warning for Ridge when he divulges his plan to gain the CEO position. Deacon and Quinn discuss where their relationship is headed and how to break the news to Hope.

SNEAK PEEK: Katie is heartbroken

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": While everyone mourns EJ, Kristen goes into the morgue and injects something in his arm. Sami tells her family that the only way she and the children can be out of Stefano's grasp is to leave Salem. Abby wonders why JJ has cooled things with Paige. Eve cannot believe that Kayla has suggested that Paige try to understand that Jack raping Kayla years ago was horrible. Kayla said she learned to deal with Jack as he really tried to be a better man. Stefano gloats that the ashes in EJ's urn are not his and that he is now with his family. Eric is displeased when it appears Daniel has forgiven Nicole and Kristen. Kristen thinks John is an idiot for not revealing Theresa bashed him over the head, not Brady. When Brady goes to offer Kristen support about EJ's death, he assures he is done with her and thinks she should get out of town.

SNEAK PEEK: Sonny and Will fight

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": In Amsterdam, Tracy is stunned when she sees Jerry is alive. Jerry tells her if she wants to see Luke she has to give him ELQ. Tracy explains Michael is the majority shareholder. She says she will try to get more stock in exchange for Luke. Elizabeth is pleasantly surprised when Jake's (really Jason) bandages come off and he is very handsome. Elizabeth is uneasy when he starts to pray. Helena warns that she is not ready to have Jake's real identity revealed. Nik tells Spencer if Britt proves she can be trusted he will ask her to marry him. Spencer is thrilled because he will finally have a mother. Silas tells Nina he knows she has faked everything and he is divorcing her. Nathan is stunned when he finds Madeline with Obrecht. Franco plans a surprise for Carly on her wedding day. Ava will do anything to protect her baby. Her baby will be all right.

SNEAK PEEK: A wedding crasher

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Nick confides in Avery that he is worried that all the progress Sharon has made is slipping away. Victor returns home and Nikki isn't there. He pours himself a drink and notices that the bottle of vodka is moved and appears emptier than before. Mariah arrives and confronts Victor about Sharon's secret. Abby shows up at Victoria's office hoping to hear that she and Billy have gotten back together. Abby believes that everything would be different had Delia not been killed. Victoria argues that her problems with Billy started way before Delia's death. Stitch arrives and informs Victoria that he is getting a lawyer to protect his rights if he turns out to be the baby's father. As he begins to leave, Victoria impulsively pulls him into a kiss. Chelsea is frustrated that Billy can't seem to handle the fact that she was married to Adam. She realizes that a piece of Billy is missing with Delia gone, and that is all Adam's fault. Chelsea believes that Billy is using Adam as an excuse to end things with her because he is still hung up on Victoria. Meanwhile, Traci, Abby, Ashley and Jack worry about where Billy might be, as they don't want him to be alone on the anniversary of Delia's death. Chloe returns to honor Delia, but assures a semi-hopeful Kevin she is not staying. At Delia's grave, Chloe, hiding her pregnancy, tells Delia she will not be alone. An unseen man places a purple flower on Delia's grave. Billy tells Chelsea he loves/ Fears she is not over Adam. Chelsea replies Adam is dead and she must move on for herself and Connor. Michael does not return his Dr's call. Victoria surprises Billy with an essay Delia wrote. Billy and Victoria get emotional as they read it and end up in each other's arms. At Chancellor Park, Esther and Jill cry together, thinking about Delia. Devon shows up at Hilary's hotel room and says that he loves her and asks if she still loves him. She answers him with a kiss as they move toward the bed. Devon wants to stop lying to Neil, but Hilary says it would devastate him. Joe Clark asks Cane for help with a real estate deal and for a lawyer recommendation. Joe tells someone on the phone he is getting ready to make a move on Genoa City properties with Crimson Lights being one of them.

SNEAK PEEK: Phyllis wants answers

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