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Gossip Over the years, I have professed my love for True Crime. That was long before the world went Bobby Durst. Yes, you must watch HBO's "Jinxed." Not just for the startling end. From the beginning to the end, to everything in-between, it is a …Read more. Q&A Q. What is March madness? Why is it interrupting my CBS soaps? — Marlene, Prove, Utah. A. March madness is a college basketball event that brings the rich, the powerful and regular blokes to their knees. Since his first year in office, …Read more. Q&A Q. I always DVR "Bold and Beautiful." This week my DVR did not work. My cousin told me I missed a major reveal on Wednesday. She will not say what it is. Can you help me? — Sara, Reno, Nevada. A. Hope you weren't kissing cousins, since there …Read more. Gossip Rebecca Herbst (Nurse Elizabeth Webber), and Ryan Carnes (Dr. Lucas Jones) will appear in flashbacks as the iconic Dr. Steve Hardy (originally played by John Beradino), Nurse Jessie Brewer (Emily McLaughlin) and Dr. Phil Brewer (Roy Thinnes). "It's …Read more.
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Soap Opera Summaries


"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Having helped her through an emotionally difficult time, Brooke thanks Deacon for being there for her and then apologizes for treating him so poorly throughout the years. Quinn is proud of Deacon for assisting a friend in need, not knowing that the friend is Brooke. Nicole finally gets the answers to the questions that she has been pondering since her childhood Maya/Myron's transgender life. Rick makes an example of Ivy by criticizing her work performance in front of her coworkers. Seeing the frustration from her nephew, Pam gives Ridge unsolicited advice on how to interact with Rick. Due to the disrespectful behavior he witnessed from Rick, Liam's desire to take over Forrester Creations intensifies. Bill pays an unwelcome visit to Ridge, determined to question his nemesis' intentions toward Caroline. The visit takes an even more uncomfortable turn when Bill sees the nude portrait that Ridge painted of Caroline. Having listened to Katie gush about her wedded bliss with Bill, Brooke admits to her sister about her recent struggle with loneliness. While planning the guest list for their wedding, Quinn suggests that Deacon invite his friend from his 12-step program, unaware that the friend is Brooke. Deacon tells Brooke he has feelings for her.

SNEAK PEEK: Quinn is out of control.

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Finding the right elephant, Serena takes out the bag of diamonds it contains. Nicole and Serena have a verbal catfight. When Sonny takes partial blame for Will sleeping with Paul, Adrienne says he's not to blame. Will continues to pressure Tori to get Paul to leave Salem or he will reveal her paternity secret. Abigail is reluctant when Ben asks her to move in. Daniel realizes JJ slept with Eve. When Daniel is critical of JJ's behavior, Jennifer says they cannot be friends. Clint puts the plans that he and Kristen made into motion. Waking up, a drugged Theresa thinks she slept with Brady. Victor is stunned when he admits he allowed Nicole to give him a close shave. Fed up with Daniel, Nicole decides to find another man.

Nicole is smitten when she sees Xander — a new man in town. Xander and Serena are in cahoots. Kicked off the Dimera Estate, Kate tells Chad she does not blame him

SNEAK PEEK: The truth is revealed.

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Julian wonders if Olivia is carrying his child. She insists Ned is the father. Brandishing a gun, Luke tells his niece he will shoot her if she doesn't tell him where he can find her mother, Pat. Luke does not believe her when she says she is dead. Maxis is torn between two loves — Nathan and Spinelli. Silas refuses when Ava asks him to help in her assisted suicide. Kiki and Morgan swap Michael's allergy pills with a potent combination of drugs. Jake is uncertain when Hayden says she is his wife. Hayden and Ric are pleased when it appears Jake and Elizabeth have bought the story and are putting their relationship on hold. Nikolas feels guilty, as he knows Jake is Jason. Ric and Hayden flirt. Sam is uncertain when Patrick suggests they move in together.

SNEAK PEEK: The answer to Luke/Fluke.

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Summer, Kyle and Noah disagree on who may have murdered Austin. Fearing she is going to be railroaded for Austin's death, Sharon leans on Dylan. When Avery is unhappy about the friendship, he says he's only trying to be a friend to a friend in need. Paul breaks down when Christine reveals she cannot have any children. Christine tells Nikki she will pay for her crimes. Victor jumps to Nikki's defense and warns Christine not to threaten Nikki. Leslie is going to try Nikki for trying to keep Neil's part in the accident a secret. Lauren takes advantage of some alone time with Michael. Michael bellows he cannot pretend anymore and storms out. Ashley questions Billy if he is rushing his wedding to Chelsea because of Victoria. Billy insists that he is marrying Chelsea because they love each other. Sage tries to befriend Faith. Sharon finds Nick and Sage making love. Crushed when he learns Kelly committed suicide, Ben blames Jack and Phyllis. Ben is furious when Phyllis suggests Kelly had problems. Jack tells Phyllis he feels he is to blame for Kelly's actions. Ashley is uneasy when she sees Abby with Ben. Chelsea and Adam take a road trip. Victor has another secret meeting and tells the man the plan is going as planned.

SNEAK PEEK: Sage warns Adam.

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