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Q and A Q Why do I keep seeing famous people throwing buckets of ice over their heads? — Chelsea, Roanoke, Virginia A. Since July 29, actors, singers, sports stars, politicians and maybe even your next-door neighbor have tossed shards of frozen water …Read more. Gossip Talk about trying to destroy a character. On Aug. 28, "Bold and Beautiful's" Wyatt disparages animal lovers and gets punched out by Bob Barker. Yes, that Bob Barker. The 90-year-old former host of "Price is Right" mixes it up with Hope's new husband.…Read more. Q and A Q. I was sad to learn that the actor who played Carl on "Another World" died last week. Can you share any memories of him? — Loretta, Akron, Ohio. A. Yes! All of them are fond. Charles Keating, who died following a long struggle with cancer, …Read more. Soap Opera Summary "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Still reeling from her whirlwind trip to Paris and Monte Carlo, Hope reflects upon the recent events that led up to her current situation. Wyatt is overjoyed about his marriage to Hope. Bill has a heart-to-heart talk with Liam …Read more.
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Soap Opera Summary


"BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL": Quinn holds a gun on Deacon to make him believe she did not kill Ricardo. She attempts to get him to agree to join forces with her to achieve a similar goal. Bill has a heart-to-heart talk with Liam, telling him that Hope is married to Wyatt and it is time for Liam to move on with his life. Still having a difficult time dealing with his inability to draw, Ridge doesn't feel ready to share it with Brooke. Deacon internally fights with his desire to lead a more virtuous life, especially when Quinn paints such an appealing picture for him of what his life could be if he abides by her plan. Bill implores Brooke to forgive him and to focus on a proposed future together. With the assistance of Aly, Ivy attempts to right a wrong for which she feels responsible. Ridge voices his regrets to Katie about getting involved with Brooke's personal life because of the consequences that he is suffering. The wedding party is awkward for Liam when he realizes everyone else is there with someone. Ivy plans to be the woman in Liam's life. Ivy applies pressure on Liam to tell Hope the truth about what happened between them in Paris. Rick insists that Maya stop her attempt to pursue him because he is in a happy and committed marriage with Caroline. Deacon does what Ridge cannot.

SNEAK PEEK: Rick plans a coup

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Sami is mortified when she reads Will's column about her escapades. No longer able to use leverage with E.J., Sami softens her stance toward him. Kate tells Will his article may have ruined her takeover of Stefano's company. She loves him and also realizes he learned to fight from the best — her and Sami. Abigail is blindsided when she learns Will's article names her as E.J.'s former mistress. At the park, Ben offers Abigail his unwavering understanding. Things become awkward when E.J. arrives and sees Ben and Abigail in a passionate embrace. Sonny and Will face off when Sonny questions Will's reasons for writing the piece and his naming Abigail. Learning Kristen is in town, Brady assures Maggie he can deal with it, stay sober and make certain he does not cross paths with Kristen. Eric tells Jennifer he not returning to the priesthood. He explains he went from a man who believed in goodness and redemption, to a bitter, hate-filled man. Nicole's grand jury visit makes certain Kristen will stand trial for her misdeeds. In hopes of repairing some of the damage she has done, Kristen goes to John's hospital room. Eve wants Theresa to break up Paige and J.J.'s romance. Eve continues to pressure Paige to go to Stanford University. When Paige apologizes to Daniel about her mother coming on to him, he assures it has done nothing to change his positive opinion of her.

SNEAK PEEK: He's back

"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Felicia stays at Mac's hospital bedside as he recuperates from being shot by Levi at Maxie's wedding.

Everyone is frantic to find Lulu and Maxie, who have been abducted by Levi and his henchman. Taken to a cabin, Maxie and Lulu are told they will be there for a long time. On the road to recovery, Alice tells Tracy she will not reveal that Tracy was not responsible for her getting her heart transplant. Michael overhears Alice that Tracy and Luke are plotting to take back ELQ. Michael fires Tracy. When she threatens a wrongful termination lawsuit, he tells her to go right ahead. When Nina stands during the time they are stuck in the elevator, Franco realizes she can walk. Silas overhears Franco tell Nina her secret is safe with him. Franco leaves and Silas asks Nina what she's been keeping from him. She tells him she's been skipping PT so she can take art therapy. Kiki tells Ava she and Michael are still going strong. Ava is ecstatic to hear Silas and Sam broke up. Carly is horrified that she had sex with Sonny, and he lets her know he would love to do it again. Franco is suspicious of Carly's relationship with Sonny. Bobby helps Carly hide the truth from Franco. Back in town, Sabrina learns about Rafe's death and Robin's return. Nikolas admits he has conflicted feelings concerning who he wants in his life — Britt or Liz. The search for the Aztec necklace continues

SNEAK PEEK: From friendship to romance

"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Meeting with Sharon's one-time best friend Grace, Nick asks her questions about the night Cassie was born. He tells Grace about Ian and Mariah's suddenly not-dead mother. He presses her for details from when Sharon gave birth. Grace recalls a nurse that was a new-age chick — her name was Helen. Nick realizes Mariah's mother was there when Cassie was born. Grace recalls that Helen kicked her and Doris out when Sharon delivered and wouldn't let them see the baby. Lauren and Michael are unhappy when he cannot perform in the bedroom. At Sharon's house, Mariah, in lingerie, stammers to Sharon that she was expecting some guy from the club. Sharon tells her to stop lying. She calls her a tramp and throws her out. Rushed to the hospital, Victoria is relieved when she learns she has not miscarried. Billy tells Chelsea if Victoria is pregnant by Stitch, he could not raise the child. Released from the hospital, a blind Neal is frustrated when he falls. Blaming herself for Neal's accident, Hillary tells Devon they cannot continue their affair. Dylan cannot hide the anger he feels towards Avery because she is trying to keep Austin out of jail. Paul decides that Austin needs help not jail. Victor tells Summer he will release her trust-fund money so she can bail out Austin. Nikki continues to drink on the sly.

SNEAK PEEK: Jack confronts Victor.

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