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Doing Valentine's Day Big, Celebrity Style


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, most guys haven't given the holiday a second thought. Oops. We mean, all across the country, lovers are thinking ahead and pondering what to do for their special someone. It's not easy. Let's face it, flowers fade and chocolates may be met with ambivalence by perennial dieters — so one must think bigger, better, grander, more like a celebrity! After all, Hollywood is practically synonymous with grand romantic gestures, some of them even sincere!

How do they love? Let us count some of the ways. Most recently, Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram picture of the collection of five gold Cartier bracelets given to her by Kanye West. They include the Cartier Love Bracelet with diamonds, worth $9,400, and the Cartier Juste un Clou, reportedly worth $34,650. The total value of the five golden ring bracelets is said to be $65,000. Kim tweeted with her photo, #SoLucky!!!!


Jewelry says so much. Just ask Jennifer Lopez. People still recall the famous 6-carat, $1 million pink diamond ring her long-ago fiance Ben Affleck gave her. But among the baubles with which the "Argo" filmmaker has gifted wife Jennifer Garner is a 7-carat stunner. And Lopez' most recent ex, Marc Anthony, gave the pop diva an 8-carat diamond from Chopard. Yes, his is bigger. Lopez also received a double reward when she had her twins, with a $300,000 canary diamond ring, plus a set of diamond earrings worth $2.5 million.

Neverthelesss, the late Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor still — easily — hold the unofficial record for elaborate jewels as Tinseltown love tokens. Burton's gifts for Elizabeth included the 33.19 carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond, the La Peregrina Pearl, the heart-shaped Taj-Mahal diamond set with rubies and diamonds in a yellow gold necklace, and the world-famous, pear-shaped Taylor-Burton diamond of — are you seated? — 69.42 carats!

That one was valued at $5 million in 1979, which would be between $15 million and $16 million in today's dollars. The debonair Burton was quoted, after giving Taylor the Taj-Mahal jewel, saying that he'd have liked to buy her the real Taj-Mahal, but "it would cost too much to transport." He also said that when the public grew tired of seeing them in movies, he figured, "we can sell off a few baubles."

Now, that's style.

However, others scored bigger points for originality. How about David Beckham gifting his Victoria with her own Napa Valley Vineyard, so she could have her pretty face grace wine bottle labels? Cost: $1 million, it is said.

Goofball Marty Ingels once bought his genteel Oscar-winning wife Shirley Jones a Beverly Hills candy store, after she admired the sweets there.

True, Katy Perry and Russell Brand wound up splitting — but not before she gifted him with a trip to space! How about that for appropriate?

Yes, many romantic gestures involve fun activities.

Jay-Z has spent a fortune on parties honoring his beloved Beyonce, beginning with the half million dollar soiree he spent on a lavish hip-hop bash for her 23rd birthday — complete with live "mermaids" and an ice sculpture that read "Beautiful B." For her 25th, the mogul not only gave his lady a big party in New York, he reportedly spent $1 million to buy her a 1959 Rolls Royce convertible. For his 38th birthday, Beyonce took her man to Paris. Now, as you may have heard, they're applying their big spender ways to baby daughter Blue Ivy.

No doubt many guys wish their ladies would pop out of a giant cake just for them, the way Jessica Simpson did years ago at then-hubby Nick Lachey's 30th birthday bash at Forty Deuce in Los Angeles. And the scanty outfit she had would no doubt be a hit as well.

Which brings us to lingerie — a gift as popular with stars as it is with everyday lovers. Britney Spears is said to have spent $18,000 on sexy lingerie in a single shopping spree with ex-husband Kevin Federline, for example.

Cars are also a great idea. Former "NYPD Blue" star Dennis Franz' wife Joanie had a black and white classic Mercedes, which he named his "Tuxedo car," pushed into place in front of their house for a surprise wake up gift. It had a giant ribbon on it. Classy.

For those who relate pearls to elegance and class, well, brace yourselves. They're very much a part of life for potty-mouthed rock matriarch-turned-TV personality Sharon Osbourne and hubby Ozzy, who buys them for her on Valentine's Day every year.

"Our first Valentine's Day together — we spent it apart —Ozzy was in Japan, and they're kind of famous for their pearls. He went into this shop and he spent a fortune that we didn't have in those days, on the credit card," Rate the Music quoted Sharon as saying.

"The day that he bought (the pearls) he left — brought them back to England. And then the bill came through three weeks later, and we couldn't return them 'cause they were (from) Japan and I'm like, 'Oh Ozzy, we're going to have to work for like six months to pay off this bill!' So, it's now become a tradition — pearls."

Who would have thought?

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