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Marc Dion
Marc Dion
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Whaddaya know! Illegal Immigrants WILL Obey the Law


The Associated Press, which likes anecdote-based journalism much more than it did 30 years ago, recently released a story about illegal immigrants fleeing Arizona because of a tough new law that will allow cops to (pass me a tissue) DO something about the flood of illegals in that state.

The story talks about whole neighborhoods being depopulated as the illegal inhabitants run to nearby New Mexico, where illegals can live as safely as they do in the rest of the country.

But wait, as the guys selling ceramic knives on late-night television like to say, there's more!

Americans have been told constantly by the press, by their leaders, by Barack Obama and by each other, that we just CAN'T legislate our way out of our illegal immigrant problem.

Laws don't work, we're told. We can't deport 'em all, we're told. There are too many. We'll never find them all. After all, they're in the country illegally, so why bother to pass ANOTHER law. Laws don't work.

But, in Arizona, where they haven't even started enforcing their new law, the children of illegal immigrants are being pulled out of school as their parents move to other states. One woefully confused person who runs something called a "Community Health Center" is quoted in the story noting that illegals are "scared" to come to the centers.

Imagine that.

It seems that passing a law against something and then even threatening to enforce that law causes people to change their behavior.

Can't pass gun laws, we're told, because criminals don't obey gun laws. Can't pass drug laws because druggies don't obey drug laws. You have to have casinos in your state because "if people want to gamble, they're going to find a way."

Imagine applying that same standard to child molestation.

"Hey, if you want to molest children, you're gonna molest children," or, "No sense in making child pornography illegal.

If people want child pornography, they're gonna get it somewhere."

All too true, as the recidivism rates for child molesters will tell you. Almost all child molesters do it again as soon as they get released from prison — but, hey, we keep arresting them anyway.

If the law is so impotent, why are the illegals fleeing Arizona?

The law is not impotent, though many legislators are, at least in terms of having a stiff backbone.

Legislators can raise the tax on a pack of Marlboros 400 percent in five years and collect every dime of the increase, but they can't arrest the illegal immigrant who works at the cigarette store?

That make sense to you?

Me, neither.

Fact is, the government will spend more time, money and trouble tracking you down for not paying the $65 excise tax on a 9-year-old car than they will looking for the illegal immigrants who ate your union carpenter's job.

Why? Well, it's mostly because the people who run the government think of legislation as a way to raise money — money that can then be funneled back to legislators' home states, grants that go to "community health centers" and "immigration assistance centers" and "bilingual education."

Maybe illegal immigrants ate your job, but they guarantee the jobs of a lot of people working in what we quaintly call "social services" — organizations where the staff and the clients are both supported by your tax money. You can just imagine how scared the average "case worker" or "outreach worker" must get at the thought of illegals leaving the state. No illegals, no job. A cop with no criminals can always help old ladies across the street. An outreach worker with no poor people has to go drive a truck.

That Arizona thing, though, it makes you think.

What if every state passed a new, tough law against illegal immigration? What if the states enforced those laws?

A hard new law in Arizona is driving illegals out of the state.

You may or may not like that new law.

But it's working.

Imagine that.

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Arizona is not the first or only State to have such a law. Why is the un-American of the united (lower case "u" intentional) States so focused on only the Arizona law?
Comment: #1
Posted by: David Henricks
Mon Jul 5, 2010 1:06 AM
YOU. ARE. AN. IDIOT. They CAN'T obey the law, by nature, considering they are ILLEGAL immigrants. I hate when Libtards like you keep screaming how law abiding Illegals are. Do you not realize the idiocy and contradictory tones that statement entails?

If you want all the information you need to know about Arizona's enforcement of the FEDERAL immigration laws, you need look no further than Mexico's tool-in-chief, Calderon, on CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Back to back, he criticizes Arizona's law, calling it racial profiling and fascist to ask for immigration papers, then the very next question he says Mexico does the EXACT SAME THING on its borders and defends it. Huh, why are WE the ones that are bastards for wanting to protect our sovereign territory, and not any other country? You Liberals are the worst thing that has happened to this great country since Jimmy Carter. Go to Europe or Iran or Venezuela if you want Socialism and soft tyranny, then come back after 10 years and tell me this country is doing it wrong.
Comment: #2
Posted by: Charles
Tue Jul 6, 2010 7:49 AM
Also, and this is the kicker, you argue that gun laws don't keep people from getting guns illegally... Well, they DO actually, for the most part. Look at Chicago (just for ONE example, many other exist in Brittan, Australia, etc.). They banned proper, law abiding citizens from owning handguns. So proper, law abiding citizens DIDN'T own handguns. Handgun violence ROSE by quite a bit because criminals, who couldn't own them legally in the first place, never stopped obtaining them illegally. That left law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves properly, so handgun violence rose,as did handgun murders and robberies. If you allow citizens to protect themselves on the same level that criminals attack them, you create an incentive for criminals to THINK before they do anything because they never know who is carrying protective weaponry on the same level. Logic: Liberals don't have it.

Now, extend that logically to Illegal Immigrant Scumbags. They are already Illegal, so you don't need to pass another law that states they are Illegal, because its already there. However, if you start (or even elude to starting) to enforce the law, you scare people, and rightly so. There no longer is an incentive to stay. When you disrupt someones way of life, they tend to want to leave. That is the purpose of this law. Get them to leave, stop soaking up proper, legal tax payers money, stop crowding our schools, hospitals, roads, etc. As more and more states pass similar laws, they will migrate more and more to other states, until there will only be a few states left to take them (California, Illinois, New York, New Mexico), all of which are fiscally and morally bankrupt and won't be able to afford them. Then, they'll have to follow suit or go belly up.

You see, Progressives/Liberals/Idiots (or whatever they call themselves these days) don't follow the logical progression through before they speak. They just scream from their knee-jerk reactions if they don't agree with something done. They don't use facts, logic, or reason.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Charles
Tue Jul 6, 2010 8:03 AM
Re: Charles
Calm down, Charles. Mr. Dion is using irony. His column is in support of the Arizona law. The law will stand in court, other states will follow Arizona's excellent example, and we can let the "sanctuary" states drown in their naive globalism.
Comment: #4
Posted by: johnny
Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:51 PM
I love the comments here. What a bunch a raving lunatics. Why are so many people against living in a country that people are willing to risk life and limb to get into? Where would you rather live? In a country people are dying to get into, or get out of? If the latter is true, move to Cuba. Oh, sorry, that is against the law. Of both countries.
Our problem is not illegal immigrants. If that is true, then all of us should leave this country except for the native American Indians. But wait a minute. How did they get here? Hmmm. Guess I will have to research that a little. Did they just pop up out of the ground? Were their seeds brought here by some strange global wind eons ago? If human life really began in Africa somewhere as some people will argue, then does that mean all of the planet belongs to Africans? Or if I conquer a land and retain it long enough, do I then outright own that land? That's what we have done here in the good old US of A. We conquered the natives here. And they died by the untold thousands trying to defend their homeland.
And that is where the real problem is. We simply don't have enough people that are willing to die to defend their homeland. We call fallen soldiers heroes. Huh? THEY DIED. THEY FAILED TO CONQUER! Dead men don't defend anything. They have to carted off the battlefront. And injured men are even more of a problem. We have to nurse them back to health, or at least try to.
I admire anyone willing to die for a cause. But if they die, what good did they do? Some people still see the Japanese Kamikaze pilots as heroes. And from a truly objective standpoint, they were. They died for a cause they believed in. And they did one heck of a lot more damage than thousands could do on land or by sea. If Japan could have found more willing to serve as Kamikazes, I'm not sure we would have won the war in the Pacific. Except for that atom bomb thing. Were the men flying the Enola Gay heroes? Of course they were. They survived. They completed their mission. They are the true heroes of the war. But where is their monument? The men that died on the USS Arizona are not heroes. They died asleep at the wheel. Or at least their leaders did. But if one of our poorly trained soldiers dies or gets wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq, we call them heroes. Baloney. Heroes live. Heroes conquer. Heroes succeed. Heroes return from battle. They don't die or get injured in battle. THEY KILL THE ENEMY!
Why do you think we call Alexander "the Great"?
Comment: #5
Posted by: Steven H. Farmer
Wed Jun 5, 2013 9:49 PM
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