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Marc Dion
Marc Dion
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I Wanna Be a Sheep, I Swear


All I really want to do is believe.

I want to swim in belief. I want to breath belief. I want to heat up a can of belief-aroni for supper. I want to buy a six-pack of belief-weiser tall boys and drink 'em on my porch.

When someone says to me, "My son died in Iraq last week," I want to say, "He died fighting for oil."

When someone tells me they saw President Obama on television, I want to say: "He's not even an American. He wants us all to work for the state and live on rations issued by the many-tentacled Zionist Occupation Government."

I want to believe Jon Stewart is a reporter. I want to believe Rush Limbaugh is a reporter. I want to believe the end of the world is next Tuesday, foretold by my preacher, who runs a church in a strip mall next to a tire place. I want to believe civil rights means third-graders have to learn what it's like to be a cross-dresser.

I want to believe that gun control is the only thing you need to think about before you vote. Or gay marriage. Or abortion.

I want to believe my daughter was young and made a mistake. I want to believe your daughter is a pregnant slut without a husband.

I want to be straight ahead, straight forward, a soldier of the left or the right. I want to be able to watch a gay marriage rally or a tea party rally without making a joke.

I want certainty.

I want to be dead serious. If I joke at all, I want it to be about welfare mothers and their bastard children or about a bunch of swishy-poos taking over the military.

I want to call talk radio every day and call the president "Obama bin Laden." I want to call talk radio every day and call Sarah Palin "Snowjob Squareglasses."

I wanna bumper sticker that says, "Liberals are destroying America," or, "Conservatives are sub-humans and should all be killed, but only by humane methods after a proper trial."

Killing. Oh, God, yes! I want killing. I want drug dealers hung. I want bigots shipped off to camps and gassed.

I never want to feel the ground under my feet shift.

I want to go to a church where everyone thinks like me. I want to watch television news that agrees with me. I want newspapers that agree with me. I want comedians, preachers, columnists and the other people at work to agree with me.

I want to believe, and I want you to believe what I believe, and if you don't I want to smash you into silence, to shoot you, to starve you, to take you apart and send the pieces back to Jesus for reassembly.

I want to be the kind of sheep who calls people on the other side "sheep," as though we were not all walking in the same flock.

America is a pain in the ass because you're supposed to think all the time, to keep evaluating and re-evaluating, to meld original principles with changing times.

But if you can pick one thing, one true left/right, conservative/liberal thing, and you can make that everything you believe, you can quit thinking once and for all.

And you can believe.

Do you believe?

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I too want to believe. I want to turn on the news, listen to some talking head talk about the decisions being made for us by our elected politicians, and I want to say to myself "That's a good decision, one I fully support". I want to believe that voting makes a difference, and that a candidate elected for their values will actually hold to those values, even at the cost of their own re-election. I want to believe that our government really is looking out for us, and not simply creating new laws to justify its own existence. When a politician says we can't cut spending for medicare, social security, education, military, etc.. it's because we truly cannot afford too, not because doing so would be a shift in voter opinion. But I know it's not true, I know in the back of my head it's all lies and games. I simply won't allow myself to believe. While the life of a sheep is docile, it's also meaningless. If one thing separates humans from the animals, it's our ability to seek meaning in our own lives. The believers have decided that there is meaning, while us non-believers have accepted that there really isn't any meaning, but we still look for it anyway.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Nathan H.
Fri Aug 5, 2011 11:21 AM
-----------------CUT TO THE CHASE!
Globalism/ 'Free Trade' ---is, even in its 'best' days, nothing more than
unbridled monopoly biz nihilism.
The same is ALWAYS bound up, intertwined, indeed, wedded to the
twin horrors of God mocking, psychopathic USURY ---and, their 'fave'
God mocking OP ---EUGENICS.
No way around it. This is, was, and ALWAYS will be ---cosmically so.
"----------------And David counted the tribes'
Hellbound actuarial psychopaths ------TAKE HEED.
Comment: #2
Posted by: free bee
Fri Aug 5, 2011 9:57 PM
Let's all gather behind

RON PAUL in 2012

or OBAMA has a real chance of term no. two

As the Republican party is brand broken and they still don't get this

sad really
Comment: #3
Posted by: Soothsayer
Sat Aug 6, 2011 1:06 PM
But with all that certainty, and surrounded by nothing but agreement, wouldn't the world become boring as heck?

Besides, we all know what happens to sheep. They get fleeced by their shepherds.
Comment: #4
Posted by: R.A.
Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:41 PM
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