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MAY 07, 2008
Sirota's latest work: A fascinating, firsthand adventure at the serrated edges of American politics
Before penning his newest book The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington, syndicated columnist and journalist David Sirota spent a year on the road. He witnessed firsthand the growing public unrest in America, and he now tries to determine if the anger that he saw will grow into a real movement.
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APRIL 18, 2008
Lenore Skenazy Douses a Maelstrom
After nearly three weeks of intense media coverage amid a firestorm of controversy, Lenore Skenazy addresses the nation's response to her recent column, "Why I Let My Nine Year Old Ride the Subway Alone."
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APRIL 15, 2008
Luckovich named as Editorial Cartoonist of the Year by The Week
For the third time in four years, Mike Luckovich has been named Editorial Cartoonist of the Year by The Week magazine. Senior editors from the magazine partner with a panel of 25 VIP judges from various disciplines to select the winners of this prestigious award.
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APRIL 11, 2008
Lenore Skenazy Ignites a Blaze of Controversy.
What began as ordinary musings for New York-based author Lenore Skenazy, quickly captured the nation's attention and catapulted the progressive parent and prolific writer into a pit of controversy. In her column "Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway," Skenazy deconstructs the urban myths guiding society in its obsessive need to protect children from the evils surely lurking around every corner.
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APRIL 09, 2008
"Moola" the movie, which features an animated opening sequence by Rubes artist Leigh Rubin, hits stores soon
Allumination FilmWorks is pleased to announce the release of Moola, the award-winning, all-star independent comedy directed by Don Most (of “Happy Days” fame). This “udderly” beguiling comedy features a side-splitting opening sequence drawn by Creators Syndicate cartoonist Leigh Rubin...
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MARCH 10, 2008
Humor columnist Bruce Cameron's latest book already set for silver screen adaptation
Columnist Bruce Cameron's newest book, "8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter And Other Reasonable Advice From the Father of the Bride (Not that Anyone Is Paying Attention)" doesn't hit stores until April 8, but the project is already being adapted for the big screen.
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MARCH 07, 2008
Simon and Luckovich garner National Headliner Awards
Creators columnist Roger Simon and editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich have both been named recipients of National Headliner Awards.
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FEBRUARY 13, 2008
ToonSeum Honors Morrie Turner
February may be the year's shortest month, but that isn't stopping Creators Syndicate cartoonist, Morrie Turner of Wee Pals, from making it a memorable one. Turner is slated to appear at ToonSeum in Pittsburgh on February 16 where he will be honored by the museum in its celebration of Black History Month, as well as participate in a panel discussion about African Americans in comics and editorial cartoons.
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FEBRUARY 08, 2008
February 10 Comics Sit- In
Creators Syndicate cartoonists, Charlos Gary of Café Con Leche and Working it Out and Stephen Bentley of Herb and Jamal, along with about eight other African American cartoonists will be taking part in the comic-page action organized by Cory Thomas (Watch Your Head) and Darrin Bell (Candorville). In an effort to satirize the widely held belief that minority artists are interchangeable, the comics will duplicate one another, essentially, by drawing different renditions of the same strip originally created by Thomas.
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FEBRUARY 05, 2008
New book by Larry Elder hits shelves today
Larry Elder's newest book, Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card - and Lose, hits shelves in bookstores across the country today. In Stupid Black Men, Elder tackles tough questions like: "Is life unfair for Black Americans? Is racial equality the answer to every question of public policy? Are a huge group of citizens being kept down by 'the man'?"
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JANUARY 14, 2008
Two Creators cartoonists to participate in national protest Feb. 10
Two of Creators Syndicate's cartoonists, Charlos Gary of Cafe Con Leche and Working It Out and Stephen Bentley of Herb and Jamaal, will be participating in a Feb. 10 protest taking place on on comics pages across the country.
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DECEMBER 28, 2007
Complete collection of Benazir Bhutto's columns available on is proud to offer its readers a complete collection of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's columns. Click the "read more" link to view a chronological list of Ms. Bhutto's syndicated columns, which ran from April, 1996 to January, 1997. The columns began while she was serving as Prime Minister of Pakistan and continue for several months after her dismissal in November of 1996.
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DECEMBER 06, 2007
Upcoming Chuck Norris column is already making news
Creators Syndicate is proud to begin syndicating the political commentary of the international sensation Chuck Norris beginning on January 14, 2008. Even with several weeks to go before the official launch, Norris' column is already making news.
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DECEMBER 05, 2007
Columnist Matt Towery nominated for John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award
U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young has nominated Creators columnist and former member of the Georgia House of Representatives Matthew Towery for the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Towery and Georgia Senator Emanuel Jones were nominated for their efforts in securing the release of 21-year-old Genarlow Wilson from jail in late October.
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NOVEMBER 14, 2007
Daily Cartoonist Interview with Mason Mastroianni, new B.C. artist
Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist recently interviewed Mason Mastroianni about the challenges and rewards he and his family face in continuing Johnny Hart's long-running comic, B.C.
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NOVEMBER 06, 2007
Miguel Pérez named "contributor" to CNN
Miguel Pérez, Creators Syndicate columnist, award-winning journalist and broadcaster and professor at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York has been named as a contributor to CNN.
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OCTOBER 31, 2007
Mike Luckovich displays original collection of art in Atlanta
Pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich is currently exhibiting an original collection of his work at the TEW gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.
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OCTOBER 25, 2007 launches new section
Today launched a new featured section titled "Election 2008." In this section we will be collecting commentary and editorial cartoons from Creators Syndicate writers and artists from across the political spectrum relating to the 2008 US Presidential Election.
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SEPTEMBER 28, 2007
Paperback edition of William Moyers' memoir "Broken" enters fourth printing
The new paperback edition of William Moyers' amazing memoir "Broken" has recently entered its fourth printing, having sold over 50,000 books in under three weeks. The tale of Moyers' descent into addiction and his arduous journey back, "Broken" is an important and inspirational work. Creators Syndicate is proud to launch William Moyers' column, Beyond Addiction, on October 8.
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SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Creators Columnist Tony Blankley leaves Washington Times for Edelman PR Firm
The Washington Times announced today that Tony Blankley, editorial page editor there for five years, will be leaving to accept a post as executive vice president of the Edelman public-relations firm in Washington. Creators Syndicate will continue to distribute Mr. Blankley's column without interruption.
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