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FEBRUARY 01, 2007
Molly Ivins Press Release
Molly Ivins, the liberal Texas columnist best known for her down-home humor and biting wit, passed away on Jan. 31, 2007. We at Creators Syndicate are deeply saddened by this loss to us individually and to newspaper readers around the world.
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JANUARY 09, 2007
The new
Happy Birthday, Creators Syndicate! Creators Syndicate is celebrating 2007 and our 20th anniversary with the launch of our new website. Please explore the new look of, and read about the illustrious 20-year history of Creators Syndicate. Click the image to the left to find out more about the new site.
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DECEMBER 01, 2006
Steve Sack wins award for Editorial Cartoons
Steve Sack, editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Creators Syndicate, is the winner of this year's Clifford K. & James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartoons.
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