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AUGUST 30, 2007
First new Ballard Street collection in 9 years arrives!
Practicing People Skills on Ballard Street, the first collection of Jerry Van Amerongen's Ballard Street cartoons released in 9 years, is now available from Itasca Books. Fans of the groundbreaking panel have had a long wait, but they can now order copies of this latest collection. Signed copies available while supplies last!
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AUGUST 28, 2007
Hattiesburg American reinstates B.C. and Wizard of Id
Another paper has made the switch and brought both B.C. and The Wizard of Id back to their pages. Following the completion of a comics survey, The Hattiesburg American of Hattiesburg, Mississippi recently returned B.C. and The Wizard of Id to their comics lineup, much to the joy of local readers.
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AUGUST 25, 2007
Rubes Zoo in a Box Available Nationwide!
The Rubes 2008 Zoo in a Box calendar is now available nationwide! Pick one up at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders booksellers, or visit our shopping page to order online.
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AUGUST 24, 2007
Newspaper Answer Readers' Demands and Returns B.C. to Comics Pages
Back in May the Charleston Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina, dropped the long-running comic strips B.C. and Shoe. After enduring weeks of reader outcry, the paper decided to bring back one of the ousted strips, and held a reader poll to determine which would return. The clear winner was B.C., and the Charleston residents are now enjoying its return.
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JULY 23, 2007
Robert Novak's Memoir Makes Waves
Robert D. Novak's much-anticipated memoir entitled "The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years of Reporting in Washington" was released earlier this month. From Publisher's Weekly: "Novak's insider-perspective, vitriolic pen and damn-the-torpedoes frankness make it a lively and eye-opening account of big-foot journalism."
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JUNE 11, 2007
Leigh Rubin's "The Wild Life of Love" garners honors
Leigh Rubin's collection of Rubes cartoons entitled "The Wild Life of Love" has received the bronze medal for humor in Foreward Magazine's 2006 Book of the Year Awards.
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JUNE 01, 2007
Creators Artist Wins Reuben for Greeting Cards
Creators Syndicate's cartoonist Carla Ventresca, who draws the comic strip "On A Claire Day", won the National Cartoonists Society Award for excellence in the field of greeting cards over the Memorial Day weekend.
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MAY 25, 2007
Creators Names New Human Resources Manager
Effective June 1, longtime Creators Syndicate employee Sheila Telle will be promoted to the position of human resources manager.
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MAY 14, 2007
Mike Luckovich wins National Headliners Award
Mike Luckovich has won the National Headliners Award for the second year in a row. Finalists for the award this year also included New York cartoonists Matt Davies, of the Journal-News, and Adam Zyglis, at the Buffalo News. The Headliner has been given since 1934 by the Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J.
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MAY 10, 2007
Creators Syndicate's newest features
Creators Syndicate is proud to announce the launch of several new features in the first part of 2007, including a new comic strip, two new opinion columns, and a new column on collectibles.
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MAY 10, 2007
Congratulations to Creators Syndicate cartoonist Dave Coverly!
Congratulations to Dave Coverly, creator of the cartoon panel "Speed Bump", on his recent nomination for the Reuben award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. The Reuben awards are distributed each year by the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and are considered professional cartooning's highest honor.
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APRIL 20, 2007
Wizard of Id
To our editors and readers: Please note that there will be no disruption of service for "The Wizard of Id" comic strip. Jeff Parker has been the artist and co-writer for the past 10 years and will continue his work with the strip. He was privileged to work under the tutelage of his father, beloved cartoonist Brant Parker, for 10 years before Brant's retirement in 1997. Jeff Parker and the Hart family look forward to continuing a longtime tradition of comic excellence. Thank you for your continued support of "The Wizard of Id."
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APRIL 17, 2007
Rubes Animation in Newport Beach Film Festival
Independent feature "Moola" premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival, directed by Don Most (Happy Days), featuring animated highlights by syndicated cartoonist Leigh Rubin, creators of the popular cartoon panel "Rubes".
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APRIL 16, 2007
Brant Parker In Memoriam
The Creators Syndicate family mourns the passing of Brant Parker on Sunday at the Privette Home in Lynchburg, Va. Parker joined fellow cartoonist Johnny Hart on the groundbreaking comic strip "The Wizard of Id" and was its artist for many years, before his retirement a decade ago.
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APRIL 09, 2007
Creators Syndicate mourns passing of Johnny Hart
Johnny Hart, In Memoriam (1931-2007) By Rick Newcombe, President and Founder of Creators Syndicate, Inc. Johnny Hart was a towering genius among cartoonists. He had a profound influence on my life. Johnny stands out as one of the kindest, most generous, patient and all-round decent people I have ever known.
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APRIL 09, 2007
Note to B.C. and The Wizard of Id editors
We at Creators Syndicate are deeply saddened by the loss of Johnny Hart. For newspaper editors who are currently running B.C. and The Wizard of Id, we offer the following information.
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MARCH 23, 2007
R. Emmett Tyrrell's new book soars on
Creators Syndicate's columnist R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr's new book (released March 20, 2007) is already one of the top-ranked titles on The Clinton Crackup is an investigative discussion of President Clinton's life after the White House. Click on the cover to read more.
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MARCH 13, 2007
Creators Columnist Roland Martin Joins CNN
From CNN, March 13, 2007: Roland S. Martin, a nationally syndicated columnist and Chicago-based radio host, will join CNN, it was announced today by Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. Martin will serve as a contributor across several programs effective immediately, and, in the coming months, the network will develop various other programming concepts around him.
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MARCH 09, 2007
Steve Benson wins Scripps-Howard Foundation Prize
Steve Benson, an editorial cartoonist for Creators Syndicate who is based at The Arizona Republic, has been awarded the Scripps Howard Foundation's annual National Journalism Award for Editorial Cartooning. Mike Luckovich, another Creators Syndicate cartoonist, was named as a finalist.
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MARCH 02, 2007
Creators Editor Sara Libby published in LA Times
Not all Gen Y'ers are spoiled brats What the study on narcissistic twentysomethings really reveals. WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE (a whole nine months ago), you couldn't navigate campus without running into students in T-shirts that read "At USC, we're not snobs we're just better than you" a nod to the school's University of Spoiled Children nickname. As it turns out, it isn't just Trojans who feel strongly about their own self-importance....
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