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Chuck Norris

About Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is an international television and film star, as well as a world-renowned martial arts expert and teacher. He is also well-known for his nutrition and fitness advocacy, as demonstrated by his endorsement of the globally popular Total Gym exercise equipment, a device that has helped improve the health of millions for more than three decades.

"C Force" is Norris' new health column, distributed by Creators Syndicate. It offers regular advice and insight on improving readers' health and fitness by a celebrated master of healthy living. It will bring them into his world with the guidelines and philosophies he lives by, as well as offer sound advice from reputable and highly respected experts in the natural and medical fields. "C Force" espouses a holistic view of health, that wellness is obtained and maintained by treating ourselves as integrated wholes -- mind, body and spirit.

Norris is a New York Times best-selling author of three books. They include "Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America," first released in 2008, and the 2004 autobiographical "Against All Odds." Norris also has penned two books of fiction ("The Justice Riders" and "A Threat to Justice") and "The Secret of Inner Strength."

As the subject of countless Paul Bunyan-type fictional "facts" created by fans, with an estimated 600,000 "facts" circulating on the Internet, Norris has been asked for years, "Which are your favorites?" With the release of "The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book" in November 2009, fans everywhere at last got their answer and, along with the levity, some eye-opening insight behind these facts and the code by which Norris lives his life.

In 2006, he added the title of "columnist" to his list of credits, with the launch of his popular Internet column on social issues and its subsequent expansion via Creators Syndicate. His weekly column is now widely circulated to newspapers and websites nationwide.

One of the most popular actors in the world, Chuck Norris has starred in more than 20 action films and the television series "Walker, Texas Ranger," with 203 episodes over 8 1/2 years. It was the most successful Saturday night series on CBS since "Gunsmoke." The program currently is seen by an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide and airs daily in the U.S. and in more than 80 countries worldwide. Millions of people around the world also know Chuck Norris as the star of the films "Delta Force," "Missing in Action," "Lone Wolf McQuade" and "Sidekicks." Few people know he wrote the original screenplays for a number of his box-office hits.

A former airman first class in the United States Air Force, past spokesman for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veteran Foundation's Veteran of the Year award recipient, he has spent hundreds of hours visiting service members at military installations and in America's veterans hospitals. In 2007, he was made an honorary member of the Marine Corps in recognition of two recent visits to troops in Iraq.

Norris' first international acclaim came as a six-time undefeated world middleweight karate champion. He is the first man from the Western Hemisphere in the more than 4,500 years of tae kwon do to be awarded an eighth-degree black belt grand master ranking.

Among his more rewarding accomplishments is the creation in 1992 of his KICKSTART KIDS program. His wife, Gena Norris, is also a leading force in this endeavor and a valuable member of the foundation's board of directors. With its mission of building strong moral character in youths through the martial arts, expanding the foundation and its benefits has become Chuck and Gena's mission in life, in addition to the development and well-being of their family.

KICKSTART KIDS, which began in Houston, now teaches the martial arts to more than 6,000 at-risk middle-school children in Texas. This character-building life-skills school curriculum has exceeded 60,000 youngsters graduating the program, with many going on to college and becoming successful in their own right. Proceeds from Chuck Norris' books and other ventures go to support this nonprofit foundation and to advancing Chuck and Gena's plan to expand the KICKSTART KIDS foundation nationwide.

The Norrises live on their ranch near Houston, where they are raising their twins.