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Creators Syndicate's Newest Online Opportunity

Creators now offers a no risk way for websites to feature our entire comics lineup at no charge. Download the PDF brochure, Creators Syndicate: Online Opportunities, our visit the Online Opportunities page to find out more!

Feature Wire and Feature Page by Creators Syndicate

The two newest ways to manage content sourced from Creators Syndicate directly to your web properties

Feature Page
What is Feature Page?

* We host the content using your co-branded headers with your look and feel

* You can stream your ads within your header to maintain revenue

* You will have access to statistics for all of your Featurepage content

* You can have access to your raw log files

Ideal for:
* Overworked webmasters

* Operations that do not have the resources to run a large-scale website

* Businesses that want to take advantage of the power of content immediately!


* B.C. by Johnny Hart at the Washington Post (

* Horoscope by Holiday Mathis at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune (

Feature Wire

What is Feature Wire?

* We deliver content to your servers on a daily basis (just after midnight)

* We place content in date oriented directories for display and archiving purposes

Ideal for:

* Webmasters who want full control of every part of their system

* Operations that have sophisticated server archiving and retrieval capabilities

* Businesses that want to integrate all syndicated content into their site statistics


* Heathcliff by George Gately at the Seatlle Post-Intelligencer (

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