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Matt Towery
Matt Towery
17 Jul 2014
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If Voters Act Like Financial Markets GOP Could Have a Tough November


As of late July, we see major conflicts that have flared up in Iraq, the Ukraine and in the ongoing escalating attack on Israel. New home sales remain mediocre. Millennials, who helped elect Barack Obama, are reportedly suffering most in the nation's the job market. The cost of food is rising quickly. The list goes on and on.

Add to that poor approval ratings for President Obama and it would seem that the public would rush to the polls in November to elect Republicans in tight races for the U.S. Senate and in other major contests.

While all that is taking place in the world, one would expect that investors would be shying away from Wall Street and would dump a stock market that seems filled with risk and overwhelmed by mediocre national economic numbers.

Yet, the Dow and S&P continue to hover near all-time highs. Yes, when a passenger plane was downed, likely by anti-Ukraine government and Russian-backed forces, the market took a brief dive. But even with airports closed in Israel and Iraq slowly headed toward semi-implosion, quarterly earnings reports have generally ruled the day on Wall Street.

The fact that more companies have found more ways to squeeze a penny out of their customers, vendors or employees has completely overshadowed obvious foreign aggression by former foes and increased aggression by longstanding ones against the United States and those with whom we are thought to be allies.

Make no mistake; there is nothing wrong with corporate profits. In fact, another deepening issue in this nation is the manner in which Americans are being told, through endless media reports, that wealth is evil and that, ultimately, a major additional move toward government-engineered redistribution of that wealth is necessary.

But even with its own existence being challenged by attitudes, executive orders and new federal regulations for the corporations in which they invest, the investment community in America is content. The "bulls" continue to run on Wall Street.

And in many ways those hoping for a change in direction politically this year might want to ponder why the stock market keeps getting the equivalent of "landslide" victories in the face of so many obvious problems. Might not the electorate in America take the same approach this November?

Yes, it goes against all common sense and conventional wisdom to imagine that critical swing states won't witness a revolution by voters tired of seeing their nation lose respect on the international front.

It seems unimaginable that voters would not flood the voting booths after having endured one of the least bountiful but one of the longest-running recoveries from an economic recession in history.

Obamacare alone, with its wretched approval ratings, would seem more than enough to bring out the masses and elect Republicans in races that are competitive.

But Republicans had better wake up and recognize that, unless they abandon their tired and old political techniques and light a fuse under their shrinking base, they may well see Democrats receiving the same treatment that the stock market has enjoyed when Election Day arrives. Political "stock" that should be falling could instead be receiving another round of "investment" by voters, likely mesmerized by momentary issues that overshadow long-term and much more significant problems.

If you don't believe me, just look at states where Republicans should be, in light of our national circumstances and past voting histories, leading their Democrat opponents. In North Carolina polls show Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan leading her Republican opponent. In Louisiana, the latest poll shows the incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu leading as well. Then there is Georgia, a state dominated by Republican-elected officials, but one in which the most recent polls show both the Republican incumbent governor and U.S. Senate nominee trailing their Democratic opposition.

Republicans must not only find a way to inspire their faithful to go to the polls in November but must also find ways to overcome issues of wealth disparity and the so-called "war on women" or risk having the overarching issues of the day overshadowed by momentary matters. Complacency is the GOP's enemy. If nominees allow themselves to be painted as out of touch with "the middle class" or female voters, then Democrats, like the financial markets, could continue to ride high.

Matt Towery is author of the book "Paranoid Nation: The Real Story of the 2008 Fight for the Presidency." He has served as an elected official, has advised major national campaigns and heads a non-partisan polling and media company. He is also publisher of the Washington-based Southern Political Report, the nation's oldest active political newsletter. Follow him on Twitter: @matttowery. To find out more about Matt Towery and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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Sir;... If you see the republicans as I usually do, as so many idiots with guns, your average Barney Fife lightweights on every subject from education, to sexuality, to climate change; you can be sure the odds are as great of them shooting themselves in the foot as of shooting you...I am inclined to take my chances with idiots rather than people who mean to do me harm, but the idiots who only want to help themselves to distilled sweat off this overworked people are so much more common than bad people... It is only that we can't take more... The republicans goad the people into a chorus of complaint, and thinks it gains them ground... The complaints and the feelings that motivate both right and left to complaint are real enough and strong enough to make a lot of history of our parties, our politics, and possibly this people...
Sir; we don't have to hate each other, and we don't have to cry... I would as soon see the republicans light a fuse under their base as a kid drop a lit cherrybomb into a powder keg If I didn't know they would have better luck with a wheel chair... The republicans are old hat in a land of new ideas... It does not matter how old those new ideas may be because youth and the concerns of youth are driving this society, and the last thing you want is to see a whole bunch of bored and frustrated youths trying on revolution as an adventure... Revolution is no job for amatures even if they would make better generals than most generals... You cannot have a successful revolution without breaking all the rules, and risking all your grain to lose a little chaff...52 card pick up with humanity in the air is an act of courage, as every act suspending for a time the power of morality must be... Youth too well brought up, always trying to keep their panties on even when they're peed, can only get a necessary task half done for the real madness to begin...
What holds the republicans back from any forward progress is the total lack of vision... What holds back youth is the want of dreams... There is not one free dream in America, but there is a surplus of fears... We pass around old and tired ideas like they are still currency, but every one knows it was all a pyramid scheme, and we got scammed...
Sir;... All the republicans have had in my life were principals that seemed to work once upon a time... Your people are dying of old age and bitterness about always being wrong and never being able to change their minds and see things like good people... That man from the East who said: Hell is an unenlightened mind -must have been able to imagine the republicans from that distant land so long ago...Now that your troops have been hollowed out by bile, you want to light a fire under them... If they are not entirely jaded with the republican inability to govern, then they are ready to be trashed by fire...They might flame up bright like a pile of cornstalks, but not last long or give much heat...Just get them to the election booth, and they know which lever to pull, even if they know nothing else...
Sir;... No one needs to be told what is obvious in media reports about the evils of wealth...Your problem is explaining how good wealth is to the growing number of people who must learn to suffer the evils of poverty in everything from terrible roads and worn out infrastructure to lousy education, and health care... The government can't work, is broke, and still the rich want to drum us into wars brought about by their destabilization of the world... Tell me... Doesn't your path seem more than a little up hill each way???
Comment: #1
Posted by: James A, Sweeney
Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:57 AM
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