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Dear Mark
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Republicans, Maybe Some Knuckleheads but Not Knuckle Draggers


Dear Mark: I was appalled at the recent remarks by Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida. He referred to Republicans as "knuckle draggers" and "Neanderthals," whose solution for health care was for people to "die quickly." Shouldn't he be formally reprimanded on the floor of the House like Joe Wilson? — Nice Knuckles in Newcastle

Dear Knuckles: Don't forget that he also referred to our current health care system as "Holocaust in America." That statement is an insult to all of the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, techs, paramedics and the other countless health care professionals who work tirelessly to save millions of lives each year. Even the insurance companies, who are constantly demonized, are working to save lives as well as improve the overall quality of life.

I share your frustration about the double standard, but I don't think Congress needs to waste any time on a resolution condemning Representative Grayson. If the man wants to broadcast his ignorance to the world, then by all means let him. His speech on the House floor illustrates the vacuousness of the ideas of the Democrat Party. By simply attacking the opposition personally, Grayson avoids legitimate discussion on the facts of the current health care reform debate — which, by the way, his party seems to be losing.

To correct the congressman, the Republican Party may have a few knuckleheads but not a bunch of "knuckle draggers."

Dear Mark: Rep. Joe Wilson was publicly reprimanded by Nancy Pelosi and company over his "you lie" comment referring to illegal immigrants receiving health care under President Obama's plan. Hasn't the South Carolina congressman been proven right? — Reveling in Redemption in Rhome

Dear Redemption: Technically speaking, that is hard to say because President Obama has never produced his actual plan for health care reform.

He has spoken in platitudes about what he would like to see in health care reform, but no hard copies with specifics can be found anywhere. Being a veteran Chicago politician, he knows that a moving target is harder to hit.

While Obama continues to state that no illegal immigrants will receive health care benefits, House and Senate Democrats are voting down amendment after amendment that would require verification of citizenship before receiving benefits. Without verification, illegal immigrants will receive coverage, and the president will be able to have his cake and eat it, too.

Meanwhile, 21 House Democrats are pushing an amendment that would allow illegal immigrants to openly buy from government insurance exchanges. You know President Obama would sign that legislation despite proving Rep. Wilson right.

Dear Mark: Environmentalists are attacking big paper companies for promoting toilet paper that is too soft. These radicals claim the rougher recycled toilet paper is better for the environment and will reduce global warming by saving trees. Will Nancy Pelosi and Congress pass some type of tissue regulation? — Save My Soft Side in San Diego

Dear Soft Side: I wouldn't be surprised. The way the current administration is trying to intrude in our lives really stinks, and the thought of tissue legislation rubs me the wrong way. I can't roll with more regulations coming from Pelosi, and I hope all of the liberal proposals go down the drain.

It does crack me up how the radical left has taken over the Democrat Party, but their leftist ideas are a pain in the rear. The fact that some Americans even remotely support toilet paper rules chaps my hide, and I wish we could just put this whole trumped-up global warming mess behind us.

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