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Dear Mark
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Reid and Hispanics, Saints, Elvis and Robert Gibbs


Dear Mark: I am tired of liberals and others continuing to label Republicans as racists. I read that Harry Reid told a group during a campaign stop that Republicans are basically anti-Hispanic. When will this kind of divisive rhetoric stop? — Love 'Em All in Levelland

Dear Love 'Em: The divisive rhetoric will not stop until Democrats actually come up with substantive ideas that work. The remarks you are referring to occurred when Harry Reid was speaking at a recent campaign rally. The Senate majority leader told an audience of mostly Hispanic voters: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK? Do I need to say more?" When given the opportunity to back away from his racist remarks, Reid went full speed ahead.

I'll give Reid credit for not pulling any punches, but the media should hold him accountable nonetheless. His line might be a clever campaign sound bite, but he has just accused all of his Republican senatorial colleagues and at least half of America of racism. Has Reid ever met popular Hispanic Republicans Marco Rubio, George P. Bush, Tony Garza, Linda Chavez or Mel Martinez?

Dear Mark: President Barack Obama welcomed the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints to the White House this week. Isn't it refreshing to see our president involved with something that is not so political? — Happy Happy Joy Joy

Dear Happy: Welcoming championship teams to the White House is a long-standing tradition that I enjoy no matter who is president. Unfortunately, President Obama thought this was his opportunity to be officially ordained as a "saint."

During the ceremony, the president praised the Saints by saying, "Plenty of cities carry their sports teams through a tough season; it's a rare thing when a sports team carries a city through tough times."

Team Obama could help New Orleans through today's economic "tough times" by lifting the offshore drilling moratorium immediately.

He then could present himself with his own jersey. Don't hold your breath, New Orleans; unfortunately, Obama is a member of the environmental wacko team.

Dear Mark: Politics is becoming so ridiculous. An Elvis impersonator is running as an official write-in candidate for governor in Arkansas. Can politics get any lower? — Hound Dog in Hamilton

Dear Hound Dog: Why are you surprised? There have been clowns in politics for years, as well as magicians who have made all of our money disappear. Not to mention the politicians who tap-dance around difficult issues. A Gov. Presley would only make things more entertaining. Thank you; thank you very much.

Dear Readers: While referring to the "professional left" wing of the Democratic Party, who said the following:

"They will be satisfied when we have Canadian health care and we've eliminated the Pentagon. That's not reality. ... They wouldn't be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president."

Was it A) Rush Limbaugh, B) Glenn Beck, C) yours truly or D) none of the above?

The answer is D. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, in an interview with The Hill, made those statements in reference to criticism about the Obama administration from the far left wing of the Democratic Party. Wow, there is actually a group of people who think the Obama administration isn't liberal enough.

Could all of this infighting be the real reason Michelle Obama went on vacation without the president? Politics is such a lovely soap opera.

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