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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Pro Compromise, Anti-Compromise and Bake Sales


Dear Mark: The tax-cut compromise proposed by President Obama is awesome, not because it is economically sound but because it has the Democrats going after each other like piranha. Is the far left stand against the president political theatrics, or are they truly upset? — Gleeful GOP'er in Georgia

Dear Gleeful: I believe the far left wing of the Democrat Party is truly angry with Obama for negotiating with Republicans. Not just for the substance of the compromise, but Democrat leaders such as Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Anthony Wiener had their fragile egos bruised when Obama did not consult with them first before making the compromise announcement. Maybe even President Obama is tired of dealing with the "professional left" of his party.

I have spoken with several of my liberal friends who feel the compromise is reasonable, with both sides giving and taking in the proposal. Yet the fringe left is throwing a temper tantrum like a petulant child over extending tax cuts to all taxpayers and the reduction of the death tax to 35 percent.

New York Rep. Gary Ackerman intimated, "We got screwed," while Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu whined, "This is about justice and doing what's right." I guess in the eyes of Democrats taking more money from the successful and giving it to other members of society is considered justice. I consider it stealing.

Dear Mark: The tax compromise proposed by President Obama is a piece of junk. The millionaires and billionaires do not need their tax cuts extended; they won't spend the money anyway. — Bilk Them in Billings

Dear Bilk: I am tired of the myth perpetuated by the left that the wealthiest Americans will not spend the money that they save if the George W.

Bush tax rates are extended. Are you kidding me?? I don't need to provide you an Ivy League study to prove my point, just open your eyes.

Have you ever watched "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" or "MTV Cribs"? Have you ever noticed what NBA players drive or the amount of jewelry they wear? The dresses the Hollywood starlets wear at the Academy Awards sure didn't come from Wal-Mart, and each one probably cost more than one year's worth of unemployment benefits.

Even if the upper 2 percent of income earners simply put their money into a savings account, that money helps strengthen that particular bank and gives them the ability to loan money to others. Isn't that reason enough to support the compromise?

Dear Mark: Nancy Pelosi's nanny state is becoming even more oppressive. Those idiots in the House just passed a "child nutrition" bill that regulates school fundraising bake sales. Are we actually paying Washington legislators to decide what is sold at school bake sales? — Pulling My Hair in Pampa

Dear Pulling: Unfortunately, that is what we're doing. Unemployment is at 9.8 percent, our national debt is nearing 14 trillion, and Pelosi and company are debating bran muffins versus cupcakes. Democrats are so proud of not allowing Washington to tell pregnant women what to keep in their bodies, but they sure don't mind telling the rest of us what to put inside of ours.

Once again, Congress either does not understand the message voters sent them in November or they are purposely ignoring it. Americans want a more fiscally responsible, smaller, less intrusive federal government. If Congress keeps up this tone-deaf idiocy, the tea parties will be roasting the Twinkies of many congressmen in 2012.

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