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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Obama's Socialist Pandering to Homeowners


Dear Joe Conservative: President Obama wants to bail out home mortgages in the name of preventing foreclosures, even though more than 90 percent of homeowners are current on their payments.

Let me get this straight: I have been paying my mortgage on time for the last 15 years, and now Obama wants to take MY money and give it to people who have overdosed on HGTV and are in trouble because they could not flip their house. Am I supposed to just give MY money to people who voluntarily signed a document saying their house payment would explode after three years? Am I supposed to just give MY money to people who treated their home purchase like a trip to Las Vegas and gambled that they would turn a quick profit? — Unhappy Homeowner in Hillsboro

Dear Unhappy: Unfortunately, President Obama believes that you have a socialist ... uh, I mean moral obligation to pay for other people's bad choices. Granted, there are people who are truly in trouble and could use some help, but my guess is that there won't be any means-testing in his proposal. Obama is just pandering.

Dear Joe Conservative: The day before the House vote on the stimulus legislation, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed, "There are no earmarks or pet projects." Isn't there $30 million for some kind of San Francisco rat? — Catching Contradictions in Canton

Dear Catching: You might want to be more specific when talking about rats in San Francisco — the local government is full of them. The stimulus package does in fact contain $30 million for wetlands restoration to protect the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse. Madam Speaker claims that this is not a pet project and that she had nothing to do with this money getting into the stimulus package, despite the fact that the mouse's habitat is in her district.

If Pelosi didn't have anything to do with this money getting into the legislation, then the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse must have some mighty influential lobbyists on its payroll. Even though it's a cute little bugger, the only mouse worth $30 million in California lives in Disneyland.

Dear Joe Conservative: You have a lot of observations about politics, but here's a sports question.

What do you think about New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and his admitted steroid use? — Making Muscles in Montana

Dear Muscles: A-Rod was forced to face the music because his name was leaked to the media, but at least he came forward and halfway answered some questions.

Now let's get back to the sport of politics. A-Rod's cousin sticking a steroid-filled needle in the superstar's posterior is a lot like Obama and his stimulus package. The president and his fellow Democrats want to inject the economy with an unknown substance that might have a short-term gain but could result in tragic long-term consequences, as in the case of deceased NFL football player and steroid user Lyle Alzado.

Dear Joe Conservative: On Monday, former President Bill Clinton said that if his economic team had been in place the last eight years, the economy would not have tanked. I tend to agree with him, as the '90s were pretty good. — Not Necessarily a Bleeding Heart in Nocona

Dear Not Necessarily: Ah, yes, the glorious '90s and that awesome Clinton administration. His economic team was so good that it left George Bush a recession as a Welcome Wagon gift. As in most interviews, Clinton spent the better part of Monday night rewriting history in order to distance himself from his real legacy, the infamous blue dress.

Clinton hailed Obama's stimulus package as a "bridge over troubled waters," but failed to mention how it gutted the welfare reform that he proudly signed into law in 1996. Clinton has done a 180 and forgotten how he preached the importance of reducing the deficit and balancing the budget as keys to a strong economy. Clinton also spoke of his conversations with President Obama, including discussing the "nuts and bolts issues of the presidency and how to keep things from falling through the cracks." Monica Lewinsky said she would not touch that statement with a 10-foot pole.

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