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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
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Obama's Plan the Wrong Answer to a Serious Problem


Dear Joe Conservative: A recent poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News found that 65 percent of those surveyed supported the $700 billion economic stimulus package. In fact, 69 percent of those who supported the plan didn't care if it increased the deficit. If the people are OK with the proposal, why shouldn't we just go ahead and spend the money? — Mo Money in Mobile

Dear Mo Money: Thank you to ABC News and The Washington Post, because the public certainly doesn't see enough meaningless polls. The crack staff at Dear Joe Conservative recently conducted a poll and found that 91 percent of 8-year-olds preferred chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and M&Ms for dinner (uh ... maybe that was the Oprah Diet Poll). My point, of course, is that just because people like the idea of deficit spending doesn't mean that Obama's stimulus package is the right answer to a serious problem.

In fact, President Obama said the government is likely to be left with "trillion dollar deficits for years to come unless policy-makers make a change in the way that Washington does business." Excuse me, but isn't Obama a part of the policy-makers who helped create this mess? The reason we shouldn't run up the government's charge card is because deficits like the ones Obama is guaranteeing will be inflationary and cripple if not totally destroy our economy for generations to come.

One economist stated that Obama's plan for government to spend its way out of this mess is like "performing a blood transfusion from your right arm to your left and spilling half the blood on the floor." Good luck, America.

Dear Joe Conservative: I see that Obama has tapped Leon Panetta to be head of the CIA. I have serious reservations about this choice because he seems like just another Clinton crony finding his way back to Washington. The Clinton administration did not seem to value security, and if our country is not secure, then none of Obama's golden plans will matter one single bit. Please help me see the light. — Wanting to Stay Safe in San Antonio

Dear Wanting: You are exactly right.

As the former chief of staff for Bill Clinton, Panetta has absolutely no experience with intelligence. Panetta was also part of an administration with an unabashed disdain for the intelligence community. Nothing illustrated this disdain more than Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick helping to build a legal wall that limited the sharing of key intelligence between various agencies. This "wall" may have even contributed to the 9-11 attacks.

Liberals need to understand that keeping our country secure is like sausage — everyone likes the taste, but they don't want to see how it's made.

Do you remember Michael Brown, the head of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina? He was run out of town for his poor performance, and President Bush was excoriated for placing a man with no disaster management experience in such a powerful position. Let's not make the same mistake with national security.

Then again, liberals do not seem to mind hypocrisy or inexperience when it involves their guys — just look at who they elected president.

Dear Joe Conservative: I see that your "babe" Ann Coulter, with her caustic tongue, is riling up the media again while promoting her latest book. The question was raised on "Fox and Friends" as to whether she is hurting or helping the conservative cause. I thought I would go to THE conservative source to find out what you think. — Wondering in Wilbarger

Dear Wondering: Ann Coulter's books sell millions, and the information and opinion she provides do nothing but help the conservative cause. It's the Republicans in Congress, with their out-of-control spending, that have hurt our cause and given us Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Media liberals can be such brats when confronted with the truth, especially when the guest knows the facts inside and out. There is nothing better on television than watching Coulter turn self-absorbed journalist wannabes like Matt Lauer and Charlie Gibson into political mincemeat. I say bring on a cage match between Coulter and Keith Olbermann. You know whom my money is on.

"Dear Joe Conservative" is a public platform for your entertainment and enlightenment. Please e-mail your questions or comments to To find out more about Mark Levy, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit



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