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Mark Levy
Dear Mark
6 Sep 2014
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Dear Mark, August 29


Dear Mark: At a recent dinner party, one topic of conversation was the CIA torture allegations. Our friends believe Attorney General Eric Holder is justified in appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA and possible interrogation excesses. My wife and I think our friends are acting like weenies. Who is right? — Buffet Buzz Killers in Kansas

Dear Buffet: Oscar Mayer couldn't find a bigger bunch of weenies than your dinner companions, unless of course he looked at the left wing of the Democrat Party.

The CIA is being persecuted, I mean investigated, for "threatening" certain violent acts against hardened terrorists. The supposed crimes involve threatening terrorists with a power drill, threatening terrorists by staging fake executions and threatening to kill the families of captured terrorists. Well cry me a river. These terrorists are the kind of low-life humans who don't think twice about flying airplanes into buildings killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. These are the same bunch of killers who have wreaked havoc in Iraq and Afghanistan through suicide bombings and IEDs killing thousands of brave Americans.

Now President Obama through his surrogate, Eric Holder, wants to prosecute heroic CIA agents for preventing more innocent deaths by merely "threatening" heartless al-Qaida punks.

Threats are nothing. Most married men face worse threats on a daily basis. Take our household, for example. We have two dogs and a cat all having had their male parts removed by the vet. My beautiful wife merely threatens me with the same fate, and I straighten up. The administration wants to appear tough on terrorism, but what are its ideas to get information out of captured terrorists? Spa treatments and some more beer diplomacy?

President Obama claims he wants the country to move forward with regards to Bush-Cheney and interrogations, and yet he is allowing this political witchhunt to continue.

In addition, the timing of the announcement is suspect, as it comes when the president is on vacation, the Democrats' health care reform legislation is facing its own death panel and President Obama's popularity continues to drop. Let's not forget that President Obama just got through meeting with the king of "wag the dog," Bill Clinton. Coincidence? I think not.

Dear Mark: Prior to President Obama's vacation, he said he wanted an honest debate about health care reform without "willful misrepresentations." Is that too much to ask? — Tell the Truth in Duluth

Dear Truth: Ha Ha Ha Ha! Honest health care debate from these guys. Between cap and trade, the stimulus package and now health care reform, the president and his supporters have told more whoppers than a boatload of drunken fishermen. That's why there has been so much activity at the town hall meetings.

Before President Obama puts down his fellow Americans again about honest debate, he should actually read his own party's thousand-page health care reform proposal. He might realize that most of his critics are telling the truth about this monstrosity.

Dear Mark: What is this nuclear option I have heard mentioned concerning the passage of health care reform? — Curious George in Georgia

Dear Curious: Nuclear option is the term used to describe the strategy of Democrats ramming Obamacare down our throats without the support of Republicans or "blue dogs." The Democrats have strong majorities in both houses of Congress and could easily pass this bill on their own — but the fallout from such a risky move would be a mushroom cloud forming over the Democrat Party, thus giving Congress back to the Republicans in 2010. Bombs awaaaaay.

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