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Dear Mark
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Contraceptive Whining and Clinton's “Super Tuesday”


Dear Mark: Even though I'm a conservative Republican, I am appalled at the comments Rush Limbaugh made about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. The terms "slut" and "prostitute" should never be used to refer to a woman no matter what the circumstances. In addition, Rush just served up liberals some major ammunition for the 2012 elections. Barack Obama will be tough to beat in November, so why do Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot? — Confused Conservative in Corsicana

Dear Confused: We have all said things we regret in the heat of battle or when involved in an impassioned debate. Even the great Rush Limbaugh can slip now and again. Don't forget that President Obama, before knowing all the facts, basically accused the Cambridge Police Department of racism during the beer summit incident. Rush has apologized, and I believe he's sincere and we should accept it. Funny that of all the apologies Obama has made, the Cambridge PD didn't make his list.

The problem for conservatives is that liberal pundits and the media are letting Rush's remarks overshadow the argument of whether or not Americans have the right to free contraception. Team Obama has been looking for ways to extend this debate in order to deflect the public discussion away from the high price of gas and Obama's failed economic policies. Unfortunately, Rush's remarks played into their hands and gave the story a few more legs to run on and a few more days in the headlines.

Pundits and politicians are claiming that Republicans are at war with contraception; and poor, sweet, innocent Fluke is merely a casualty of the GOP's war machine. In case you didn't know it, Sandra Fluke is not some wet-behind-the-ears, wide-eyed college freshman.

She is a 30-year-old law student who has been a liberal activist for the "reproductive justice" cause, whatever the heck that means. According to her whining ... uh, I mean her testimony, she feels not having free contraception is somehow violating her rights.

Huh? Since little Miss Fluke is playing the struggling college student card, why don't we go ahead and pay for her beer, her cell phone, her Hoya basketball tickets, her gasoline and her clothes while she's in school.

This so-called war has been totally fabricated to once again make the Republicans look as if they are anti-woman. Republicans are not anti-contraception; they are merely against a government mandate to provide free contraception for all. Not a single liberal has been able to answer me with any credibility or legal precedence as to why all of a sudden we should be forced to pay for other people's sexual activity.

Dear Mark: Super Tuesday is now behind us. Some of the exit polling showed that by narrow margins Mitt Romney won the single females, while Rick Santorum received the support of married women. Are these results relevant to the general election? — Demographic Diva

Dear Diva: The women's vote is always important during a national election, whether they are single, married, working, old, young, rich or poor. I'm not actually sure whether the female voting breakout of a Super Tuesday Republican primary will have much bearing on the general election, though. The battle for women voters will begin in earnest when the Republican candidate is chosen.

In other news, former president Bill Clinton was rumored to have said that any day he can win single women is a "super" day.

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Go ahead and (predictably) hide behind the BS, Levy. But the fact is contraception is something any intelligent society should be incentivizing, not ridiculing. And for those of you who try to wrap yourselves in the mantle of conservatism and push the "rights" of the unborn, I don't quite get what is even remotely rational about throwing roadblocks in the way of contraception.

Unless, of course, you are just trying to take advantage of the current, tea-party inspired, hateful, ignorant, mob sentiment that is so rampant right now. And of course, that means you, Levy, and so many other cheap-opportunity scavengers like you. Sell it if you can find someone dopey enough to buy it.
Comment: #1
Posted by: Masako
Fri Mar 9, 2012 6:33 PM
Here we ago again, the knee-jerk response straight from Masako's liberal masters. Incentivizing contraception??? Do you realize how cheap it is? How about $9 a month for a supply of birth control at Target. If you can't afford that, chances are that you are not working for a Catholic organization and are most likely underage. Hey Masako' should we supply the underage for free despite having statutory rape laws?
Comment: #2
Posted by: Thetruth
Sat Mar 10, 2012 6:26 PM
Masako completly skirted around the question of why should everyone else pay for a woman to have sex. He stated instead that contraception is good and keeps the birth rate down. Thats hard to deny. Of course contraception is good.
Comment: #3
Posted by: Chris McCoy
Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:05 AM
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